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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"Madeleine McCann's parents will savage bungling Portuguese cops in a tell-all interview with chat queen Oprah Winfrey when they are cleared as suspects tomorrow.

For 317 days fuming Kate and Gerry have been gagged by their status as arguidos.

But at noon tomorrow a judge will formally lift the cloud of suspicion - as exclusively revealed in The People in April.

And the McCanns will finally be free to speak about the investigation into three-year-old Maddie's disappearance."

Nick Dorman, in 'The People', 20.07.2008


  1. Its been 242 days since their arguido status was lifted.

    What happened since July 21, 2008?

    The McCanns, Murat and the Tapas 7 were paid millions.

    Nothing else.

    Kind of says it all, doesnt it?

  2. Bem apanhado, Astro: 'And the McCanns will finally be free to speak about the investigation into three-year-old Maddie's disappearance' - pois claro, falaram imenso, de tudo, da culpa dos média, dos Portugueses, da PJ, do serem umas vítimas, uns coitadinhos que não têm culpa nenhuma, da infortúnia tragédia grega que se abateu sobre as suas doutoradas cabeçinhas, os ais e os uis dos incómodos bloggers e fórumistas, tudo menos explicar a grande merda que fizeram, do qual são culpados, da qual se aproveitaram, etc.. e tal.

    Presumo que ainda estejam a traduzir o processo com uma caneta-tinteiro, não para 'explicar' ou dizer seja o que for acerca da investigação ao alegado desaparecimento da filha Madeleine, mas eventualmente para processarem o Estado Português - porque estes McCann só se mexem em caso de poderem sacar umas massas [aos incautos] ou em caso de manipular a opinião pública.

  3. We are all still waiting...
    And the cloud of suspicion is still there and forever will be.They haven't been cleared and they will never be unless they go to court and are declared innocent.
    The bungling cops did their job and did it well under the circunstances. No one would have done it better.And I suspect this is not over for them.Some day they will be able to finish what they started.Some day

  4. Everybody wants to be on "Oprah", the McCanns were the exception, so it seems! Also, they passed the opportunity to talk to Barbara Walters. Why? Those were golden opportunities to air the disappearance of Madeleine to millions around the world. In my opinion they avoided it because they knew they would be faced with though questioning from both ladies, there would not be a comfort zone for them, neither of the media divas would comform to pre-arranged questions and off-limits subjects.


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