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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

'What we wanted and still want is a partnership with the media when we have information which we think may be relevant and can assist the search, obviously drawing the lines between the search for Madeleine and the Kate and Gerry Show, which the media were much more interested as most of the facts came out.'

'One other thing that I think is very important in regards to how this story was covered is that the media, particularly the press, became so obsessed with getting there first that Kate and I feel that on a number of occasions Madeleine's safety was completely disregarded.'

 'There were sightings and other information would have been followed up and there was no consideration to Kate's and my feelings, hurt or our wider family about anything that was printed.'

Gerry McCann, at the Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Images by Himself at The McCann Gallery


  1. After the incredible, we are served the unbelievable.

  2. Gerry talking about Madeleine's disregarded safety.
    yes, it is true. If he should have gotten her a baby-sitter from the moment she left the creche till the following morning, every day, she would be still alive.
    How can he attack the media that did such a lot for them?
    Who made them millionairs?
    Some day this will change, mind my words.
    The media are nobody's friends, they have never been.
    They are now under pressure but they have got a good memory.
    They will not forget the ungrateful McCanns and the lack of freedom of speech they are living in right now.
    you will see.

  3. "on a number of occasions Madeleine's safety was completely disregarded". Yes, every night of your holiday, Mr. and Mrs. McCann. Why, oh why, do the press publish this sort of claptrap? Why, oh why, do so many people accept it without question? What has happened to the British sense of what is right, and justice?


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