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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"One of the Mark Warner reps came in and said: 'We've got a missing girl'.
We all just stopped what we were doing and all just left with them.
We have been looking in the bins, we've been looking on the pathways.
The whole village was hands on, all the locals, all the holidaymakers came out, all the bar people - everybody just came out to help."

James Wright, bar owner in Praia da Luz, to BBC News, 05.05.2007


  1. Everybody just came out to help...aahh except the mummy and daddy of the missing child!!

  2. How could the McCanns and Tapas 7 cheat on so many people.
    The parents themselves were not searching for her. They knew it was not necessary.And now the Algarvian population are being criticised.They did everything they could do, to find her, they prayed with and for the parents, they applauded the couple.The only thing they did that was useful was to pray for Maddie who was alredy dead and they did not know it yet.
    Somewhere I read a comment of Moita Flores, Professor in forense something. He was not in Portugal at that moment, he saw the news on BBC and he said: _"How can journalists believe in such an abduction, in that apartment?"
    He knew it could not be true.
    The McCanns believe that they can again manipulate the Portugueses.
    They even believe they can manipulate the British people.
    They are again making themselves ridiculous.I wonder how is the attitude of Gerry's colleagues at the hospital right now.
    I don't believe they love Gerry in pieces.

  3. If those unscrupulous mccanns and their professional liars friends come to the Algarve again and bring the disgusting english "journalists" with them I hope that people who live in Praia da Luz treat them the way they deserve.

  4. Hello, Joana and Astro! Sorry, this might be off-topic but I found it so very interesting. Maybe you are alredy in the knowledge of this, maybe you have read this long article :

    "When Ben Needham disappeared from a greek farm house in 1991, his close knit family were almost torn apart" - by Melanie McFadyean


    It mentions the McCanns and the Maddie case, focuses on how the british authorities adressed(or not) both cases, and a lot more of interesting paralels.
    I think it makes a very interesting reading and left me with the feeling that "some animals are indeed more equal than others" under the eyes of the press and the establishment.



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