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Texan’s Million Dollar Challenge to father of Missing British Girl, Madeleine McCann

The McCann Million Dollar Challenge

Austin, TX - Texan businessman, Tom Franks, has offered to donate a million dollars towards the Find Madeleine Fund, a company set up by the parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann.

Austin, TX - Texan businessman, Tom Franks, has offered to donate a million dollars towards the Find Madeleine Fund, a company set up by the parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann. Madeleine was three-years-old when she disappeared from her vacation apartment in Praia- da-Luz, Portugal in May 2007.

Tom Franks, who shares his time between Texas and L.A., said, “I will give the parents a million dollars if they can answer just one question. I will need to see evidence, either forensic evidence, witness evidence or strong circumstantial evidence that shows the man they want us to believe took their child probably did. If they publish compelling evidence that a man seen by a tourist before they arrived in Portugal, was "Madeleine‘s probable abductor," as they claim on their website, I will gladly give them a million dollars to help find that man.”

Franks explained why he had decided to make his offer to Mr.and Mrs, Mccann. "Justice has to be seen to take place for an innocent child. We must defend and protect children, even if it is difficult for others." He added that he "could not understand why they want us to believe a particular man took their child, when there has never been any evidence released that suggests that is the case and when the man has never been suspected by the police. It is important that when a child goes missing those responsible for that child tell the truth so that justice can prevail. I am happy to give the McCanns a million dollars to track down this man, if there really is credible evidence that he probably abducted Madeleine."

Franks' million dollar offer can be seen at: http://mccannmilliondollarchallenge.webs.com

The Pledge

My million dollar challenge to Gerry McCann

A reminder of some facts:

1/ A woman called Gail Cooper was on vacation in Portugal before you even arrived there. She says she saw a man collecting money for charity. Does that make him a child abductor? No. She says she saw a man on the beach when it was raining. Does that make him a child abductor? No. She says the man gave her the "creeps" because of the way he looked. Does that make him a child abductor? No. It means she might need to get out more, but no reason to believe he had anything to do with Madeleine.

2/ One of your vacation chums, Jane Tanner, states she did not see the face of the man she conveniently claims she saw, so I am not going to have you tell me she saw the same man Gail Cooper saw. She plainly would not know if it was the same man, if she had seen the face.

3/ On your website you display two pictures of the man your pal conveniently claims she saw and two pictures of the other man Mrs. Cooper says she saw.

You clearly want all of us to think the man Mrs. Cooper saw is the same as the one your vacation pal claims she saw and you want us to believe he is "Madeleine's probable abductor."

My Challenge

I challenge you to produce compelling evidence that shows Mrs. Cooper's man probably abducted Madeleine. I need either forensic evidence, very strong circumstantial evidence or witness evidence. I don't think you have evidence to prove that Mrs. Cooper's man probably abducted your daughter. You also have no evidence the man your vacation buddy conveniently claims she saw probably abducted Madeleine.

I think it is something you invented and you knowingly had a lie published on your website. Don't pretend you are unaware it is on your website. What parent with a lost child would not look at their own website designed to find their child? I think you are a liar. A controlling man like yourself would know fully well what is on your website.

If I am wrong and you can provide the forensic, strong circumstantial or witness evidence to substantiate your claim that the man probably abducted Madeleine, I will donate $1,000,000 to your fund. You can use that to pay your mortgage in full and take another vacation. Hopefully you will come back this time with as many children and you leave with.

You can either accept my challenge and publish the evidence on your website or decline my challenge and remove your lies from your website. The choice is yours, but the longer your lies remain on your website the more people will become aware you are a liar.

If you cannot accept my challenge, others will ask why not. Others will ask why you have lied. Why have you pretended to the public a man probably abducted Madeleine when you have no evidence to support that claim?

Others will know you are a liar. Others will wonder why you lied. I can only think of one reason why you would lie, because you want to create a smokescreen, a diversion from what really happened.

You are collecting money from the public on your website based on the claim that Mrs. Cooper's man probably abducted Madeleine. If you cannot substantiate that claim and it transpires you have lied, you had better pay every cent back to those you have taken money from, because that would make you both a thief and a liar.

Tom Franks 03/18//09


  1. Wow,well done Mr Franks for the challenge and well done to you Joana for publishing it
    Lets all wait and see how the McCanns try to spin their way out of this.
    Iam sure that their is no evidence or the PJ would have moved on it.

  2. Whow, what a brave man, a true no nonsense, no "bullcrap" Texan! BRAVO!
    Imagine him and Dr.Bennett working together, they would "cook-up a storm" for the Mccanns and their entourage! Let's sit and wait for a reaction from Mr.Mitchell and the McCs. Will they threat to sue?Will they respond to the challenge? Either way there's money to be made...

  3. Yes for Mr Franks..someone who is prepared to say it as it is.

  4. AH, but in the interview with Sandra Felgueiras( May 2nd 2008), when she asks about the sketch, they say they NEVER said that was the man( refering to the head picture of a man who someone has said "resembles George Harrison in a bad day")who "abducted" Madeleine.They say that man was described by "multiple witnesses"( Gail Cooper?)as having been around O.Club at that time acting suspicciously. Then Kate points at "bundleman" picture(full figure of a man seen from the back, Jane Tanner's description) and says "that is that man we think took Madeleine".
    Yet, in the Find Madeleine site it is said: "A forensic sketch of Madeleine's possible abductor has been produced by an FBI trained artist based on an eyewitness account."( not "multiple witnesses"), followed by two pictures of Tanner's "bundleman", first in black and white, then with detailled coloured clothes, and two of G. Cooper's suspect, a head picture and another in full body,dressed in the same clothes as Tanner's Bundleman, but seen from the front and with the face of Cooper's description. They have merged both descriptions and are deliberatly portraying them as being the same and only person.
    Inconsistencies galore...

  5. I always thought that the last angel who communicated with a human being was Gabriel, when he talked to Muhammed. This man is an angel, may God bless him now and after death. Let us all write him and ask him to help Tony Bennett and Amaral to tell the truth.
    Which one of you has gotten Bill Gate's address? Imagine if he wants to help Madeleine? He got to know what the McCanns are doing!

  6. jeje....Mr&Mrs MccFibs are you going to jump at this generous opportunity to make cash?

    Thank you,Tom,you are doing the right thing.I am not sure they willl take up to this challenge....unless it is totally to teir advantage
    They will surely have one of their furious temper and clarrie will come up with his ludicrous thinggie ...they wil want THEIR ways...as always

  7. Way to go, Mr. Franks! I had been feeling downhearted because of lack of progress in finding the truth about what happened to Madeleine, but you have cheered me up and given me hope! There is no evidence of an abduction, and Mr. and Mrs. McCann know that. I don't understand why no further action was taken against them after the findings of the sniffer dogs. Why were they allowed to return to the UK? How and why do they appear to enjoy so much protection?

  8. Is this April the first? Well if it isn't it should be! ROFL

  9. Oh come on Joana....don't tell me you buy this crap for a minute.
    It's spoof...this has all the landmarks of.....the booklet 60 reasons why etc.
    My guess......Tony Bennet is behind this.....where is that server registred.....Germany....check it baby..and then think!

  10. O pessoal parecido com o G.Harrison que se cuide e mude de visual.Há gentinha que se pela pela caça ao homem errado.

    querem ver que os bi-polares do bi-polar vão iniciar a caça a desgraçados?


  11. É que é uma oferta com 2 lados:
    o picar o mc e o começar a caça a inocentes.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. what a fantastic story...dont worry Mr Franks your money will be perfectly safe, but if your offer still stands i would gladly, for a small ammount of what your offering the mcscams, gladly prove to you with any evidence you require that that poor child died in the apartment, infact ill do it for nothing, it wont cost you a penny.

  14. Oh God no, their going to dress up Clarrie and pass him off as the eggman. If there is any pink showing its him, definately him.


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