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The Walker Case: Some Britons are more "Equal" than Others

John Walker, 62, is a British citizen who has been living in the UAE - United Arab Emirates, for the past 33 years. He has been in the care of Al Kuwaiti Hospital for the past month for severe haemorrhage. His residency visa and passport have expired.

After living for 33 years in the UAE, a 62-year-old British national ended up ill, illegal and with an expired passport.

For a month, John Garth Walker was treated at Kuwaiti hospital for severe haemorrhage which has affected his talking and also left him paralysed. He can barely talk and says he is lonely and wishes to go back home to his family.

Walker, who is discharged now, was admitted to the hospital by the police after the management of the furnished apartment found him seriously ill in his room.

Walker's residency visa was issued in 2005 from Al Ain and it shows that he was sponsored by a relative. His visa expired when his passport expired in 2008. As per his visa he is not allowed to work.

British officials are ignoring the plight of an UK citizen: Hospital refutes consulate's claims

The British Consulate said on Sunday it was following the case of a Briton who has been in a Sharjah hospital for more than a month.

But Al Kuwaiti Hospital said the consulate has not responded to its requests to take an interest in the case.

The hospital said Walker should be discharged, but his bills need to be paid.

"We tried several times to contact the British Consulate for some assistance with the Walker case, but there has been no response," a spokesman from Al Kuwaiti hospital said.

He said that when Walker was first admitted around 40 days ago, the hospital had contacted the consulate. Since then, a representative had visited only once, the spokesman said.

"A lady from the consulate gave us her phone numbers and then left. And despite our repeated calls, they are not responding. We even expected someone from the consulate to contact us after his story was published in Gulf News [yesterday], but the man is still being ignored," the spokesman said.

"Walker must be discharged. He should have been discharged more than a week ago. Nobody has visited him and there is a hospital bill that should be paid," he said.

However, Simon Goldsmith, a spokesman from the British consulate, told Gulf News yesterday that the consulate was following the case.

When asked to respond to the comments from Al Kuwaiti hospital, Goldsmith said he was bound by "confidentiality."

"I cannot comment on this. It is a confidential consular issue," he explained.

That is all he could say about the Walker issue, he added. He refused to give further details about the patient or his background.

in Gulf News


  1. Poor Mr. Walker, he probably has no "connections" and no knowledge of "sensitive subjects" regarding "someone"...
    He is not the only one left un-assisted and let-down by his country,how many are in similar situations? I'm thinking of the Ben Needham case and his family's lone struggle to find him, and the many cases of british children abducted and taken away from their legal guardians, the mothers, by muslim fathers to their own countries, and the british authorities did almost nothing to help bring them back.
    There is so much to suggest that the McCann couple is in some way "special"! WHY? That's the million dolar question...

  2. I also doubt if Michael Shield from Liverpool ever received as much attention as the Mccanns did

  3. It simply isn't true that children are abducted by muslim fathers and the Brits sit on their hands. That's racist claptrap.
    Our embassy in Pakistan has rescued dozens of girls taken there for forced marriage, and brought them home to safety. Unfortunately it's the mothers who collude just as much as the fathers.
    As for Mr Walker, I suspect that half his problem is that the authorities are reluctant to pay a large hospital bill and then repatriate him. He is assumed to have had a good income in the past, as many exapts in the Gulf have, and while the embassy should be helping him to arrange his affairs they cannot and should not be an open checkbook.
    And why keep bringing the Needhams into it? It was years ago and attitudes and practices have changed. One thing you might note is that his mother has never accepted he is dead - just like the McCanns, but they are lambasted for it.

  4. The McCanns are not 'lambasted' for refusing to accept certain evidence that points toward their daughter's death. They are suspected of having obstructed the work of the Portuguese police (cf. official police files), of having forced political interference into the case of their missing daughter (cf. Mrs McCann's diary), and of not sharing everything that they know about the disappearance of Madeleine, with the Portuguese authorities.
    They have eventually been 'lambasted' for leaving their small children alone in an unsupervised apartment, night after night, against the most basic concepts of child safety. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance per se, but should have been the object of an intervention by social services - not to say by the police and, subsequently, by a judicial court of law.
    The McCanns were 'supported', not by the British Consul in Portimão (who was a 20-min drive away from Luz), but by the Ambassador, who drove especially from Lisbon to the Algarve to help the couple in apparent distress. This, by any common diplomatical standards, is an excessive intervention, that was the first indicator that the matter was being treated as a high State priority.
    The British authorities asked us to believe that the McCanns were awarded perfectly ordinary treatment, that is offered to ANY British subjects in distress while abroad.
    If we are to believe that, then we are perfectly entitled to demand that this 'principle' is upheld for EACH AND EVERY British citizen. We are entitled to make comparisons, because it was not us who set the precedent by supporting the McCanns in the way that they were supported.
    Someone, somewhere, might as well stop treating the public as idiots.
    Or just shut up.

  5. When will those diplomats start talking about what they know about the McCanns?
    What a big difference between Mr.Walker and the Holy Couple.

    Some day we will know.
    I hope we will get to know what that family member told about them in all secrecy.

    If that family member told something dangerous, some other members will probably be willing to do the same.

    Why not tell it to Larry King, CNN,
    dressed up in a burka and with a misformed voice?
    There must be a way to come foward with the truth.

    -Family member, have you got as much money on the Bank as the McCanns have?
    If you are honest, I bet you don't.
    Come foward, through CNN!

  6. Poor old chap! are the brits going to do something FOR HIM????
    It makes me sick with rage and lack of power.
    Do we have to be a mccann to have attention and care and millions pounds? I am going up the roof...it is just UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  7. "Anonymous from Pakistan"

    "As the authorities are reluctant...."
    The brits authorities are DEFINITIVELY reluctant to HELP the man,one way or the other...unless you are a mccFIBS and THIS serves the brits authorities goals one is worth NOTHING
    Go back to your knitting and/or try to find a nick behind your anonymous status.....

  8. Thank you, Joana, for telling us the distance between Protimao (that has a British consul) and Luz. Interesting you write "Luz" and not Praia da Luz.
    20 minutes driving away.

    Now I believe the alarm was raised at 10.30 pm, like an English lady told BBC Panorama, exacly after the BBC 10 o'Clock News was finished.
    The Irish Smiths going back home at 10 pm, the alarm at 10.30.

    It makes sense.
    It really makes sense.

  9. So....? this por chap has NO help? of course,he is of NO interest whatsoever to "Bordon Grown"....and he is NOT a mccann.....and my prevous posts do NOT appear.....

  10. The Needham case did not happen in the dark ages of poor investigative techniques, it was not in the 19th century victorian Scotland Yard!It was not a case of when it happened but to whom it happened, a working-class single mother! Unfortunatelly Britain is still a very class-oriented society, a very snobbish society. Even Martin Brunt, from Sky, crudelly reflected this image when he reported something in the lines of : " when we first heard about this case( Madeleine's disappearance), we all thought, oh, it must be some chavy family from a chavy estate in Essex, but no, it was astonishing to know that his was a well-to-do, middle-class, professional family, doctors"!!!This said it all, didn't it?
    As for the good work in Pakistan, good. It's good to know that finnally something is being done, but Pakistan is Pakistan, what about Iran, Yemen, etc.? Did you ever hear of the Zana and Nadia Muhsen? Sold into marriage by their Yemenite father? Zana escaped, but Nadia is there to this day, she would not leave her children behind( which by islamic law "belong" to the father).

  11. Pobre Senhor WalKer. Tantos anos fora de UK,embora sendo cidadão britânico,doente,com a possibilidade de ter "alta" do Hospital;mas sem casa e sem dinheiro.

    Se,por falta de dinheiro,viveu mal e com outro aspecto não é de admirar.Terá a Sua Família tomado conhecimento do Seu caso? Terá possibilidade financeira de o ir buscar se os dromedários de uk continuarem a ser bostas? Bostas,sim.Não escrevi bossas.

    QUEEN; 1 MINISTER; Embaixadas ,Consulados....ENTÃO? O Sr. Walker é british; a britih MAN,a PERSON,people!

    NOJO! Nojo para todas estas situações que não só de UK.

    Vistam-no que nem LORD! Levem-no até ao Consulado.
    NOJO desses pruridos idiotas e escumalhentos.

  12. However, Simon Goldsmith, a spokesman from the British consulate,

    Goldsmith said he was bound by "confidentiality."

    "confidential consular issue," he explained.

    He refused to give further details about the patient or his background.



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