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What to do to the Freeport?

by Eduardo Dâmaso [Assistant Director of Correio da Manhã]

Regarding the Freeport case we can say almost everything, that it has been long-drawn-out, that it's not understandable why people were not listened for a long time, why are the criminal investigations dragged on and so on.

This case, for all that involves, will have to be properly studied, and that will have its own timing. In the short term, however, many are wondering what to do with this investigation, given the potential contamination of the political and electoral cycle that involves.

Being this a problem of the Country, it is not bigger than what we would have in the case of not resisting to the temptation to wrap it up in a rushed solution, as an archival which results of a juridical filigree about an eventual prescription. 'Cooking' a quick archival would be, yet again, a profound blow on the independence of the Judicial Power.

Any wrong decision that is taken in the coming days, to 'tidy' the case before the arrival of the electoral cycle in full power, will be a biased way of demolishing the integrity of the criminal investigation.

That has happened the first time in the 'Golden Whistle', with the shameful removal of the coordinators of the investigation, then in the 'Maddie' process.

To allow that something similar happens again, this time by the Public Ministry order, will be a brutal attack to the sanity of the regime, which is what we already know ...

Source: Day to Day Column, Opinion Article in Correio da Manhã

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