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24 horas was Mistaken: Gonçalo Amaral Never Asked to go on Oprah

The 24horas article and cover page of 22nd of April announced that Gonçalo Amaral wanted to go on Oprah to give his version of events, the article translated in this blog was even manipulated accordingly by Daily Star's, in a poor editorial style, who called Gonçalo Amaral, GONCALA - a woman's name? - with the usual adjectives, disgraced, axed cop... This is neither the first nor the last time that we see serious unfounded and unsourced articles in both the Portuguese and in the British media. Contrary to what the Portuguese media in general have been 'informing' over the last two weeks or so, Oprah's show featuring the McCanns is neither hosting them live in the studio nor to be broadcast on the 3rd of May.

The following are two clipped segments of journalist Hernâni Carvalho's rubric named 'Crime He Said' on TVI's morning show, translated into English for your convenience.

Crime He Said – Hernâni Carvalho’s rubric on ‘Você na TV’

April 22nd, 2009 – Excerpts about the McCann case/Gonçalo Amaral

Luis Goucha - LG
Cristina Ferreira - CF
Hernâni Carvalho – HC

CF – Good morning, welcome. First and foremost, thank you, a lady is sitting next to you who will be our guest in a bit, for us to look at the story…

HC - Yes…

CF – But would you like to start with Maddie, first, and with the issue…

HC – No. We can discuss this case right away and leave the issue that you are proposing for the end, but remember that a show that is seen in 144 countries, hosted by a lady whose name is Oprah Winfrey…

LG – She’s going to interview the couple, isn’t she?… On the 3rd of May, I think?

HC – The show will be broadcast on the 3rd of May.

LG – But that is live, so on the 3rd of May, it’s live?

HC – [twists his nose, as if saying no] mmmmm..

LG – No, Oprah’s show is live, then it’s edited and broadcast in the other countries…

HC – Exactly, exactly.

LG – But in America it’s live.

HC – Yes, yes. Erm, and the McCann couple will be there.

CF – But they didn’t want to go at the time. Oprah had already invited the McCann couple, right at the time of the disappearance. Then, given the fact that it’s seen by so many people, that would have been a good opportunity to divulge the disappearance, but at the time they didn’t accept?

HC – No. It was more the Sky News type… [ironical smile, winks]

LG – Actually, Gonçalo Amaral also wanted to go…

HC – That’s not true.

LG – No?!

HC – No. I – we’ll try...

LG – We’re only talking about this because today a page…

HC – Precisely, precisely…

LG – ….a page from a newspaper, 24horas, says that ‘Gonçalo Amaral demanded’ – which seems very strange to me, that he would do so, to go to Oprah, right?

HC – No.

LG – Here’s the cover.

HC – Exactly. [24horas’ cover is shown] But it’s not true. I’ve spoken to inspector Gonçalo Amaral, at 9 a.m., precisely about this. And may be we manage, he’s attending a trial…

LG – Actually, nobody can demand…

HC - …in a bit…we’ll manage to speak with him.

CF – We haven’t managed to establish contact yet, but… in a bit we’ll manage to talk to him.

[clip is cut at 1’38’’]

more to follow later

Translation by astro


  1. The name of Amaral's wife is

    Goncala Amarala.

    You should know it!

  2. silly anon@10:36, it's Sofia Leal...

  3. 24horas mistaken?? Well who would have known it, how many times has that happened!!

  4. Not as many as in the British media, that's for sure!

  5. 21:16 : - Well said Joana, and 24 Horas,(unlike the Uk tabloids) are still waiting to this day for the McCanns suit...

  6. JAIL for McCann! how can you come again to Luz?

    Prisão para os McCann, como é que é possivel que voltem á Luz depois do que fizeram?

    Portuguese people have sufficient brain to distinguish the daily's fantasy novel from the true. And Portuguese PJ agents are fully competent to find the truth about this case.

    Sorry for being maybe rude, but McCann should be jailed!In Portugal who leaves their children alone goes to prison!


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