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Amaral and former policemen are investigating the “Maddie” case

Former coordinator reveals that Portuguese, Spanish, English and Germans are working with him

by Alexandra Serôdio

A group of former policemen from Portugal and other countries, which includes Gonçalo Amaral, is investigating the Maddie case at their own expenses.

The former Judiciária coordinator told JN that the result will be communicated to the Attorney General.

Restlessness and curiosity were heavy and the bitter taste of a “precocious and political” archiving left them “brooding” on a solution. The words are from Gonçalo Amaral – the first head of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann – who reveals that the group of investigators, that is made up by Portuguese, Spanish, English and Germans, wants to “know the truth”.

“We have been talking, exchanging ideas, trying to understand what happened, discussing possibilities and thinking about the entire process”, the former coordinator of the Polícia Judiciária’s Criminal Investigation Department in Portimão reveals. Despite refusing to reveal what is being done on the field and in what form, he asserts that “this investigation is not to arrange for evidence against the McCann couple”.

“We want to contribute for the truth to be known and in that way, for justice to be made. If there are guilty people, they must stand before justice. This is a right that assists any citizen in this country, to fight for justice to be done in every case”, Gonçalo Amaral sustained, stressing that “it’s not only the courts, the policemen and the judges that fight for justice, anyone can do it”.

Asserting that this investigation does “not intend to persecute anyone”, the former coordinator stresses the need to understand “what could have been done back then and what can be done now”. Always in an attempt to “find the truth and to understand what really happened to Madeleine”. Opting not to reveal major details, Gonçalo Amaral says that the group is made of retired policemen, who investigate “at their own expenses” and “without the use of funds”.

What is established will then be put into a “well based document” that will be delivered to the Attorney General, with the request to reopen the process that has been archived since July 21, 2007.

“The criminal investigation was abruptly interrupted, before it even got halfway. There is still a lot to be investigated that may even lead nowhere, but it may lead to other paths and to the truth”, the former coordinator advances, asking for “political courage” to those who have the power to “reopen the process”.

“If the Attorney General’s mailbox was flooded with, for example, three million requests to reopen the process, I believe the case might be reopened”, the investigator stated.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 30.04.2009


  1. Can there be a European-wide petition to re-open the process? That should attract a few million signatures.

  2. Hmmmm.... English are working with him.....

    Now that's good news.

  3. What an example Mr Amaral sets, I like the fact that he says anyone can seek justice. People need reminding of this rather than just accepting everything that Governments and other authorities feed us.

    I've had a strong feeling the last few days wondering whether the present crisis for the UK Government with the impending release of MP's expenses and receipts into the public domain might inadvertently expose some evidence of interference with the McCann case.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised. I found it hard to believe initially that there could have been intervention by this Government, but with the almost constant exposing of the activities at the heart of Westminster anything is possible.

  4. How does one go about finding the appropriate mail address to ask for the case to be reopened?

  5. How do we contact the Attorney General? I'm sure the majority of followers of this blog are more than prepared to do that. What about a fund to support these investigators, do they want one? I would definately contribute...so long as they don't use it to pay their mortgages or saty in 5-star hotels!!

  6. Well done Sr Amaral

    I have total respect for you and all the retired officers working with you to find the truth for Madeleine.

    I wish you all the best.

  7. You can contact the Attorney General's Office as follows:

    website: www.pgr.pt

    Procuradoria-Geral da República
    Rua da Escola Politécnica, 140 1269-269 Lisboa

    tel: 21 392 19 00
    fax: 21 397 52 55

    email: mailpgr@pgr.pt

  8. The McCann's should be very happy now that someone is trying to get the case re-open, that should be great news for every parents in their position, maybe they should contact Mr Amaral and thank him for that...hang on a second..i forgot we talking about the McCanns here..i got a feeling they are cursing him right now..
    Good job Mr Amaral&Co. bring justice to the world about this sad case, there is a lot of people behind you.

  9. 'This is a right that assists any citizen in this country, to fight for justice to be done in every case”, Gonçalo Amaral sustained, stressing that “it’s not only the courts, the policemen and the judges that fight for justice, anyone can do it”.'

    And her parents did not even request that the case be re-opened when they had the legal right to do so! Wonder why?? Especially as they continuously claim they will do anything to find their child.

  10. Zodiac, they still have that legal right... but they won't ask for the reopening of the process. They rather prefer to ask for money to a non charitable fund and to be media starlets. Maddie is just an item on sale for them - see for yourself -

    sad, really...

  11. After the tears at Oprah talk show,the money and more tears come,come ,come,ping,ping,ping,ping, to the fund...


  12. 'they still have that legal right... but they won't ask for the reopening of the process.'

    Joana I did not know that thanks for letting me know. They really are turners of stomachs!

  13. A fund should be set up to aid the investigation. I would certainly contribute to the truth being known and justice for Madeleine and im sure thousands more would.

  14. I went to the fundraisers' site (who represent the McCanns), and posed them this question:
    "What are your reason's for not requesting a re-opening of the case by police? The funds are already there paid for by the public.
    I am seriously bothered by this archiving of the case, by interference from political circles. However, I would like a reply by yourselves, to my question."


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