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Cipriano Case: Inspectors Defense Exhibits Proof

The defense of the inspectors indicted for the alleged aggressions to Leonor Cipriano is going to request an adjoinment to the process of another analysis to a diskette which reaffirms the conclusion regarding the ‘manipulation’ of the images where Joana’s mother appears with haematomas.

The request of the lawyers of Leonel Marques, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, Paulo Marques Bom and António Cardoso will be delivered, today in another session of ‘Case Joana’ trial, at the Court of Faro, given that ‘the correct, exact and complete digital forensics analysis is crucial.’

Photos are not Trustworthy

In the report elaborated by the computer forensic expert Filipe Custódio, to which the news agency Lusa had access, concluded that ‘the images presented in the diskette, identified as Photo 1 to Photo 20 (…), cannot be constituted as a trustworthy document’. Therefore, we reiterate that the Photos were Leonor Cipriano shows haematomas in different parts of the body ‘are completely put into question in its authenticity, for the lack of a date, for the evidences of software tampering, and for not being possible to reproduce in a reliable manner the ‘chain of custody’, since their capture up to their presentation in an digital format’.

Source: 24Horas, page 9, 22.04.2009

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