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Clarence Mitchell mocks unemployed workers in Praia da Luz

by Paulo Reis

The pink excrescence that crawls after the McCanns decided to mock the Ocean Club’s Portuguese workers, who were dismissed due to the company’s difficult economical situation, following the alleged abduction of Madeleine McCann. In his petulant and racist style, the spokesman who is royally paid to protect the couple of negligent parents has ridiculed the now unemployed workers, stating that “one or two of these people [Ocean Club staff] have been vocal about blaming the McCanns [about the loss of their jobs], and have been saying they have thought about trying to sue the McCanns. Not to belittle them, but I very much doubt they would succeed”, as mentioned in this article. I’d seen dung of many colours already. Pink, is a first. But the truth is that no matter what the dung’s colour, it all smells the same.

source: Gazeta Digital - O Mistério da Praia da Luz, 07.04.2009


  1. He is such a knob.

    I look forward to the day when this case is resolved and the McCanns and Mitchell get what should be coming to them.

  2. Arrogant, snob, disgusting man!
    But sadly, I'm afraid he is right in his belief that a law issue against the McCanns by the former workers will bevery difficult if not impossible. In a country like Portugal were justice moves at a snail's pace and is expensive, it would be a Hercules labour for unemployed, living on the dole short money workers to be able to support a lenghty and costly court procedure.It still is our sad reality, if you can afford a good lawyer you stand a good chance of obtaining justice, if not, you're on your own!
    If only some altruistic lawyers were willing to side-up with them, maybe Marinho Pinto, or Marcos A. Correia, they have been the self-appointed defenders of the underdogs, lately...oh, but no, it can't be...it would be a conflit of interest...

  3. I understand the resort is insured in the USA and is asking for compensation for their loss.
    This american insurance can sue the Mccanns, for being the cause of their financial disaster.

  4. On this photo above, Clarence is lying again.
    He is showing how long his Pinocchio nose grows when he talks about the abduction.
    It grows much longer, Clarence.

  5. I always thought he was untruely sizing up something else, not his nose.

  6. Johanna, how could you think it was the size of something else?

    He is not a Portuguese, is he?


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