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Clarence Mitchell Spinning Lies

The Breakfast Show on Newstalk - Clarence Mitchell, Spokerperson[err...] for the McCann family speaks to us about Gerry's return to Praia De Luz last weekend. 07 April 2009 09:47

Images credits by Himself at The McCann Gallery


  1. The lack of shame of this man is beyond belief! The police wanted to do a reconstruction last year but according to him, "it was only for a police information gathering"! I was under the impression that this is what reconstructions are all about, the gathering of information, comparing different testimonies and accounts of the witnesses, determine what/how/when something happened, etc.
    This is exactly what none of the McCircus wants to happen, they do not want the police to cross-examine their inconsistencies,the timelines, the lies!

  2. Clarence Mitchell should be also arrested for perjury when the time comes for him, for the McCanns and the rest of the group. Unfortunately the 'shadow men' inside the UK Government will never be caught.

  3. How funny! Mr.Himself is a genious"! Well done sir!

    This image should be printed by the hundreds and placed in public places around the Algarve and maybe Leicester too, a counter-campaign!

  4. "It'a fact the Madeleine has been taken from Luz.." if you say so Mr Mitchell but how can you support that claim? The only fact here is that a British citizen never came back from a holiday and the police never moved a finger. Why? Why go to private investigators and not to the police? Answer that Mr Mitchell

  5. Following the post of Anonymous, at 16:33, I would very much like to hear Mr.Mitchell give a plausible answer to another question...why they(the Mccanns) have never requested a formal investigation to the british police? if they did not trust the portuguese police ability to properly conduct an investigation( "imbeciles" in G.McCann's own words!) and therefore they didn't see fit to ask for the process to keep open in due time, why not do it with the british? Not competent either?...
    Or maybe there is a british police inquest and it was kept under wraps?

  6. I just met people who also sent an email to Oprah after they were been told about the McCanns going there.

  7. Going to Oprah is like eating in your garden.
    Algarve is very far away.

  8. If the Portugueses are not competent, why fear the autopsy?

  9. The guy really lives in cuckoo land.....unbelivable,amazing
    I just cant get used to people telling such blatant lies....he really is a "master"

  10. One comfort for now: once there will be justice, is it not on earth it WILL be in Heaven; the poor little girl, what did they do to her, when will the truth come out.

  11. Clarence Mitchell refering to the hecklers

    "The vast majority of DECENT portugese people still support them"

    So if you dont support them and are portugese.....you are not decent people.

    Id like to apologise to the portugese people for having to put up with such bullshit from our UK government, The Mccscams and their Spin Doctors.

    I assure you, the majority of english people are not like this and have your full support in your actions and feelings towards these scumbags



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