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Dr. Amaral to visit the Netherlands

FMB Publishers confirm that on may 4 and 5, Gonçalo Amaral shall be visiting the Netherlands, where he will be conducting press interviews.

The Dutch translation of his book 'A Verdade da Mentira' is now available at bol.com

Update: as soon as the publishers give us the confirmation we will post the locations and the dates for Gonçalo Amaral's book presentation in the Netherlands and in France, between the days 4 and 8 of May.


  1. Are you aware where he will be in the Netherlands?

  2. Puxa que eu estou nervosa.

    O Amaral vem pra Holanda e eu vou vê-lo.

    Vou atolá-lo com as minhas teorias.

    Joana, há ingleses na Holanda que seguem o teu blog.

    Poderias dar por favor o local, endereço e horário do Amaral aqui?

    Mas isto só se o Gerald permitir.

  3. Eles nunca pensaram encontrar quem lhes fizesse frente.Estavam convencidos que diziam que a menina tinha sido raptada e que toda gente (incluindo a polícia)engolia a história e o caso morria por aqui.Pois enganaram-se.As pessoas não são parvas, a verdade começou a vir ao de cima e começaram a ser questionados.Conseguiram calar muita gente com chantagens, subornos e ameaças.Mas felizmente há muita gente ainda disposta a lutar o tempo que for preciso para que os autores, directos ou indirectos, da morte de Madeleine sejam punidos.
    Talvez alguém deva avisar os Mccann e os seus amiguinhos (os advogados portugueses, p.e) de que a ditadura em Portugal acabou há 35 anos.Portanto chega de manobras sujas.

    Força Sr.Gonçalo Amaral.

  4. I wonder if we will ever get an English translation of Snr Amaral's book, I hope so.

    If it wasn't for all our wonderful Portuguese translators we, in the UK, would be in the dark about what's being reported regarding this case. Thank you Joana and Astro for your continued reporting. I hope one day justice will be served.


  5. This is excellent news, thanks Kazlux & Joana.

  6. Gerry has worked for sometime at a hospital in Holland.

    I'm sure his ex-colleagues will buy the book.

  7. carol, there is a rough translation of amaral's book on pamalam's site.

  8. Short after the disappearence, an English lady, living in Holland, was interviewd by a Dutch channel where she showed how much she believed in the abduction.
    She knew the Mccanns pretty well and she or her husband was working at the same Dutch hospital where Gerry used to work too.
    I wonder if she changed her mind.

  9. I can´t understand, that someone belives McCanns more then the PJ, Eddie and Keela and their foundings, why are lots of people so blind?

    You cann not look for a "alive and well girl" whose death sence was located ...

  10. How i wish G Amaral was doing a book tour in the UK, i would dearly love to show him my support, also would love a copy of his book in English. Thank you so much for all your hard work keeping us informed about the Case.

  11. Anon, many thanks for pointing me at Pam's blog. I read Claudia's English translation when she put it on her blog a long while ago, as many who visit her blog did. I am hoping that Snr Amaral's book gets distributed in English to a much wider audience.

    Thank you again.


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