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Emails in Maddie hunt stay a secret

the tabloid Sun claims:

"EMAILS relating to the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann are to remain secret over fears they could offend the Portuguese authorities.

A request under the Freedom of Information Act asked for disclosure of emails and a letter sent between the British ambassador and Portuguese police in the weeks after Maddie vanished.

The Foreign Office initially released some information, but the rest was held back under a special exemption to protect international relations.

The anonymous applicant for more information appealed, arguing it was in the public interest.

But the Information Commissioner refused, saying disclosure could offend Portuguese authorities, harm the hunt for Maddie and cause “substantial” damage to international relations.

It is believed the request was rejected because some letters are critical of the investigation by Portuguese cops."

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It was Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who were behind the instructions given to the UK ambassador, John Buck, and to the British consul, Bill Henderson (the two senior UK diplomats in Portugal at the time she disappeared), to make sure Gerry and Kate McCann were given all possible assistance.

FOI document here


  1. What? The emails will stay a secret so as not to 'offend' the Portuguese, as some of the emails critised the PT police?

    The McCanns and their 'hangers-on' have been offending the Portuguese people and criticising the Portuguese police investigation since DAY ONE of this case. They continue to do so, on an almost daily basis.

    How could the Portuguese be any more 'offended'?

    Foreign Office scrabbling around for any pathetic reason to 'withhold' the emails.

    What they are wanting to withhold is the emails from UK diplomats in Portugal, who wrote to the foreign office, warning that the McCanns themselves were 'obstructing' the police. And warning that giving the McCanns such a huge amount of assistence could backfire if the McCanns were involved in the disappearance of their own child.

  2. Anon

    My sentiments exactly. Thanks for saying that, now I dont have to.

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-499340/British-diplomat-warned-Foreign-Office-concerns-McCanns.html

    Quick sand

  4. I believe now this all has to do with the fear for an autopsy and for the identity of Tapas 10.
    There must have been elements in and on the body that showed a crime, not only an accident.
    A crime combined with an accident.
    Those diplomats could have seen the body and warned the British government.
    If the child died between 6pm and 7pm, they could have called for an ambulance. At least Kate was at home, together with the twins and David Payne.If it was really only an accident, an ambulance would not have been a problem. But there was more in this story.Even two doctors could not save her life.
    The PJ must know more, I think.

  5. For how long will they stay a "secret"?
    FFS! a child has died....isnt this the MOST important factor in this sorry saga?isnt justice the ONLY thing they ALL should and MUST look at?why and WHO is protected?

    From the Freedom Information Act:
    "The commissioner is mindful of the need for the UK authorities to be seen worthy of trust by their Foreign counterparts in POrtugal and elswhere in the world.
    He sees significant risk disclosure of confidence or of other sensitive material would have damaging implications for possible developments on this matter and any relevant future investigations inPortugal and elsewhere in the world.
    This would not be in the best interrest of the Mccann family, including Madeleine or of other UK citizens travelling to Portugal or elsewhere in the world"

    Heavy stuff, guys,heavy stuff......

  6. tenho uma lágrima no canto do olho !

    esta preocupação em não magoar a policia portuguesa e salvaguardar as relações entre Portugal e Inglaterra,deixou-me sensibilizada
    quanto mais não seja pelo CINISMO que demonstra !!

  7. Let's see if you have the guts to publish this email, Joana Morais

    Hatred campaign
    Updated: 09-Apr-2009

    Dear Editor,

    I want to draw your attention to a site by a woman called Joana Morais (http://joana-morais.blogspot.com). This woman, together with her band of followers, is doing absolutely nothing to adhere the British people to Portugal. The venom, which is directed at the McCanns, that comes from her website is disgusting and she should be encouraged to stop immediately.

    The facts are that the McCanns were cleared of any involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine. But Joana Morais, along with her evil band of followers, still maintain that Kate and Gerry McCann killed their daughter.

    My question to them would be: if the McCanns had murdered their daughter, why on earth would they continue their search for her?

    Please try to keep Madeleine in the public eye, because I am certain she can be found. This will not go away, and the sooner she is found the better it will be for Portugal.

    Jean Bartley, by email

    Sometimes you're worse than the nightmare 3Arses is. Problem is that not those nuggers on 3A, but you have the brains to do the right thing:impartial news publishing

  8. Anon @ 14.47, let's see if you have the guts to f*** off and never come back, eh?
    Are the kids in the UK still on Easter holidays...?

  9. One of Joana`s band of followersMonday, April 13, 2009 3:24:00 pm


    The Mccanns were never really cleared of involvement,the case was archived due to political pressure. In order to do this any suspect status had to be lifted. The Mccanns however, are still under suspicion, the case was archived with a stamp of HOMICIDE.
    In the words of Goncarlo Amaral "this is not a declaration of innocence".

  10. oh,Jean Bartley, by email,poor person you are;so sad and so tantan!

  11. Joana

    Thank you very much for posting the email from Jean Bartley, It just goes to show that unlike the British press, you are not afraid to publish all comments from boths sides. Whereas the UK press will print only biased and mis-leading info in an attempt to manipulate public opinion, you will print comments from both sides, it must be because WE have nothing to hide.

  12. Anon 14.47:
    Yes,there has been a hatred campaign but orchestrated by Team Mccann and against the portuguese people.
    Feeling desperate, uh?

  13. Anonymous.

    The McCanns were NOT cleared of any involvement!

    Only a court can clear them and as yet, there has been no court case.

    The police have not yet found enough evidence, but as soon as they do, the McCanns will be charged.

    Then, at last, justice will be done for Madeleine.

  14. well,well,well an anon write ????? by another person?

    "Let's see if you have the guts?????????? to publish this email,MRS. Joana Morais

    Hatred OH,OH,OH,OH, campaign
    Updated: 09-Apr-2009

    Dear Editor,

    I want to draw your attention to a site by a MRS. called Joana Morais (http://joana-morais.blogspot.com). This MRS., together with her band of followers, is doing absolutely nothing to the Portuguese tourisme, and Mrs. Joana do nothing by drunks british and neglegecters.
    The search about justice to Maddie and the search by the truth that comes from her website is very important and she should be encouraged to continue for ever.

    The facts are that the McCaos know very well what hapenned in the disappearance of Madeleine.
    But Mrs. Joana Morais, along with her angel band of followers, still maintain that Kate and Gerry McCann are a couple who love a lot to fun,to drink and to leave the kids alone.

    My question ....is a very poor question!

    Please try to keep Madeleine in the public eye, because I am certain her body can be found and Justice to HER!

    Jeany Bart Simpson, by email.
    note: i am very partial and very telltale.

    13/04/09 16:03

  15. Dear Jean Bartley
    Why are you so upseted about the frorums which dare to give unbiased news? Had you already tried to use the ways of pressure done to UK press?
    Maybe not... in Portugal we have not agreements out of the court, if someone want to sue it has to be done on a court of law with juges, not a jury huuu !!
    Jean Bartley it could be useful to you to see the documentary made with the facts GA recold during his investigation.

    To Joana and Astro, thank you for the excelent wrok you are doing

  16. Joana, depois de agradecer a publicidade gratuita ao teu blog, acho que devias mandar a Jean Bartley, dar banho ao cão !!!!!

    Another one of Joana`s band of followers....

  17. With reference to the email from Ms jean Bartley, any hate campaign is and was instigated by the McCann’s in an effort to disparage the Portuguese Police in particular and the Portuguese people in general, with statements from the McCann’s and/or their paid spin doctors, inferring that Portugal is communist and the police incompetent.

    What is true is that the McCann’s are viewed by most people of all nationalities as evil and are responsible for what happened to their child.
    If they were innocent why surround themselves with spin doctors, highly paid legal experts all paid for from the infamous fund which also provided mortgage payments on their house.

    Perhaps Ms Jean Bartley may like to view the ‘Maddie Documentary’ being broadcasts today on TVI to get a more balanced and truthful view of what happened rather than her own ramblings which are probably promoted and paid for by the McCann disinformation Machine

    McCann’s your time is near the truth will be uncovered

  18. Your time is up Gerry. The truth is bursting to come out, a lot faster than you may think.

  19. Perhaps Ms. 'Jean Bartley' would like to explain why, only a few days after their daughter's disappearance, Mr. and Mrs. McCann were photographed looking radiant and happy? That is what shocked me to the core and made me start wondering about their claim of abduction. Perhaps she could also explain why they began planning big events to commemorate Madeleine's disappearance months in advance, if they were so sure she was alive and well and would be found soon?
    Joana Morais deserves thanks and gratitude from all those who suspect that the McCann's version of what happened to Madeleine is not true. We, her 'band of followers' (actually, we have minds of our own, which is why we read her site)are lucky enough to have access to factual information instead of being spoonfed the bland, biased and totally unbelievable so-called'information' by the McCanns lapdog, i.e. the British media.


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