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Filming in Luz cost 5 thousand euros

by José Manuel Oliveira

Between renting five apartments and several rooms at a hotel unit, meals, gratified services that were paid to GNR, the use of some private spaces and the acquisition of approximately thirty air fares between England and Portugal, the cost of filming for a documentary about the reconstitution of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was over five thousand euros, as DN was able to establish.

A member of production house Mentorn Media, which is in charge of shooting the documentary – that will be broadcast by Channel Four on the 7th of May – admitted that this is “an expensive production, but within the range of values that are usually paid in the United Kingdom”.

Apart from reserving five apartments at The Ocean Club resort, in Praia da Luz, and hotel rooms to house the English attendants, the production house rented apartment 5A of the complex, where Maddie disappeared from, on the 3rd of May 2007. According to the family’s spokesman, Gerry McCann and the other participants in the filming didn’t receive any financial compensation. Clarence Mitchell said that the McCanns “deeply” regret the negative economical impact on Praia da Luz after their daughter’s disappearance.

source: Diário de Notícias, 07.04.2009


  1. Please sign the petition to stop this manipulation. hope I have the right link this time.


  2. Yes, Tony, you have the right link.
    Good luck.
    I just signed it.

  3. There is no manipulation.
    Nobody is believing them anymore.
    Don't worry, Tony.
    This is getting better and better for the truth and for
    Parents who are not suspects don't make themselves ridiculous like they are making themselves now.
    We did not see the documentary yet but I'm sure it will help people see that it was not an abduction at all.
    They could better have kept their mouths and stayed home.
    They are digging their own grave.
    I hope a better grave than the one they gave Maddie.

  4. Are you not missing a zero on that figure? I would have thought 50K and the rest.

  5. This article was written by a Pro McCann+ anti PJ execrable journalist, the same who wrote the DN article using his colleague - Paula Martinheira - private conversation and very much off the record, which led to Amaral's removal, or was used as an excuse for GA's removal.

    Anyway, this guy, José Manuel Oliveira is an obnoxious and lazy character - word is that he never took his ass from the seat of the car while at Praia da Luz. Maybe he was (mis)informed by Clarenzio, the spinner.

  6. 5000 euros realy seems not much, it's "peanuts" for all those people, 50000 more likely?

    Joana, what a character, this José M. Oliveira, heh? I wonder if he took his degree in Journalism( if he has any...)in England? His work methods and ethics seem to be the same as those of the british ...



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