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Freeport - The DVD that is not an Evidence II

According to today's Correio da Manhã some documents that have come to light in the media are forgeries, good forgeries done to 'incriminate innocent persons and to avoid the discovery of the truth'.

The most important in the article is this sentence 'The Portuguese authorities never requested a copy of the DVD', where Charles Smith, João Cabral and the author of the secret recording [hidden camera], Alan Perkins, a Freeport administrator, accuse our Prime Minister José Socrates of being corrupted and stupid.

What is interesting in this 'release', which obviously obliges and follows a political agenda, is the police mannerisms adopted by Alan Perkins when 'questioning' the former Simth & Pedro's partner and former employee. What is left to understand is Who in England leaked this copy, and for How much?

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  1. well I believe in everything written in this report by Goncalo Amaral,from day 1 I have been suspicious of those 2,who goes out and gives an interview looking like she did on the morning after,sorry I would have looked like death warmed up after spending all night looking for my daughter,waking the whole of Portugal up,I also would have had to have been held up by someone as I would have been to hysterical to even talk about it,I would have been in bits,not cool as a cucumber like this pair was,they are guilty and everything they have done from start to finish is to cover it up,they all know what happened that night and sooner or later someone will slip up and tell all,firstly they doped those 3 children up that night just so they could go out without them,no matter what distance the bar was from the complex,this was either an accidental overdose or even premeditated,firstly I believe that Gerry did go back to the complex,but instead of talking to someone outside which explained why he was gone so long,I reckon he went inside and found her dead and the other 2 still in a deep sleep,then he went about hiding the body,probably behind the sofa,he then went outside to talk to this guy for an alibi,he then went back to the tapas bar and told the whole group about it,they then sat around and came up with a plan,Katie then went into the apartment,got her daughter from behind the sofa to hold her,then hid her in the wardrobe,now her next move should have been to stay put and call the police and scream the apartment complex down like I know I would have done,if it was me,instead I believe she then hid her daughters body in the wardrobe,she then walked the long way down and put on a show about how her daughter had been abducted,so to me it was ALL planned,she never said MISSING,she said ABDUCTED,now why would you say that,unless you had already planned it,next thing is the dogs,dogs are renowned the world over as being able to find people who are lost or murdered,these dogs where cadaver dogs and what they found was the scent of a corpse,they start to decompose after the first 24 hours,so it goes to prove something when a dog picks it up in those 2 main places,plus the boot of there hire car,her clothes and Madeline's toy animal,not only that but she has since washed that toy WHY,I would want to cling to that if only for her scent,no matter how dirty it got,or was it the fact that those animals had found the scent of a decomposing body on it and she got scared,as for people saying we are evil for thinking this about the Mc canns,read all of this report yourself first then think back to all those interviews they have given over the years,if that was one of your children how would you have re acted I know how I would have done,I would have been inconsolable,not like an ice queen,even now they are trying there best to sue a good man,and for what??for writing the truth about what they found,that's what,it is disgusting and degrading,they have got millions from around the world and 99.999%of the public do NOT believe a word of what they have said and are still saying to this day

  2. These two are guilty as hell and one does not need to be a brain surgeon to suss this out , too many things that these two have done points to the fact its a con and their "fund " is a con too . The pair of them need to spend the rest of their lives in Jail .

  3. I agree anonymous completely,what they have done to cover what went on in that apartment that night is disgusting for one was so happy and extatic to hear that they cannot sue Goncalo Amaral over his book,after all you cannot sue someone for telling the truth now can you,it is such a shame that there are genuine grieving couples and people from around the world that cannot get the help they need because of what these 2 did and are still doing to this day,that child died that night in that apartment,the only reason they go back to Portugal all the time is so they can relive it and go back to where they buried there daughter that fateful night,they need to be followed when ever they go back,sooner or later they will slip up and give away the site in which they then buried there daughter,that is if the police don't find the body in the mean time that is,because I think they are really close as to what happened that night,I really do,NO one has given a consistent statement about what took place that night and they wont undergo a polygraph test,sorry but if that was my daughter I would want to be cleared of any and ALL supposition about her death,and I do believe she IS dead,I do however think it was am accident and the sooner they admit that then the sooner she can have a proper and decent burial,until then she will never e at peace


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