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Gerry McCann took false ‘Maddie’ to Praia da Luz

by Duarte Levy for 24horas

Gerry McCann, accompanied by Clarence Mitchell and by his friends Jane Turner and Matthew Oldfield, two members of the Tapas group, were in Praia da Luz yesterday to follow the first day of filming of a new television documentary where the English production team didn’t hesitate to use the services of a child to play Maddie’s role.

Maddie’s father arrived at the Ocean Club in the company of Jane Tanner and returned to the same locations that the group of English people frequented when the little girl disappeared, having inspected the Tapas Bar, the tennis court and even apartment 5A, where cots just like the ones in which Sean and Amelie slept on the night of May 3, were brought in.

The documentary, in which 15 actors participate, intends to reconstruct the McCanns’ version of an abduction that allegedly took place at around 9.30 p.m. on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007, and which gives the idea that the man who was seen by Jane Tanner, was the perpetrator.

In the presence of several members of the GNR [local police force], who were sent on location to guarantee the safety of the group of English citizens, the production team from Mentorn Media filmed inside and outside of the Ocean Club, including in the apartment where Madeleine was allegedly abducted from.

That documentary, which “is going to be centred on leads that were undervalued by the Portuguese police”, may be broadcast in Portugal by SIC [tv channel], with which conditions are to be negotiated that may include a “contribution” to the financial fund that was created by the McCanns in 2007, a fact that Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, denied to 24horas: “there won’t be any contribution to the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund or even to the family. The parents simply want to find further leads that help the private investigation to find Madeleine McCann, nothing else”.

The members of the public that were present around the entry to the resort’s reception didn’t enjoy the presence of the English group, accusing Gerry McCann of carrying out “burnt land” politics in Praia da Luz: “Two years later, what do they want to prove?”, a member of the public asked, stressing that it was incomprehensible that the Portuguese authorities permitted “to carry out this circus in a village that hasn’t stopped suffering with this case yet”.

According to the filming – that doesn’t match the statements that were made by the nine English citizens when they were questioned in Portugal and in the United Kingdom – the documentary now intends to transmit the idea of a predator in Praia da Luz, who allegedly watched the group’s steps, the reason why the filming includes the dinner at the Millennium restaurant, where the couple dined on the evening before the little girl’s disappearance, near the Ocean Club swimming pool, and near the church of Praia da Luz.

Private investigations continue

Just like 24horas had reported yesterday, the McCann couple’s spokesman confirmed to journalists that two private investigators are in Praia da Luz working on still unexplored leads, without specifying any further.

The two men were even observed in terrains not too far from the Ocean Club, where they inspected a cane field under the attentive look of members of the PJ.

During the filming, which continues today (Sunday), those investigators will observe the reconstitution of the case “according to the description that was given by Gerry and his friends”, which according to the couple’s spokesman, “may help to understand where Madeleine went to”.

Among various key scenes of this documentary, large emphasis is placed on the witness testimony of Jane Tanner, who states that she observed a man carrying a child, but which she was incapable, since the outset of the official inquiry, to describe in a coherent manner.

When questioned by 24horas, Clarence justified the decision by the couple and their friends not to participate in the reconstitution that was requested by the Polícia Judiciária, explaining the fact that by not being broadcast on television, it couldn’t help the McCanns.

“Now we believe that this documentary may generate new information that help us to find Madeleine”, Clarence Mitchell added, explaining that after being negotiated with several countries – including Portugal – the video will be available on the webpage that was created by the couple: www.findmadeleine.com.

During the course of the filming, the GNR will keep teams on location to maintain the tranquillity of the film crew’s work and to keep the population away, which is openly unhappy about Gerry McCann’s presence.

McCanns may return by the end of the month

A source close to the couple confirmed once more that Gerry McCann and some relatives may return to our country as early as the end of April in order to be in Praia da Luz in time for the second anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance, but that “Kate is not prepared yet” to face a return to our country, which was confirmed by Clarence Mitchell.

Priest doesn’t want the McCanns in church

Father Pacheco has informed Gerry McCann that he doesn’t want him in the little church of Praia da Luz this Sunday, neither him nor any of his friends.

The false ‘Maddie’, dressed thoroughly like Madeleine at the moment when she disappeared, cried to avoid walking the steps of the real one…

(to be continued)

source: Duarte Levy @ Wordpress, 05.04.2009


  1. Thank you so much for the translation(s) and news, Astro and Joana.
    I am HOPPING MAD to hear about the little girl crying. Just like the real Madeleine, the adults who should be responsible for the wellbeing of a little girl, are putting their selfish needs first. AGAIN.

  2. Deeply, deeply disturbing news.
    When we thought we'd seen it all, we are shaken again, thrown against the wall.
    How is this possible, how can this be permitted, why???

  3. I agree with Leo about the child .

    Realmente nunca pensei que a criança que eles trouxeram viesse a chorar. A minha ideia era outra.

    Agora,sim,tenho pena desta Pequenina também maltratada! MALTRATADA!É VIOLÊNCIA!NÃO RESPEITAM AS PRÓPRIAS CRIANÇAS!

    E quanto ao regresso do mcanalha e mais parentes penso que vêm ao local onde a Maddie se finou para,SERÁ?, que a sua Alma descanse em PAZ!
    Mas poderá a Pequenina Maddie descansar em PAZ? SE A SUA MORTE NÃO FOI DE PAZ?

  4. ""the reason why the filming includes the dinner at the Millennium restaurant, where the couple dined on the evening before the little girl’s disappearance,""

    This is certainly not true, translation error or deliberate twisting of facts from the McCanns?

  5. Oh, I see, how cunning! The channel reponsible for the making of the documentary WILL NOT pay the McCanns or the fund, BUT any other tv channels who wish to buy the rights to broadcast the film will be invited to make a donation to the fund! Clarrie is spinning well, isn't he?...no one can accuse him of telling porkies on this, heh?

  6. "When questioned by 24horas, Clarence justified the decision by the couple and their friends not to participate in the reconstitution that was requested by the Polícia Judiciária, explaining the fact that by not being broadcast on television, it couldn’t help the McCanns."

    I thought the point was to HELP MADELEINE, Mr. Mitchell! NOT the McCanns! They have had all the help imaginable from the british authorities and from yourself, but not poor Madeleine, no one from her family seems interested in helping her.
    Of course, a reconstruction made by the police, that could help make sense of the incoherent statements of the Tapas9 would not help the McCanns and their friends, but it could have helped Madeleine, A LOT.

    After seeing footage of the "abductor carrying Madeleine scene" I realized that even now, for a taylor-made "reconstruction" and with a cherry-picked script, Jane tanner cannot get her descrition of the "abductor" right! In the sketch that was released and is in the "Find Madeleine" site, he is shown in one picture with no colour at all and in another picture with beige trousers and a chocolate- brown coat, in the film he is all dressed in a light colour, sort of beige. Come on woman, what sort of a consultant are you? Was it brown or was it beige? Is your "memory" colour-blind?!

  7. That poor child! Were are the children welfare officers when we need them? Anyone knows who's child it is? Jane Tanner's? I wouldn't be surprised, that woman seems to be as good a mother as Kate! If she is Tanner's child what does her father, Russel O'Brien, make of all this? Were does he stand? Is it ok by him to put his little girl through this potentially traumatic experience?
    If it is not their daughter, the the same goes for the parents of that girl. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Did you notice that the Mccanns did not volunteer their daughter Amelie for the part? They did not want to expose her in this ville manner, but have no qualms to put other people's child through this nightmare!
    It is sickening!


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