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Gonçalo Amaral wants to go to Oprah

Amaral is determined to speak about what happened to Maddie two years ago. He regrets not having been invited and doesn’t believe there will be a reply to his email

by Ana Maia

Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspector, wants to go to Oprah’s show – which will be broadcast on the 3rd of May – to tell his version of what happened to Maddie, who was 3 years old when she disappeared from Praia da Luz, in the Algarve. Amaral has even sent an email to the programme, which is broadcast into 144 countries, but he doesn’t believe he’ll receive a reply.

“I sent an email in English to Oprah yesterday [the day before yesterday]. This is a very well planned and negotiated show. Oprah won’t call me. I received no reply whatsoever and I have no doubts that there is no interest in calling me”, Gonçalo Amaral told 24horas.

But if there was a reply, and a positive one, the former inspector wouldn’t hesitate. “I’d go there at my own expense. But they won’t invite anyone”, said Amaral, who has always been under great criticism from Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, during the entire process.

About other similar actions, Gonçalo Amaral immediately replied: “The action is worldwide. There’s lots of people calling there”.

Emails from Sintra, too

Even Fátima Campos, the president of Monte Abraão local city centre, in Sintra, and Vasco Sousa Dias, a board member of the same centre, had the same idea.

“The letter was written by Vasco, but I agree with its contents. The little girl’s parents are going to be on Oprah, which has a large audience, and what we ask is for the former inspector to be interviewed in the programme”, Fátima Campos explained to our newspaper.

The head of the local city centre defends that “it’s Portugal’s image that is at stake” and that at least, this way, they make “some noise”. But contrary to Gonçalo Amaral, Fátima Campos believes that she will at least receive a reply from the famous North American host’s show.

A reply that Vasco Sousa Dias has already received to a first email, in Portuguese, that he sent to Oprah’s official site. “I think that the situation involves a lot of politics and other interests. I’ve sent an email manifesting my interest in the case being clarified with the inspector present”, he said.

source: 24horas, 22.04.2009


  1. Ora aí está o BIG MAN da Maddie a continuar a Sua luta pra que a VERDADE se imponha.

    As dúvidas dele também as tenho.
    Mas,força.Foi muito bem pensado e agora há que divulgar bem,por todo o lado,esta tentativa de ir à Oprah.

  2. Honesty, would demand GA's presence on the show, but the ratings advice against it.

    Oprah is a very sucessful business woman


  3. "yesterday (the day before yesterday)"
    it is too short ago.
    No wonder he sill did not get a reply.
    Oprah receives millions of emails
    per day, I guess, and I believe she does not take a decision immediately after reading a special one.
    I think she discusses every issue with assistents and it takes time.
    Such a show has to be well prepared and not improvised at the last moment.
    Amaral asked too late.

  4. Oprah should have asked for Amarals opinion about the case, not other way around. I am very dissapointed on Oprah's one sited interest on the case. An other mccann supporter without a real interest on the case.

  5. People. I did say to you about Oprah. What are you guys expecting? She makes money from the circus; the circus is rigged. Of course her show is going to be one-sided. Do you honestly think the McScams would go there without a pre-written question script? I's a fucking con.

    Jail these two bastards once and for all and let that little child rest in peace.

    Amaral should go on Britain's Got Talent. "Tonight Simon, I'm going to show you Brits how to tell the truth."

    Now that is a fucking CD I would buy!!!

  6. Good luck to Mr Amaral but he's pissing in the wind. The Oprah show is a stage. The questions will be staged. The McScams should go on Dr Phil instead and learn how to look after children.

  7. Textusa and the others are quite right, business first and last.

    I don't know what the demographics are of Oprah's audience but I would take a guess that they ain't a million miles away from those of the Springer Show.

    To have a guest on the show that didn't speak American and required listening to GA through an interpretor, well they'd be switching off in there thousands.

    To quote a Yankee that posts on one of the boards, "You'll never go broke underestimating Americans."

  8. Oprah doesn't care if Madeleine is dead or alive she just needs hight level of audience an thats make the money.I lived in USA and know they are cash junkies.

    Like Gerry & Kate it is allway money and madness.

    I guess Amaral has no chance because his presence brings the truth.The Phantom of the Oprah are the Mccanns.
    by the way I do not believe that Gerry will say NO for one milion $$$$$$$$$$$.

    Greeting from Rio de Janeiro


  9. Oprah is not stupid.
    She must know more than she will tell.
    Maybe she will interview Amaral, in the future, with somebody translating the questions and answers.
    She got to read the base of Amaral's story and Tony Bennetts'
    The best Amaral could do would be to offer his documentary to an american TV channel that is known and broadcasted in the UK.
    The goal of his story is to tell that an abduction was not possible and that Madeleine died in the apartment.
    Going to Oprah the Mccanns are treating the British people like being idiots.
    And they aren't.

    We still don't know what Tony Bennett is doing about this.

  10. O show das loucuras,ou este dos mcs pelo menos,vai ser gravado e só depois difundido. Não vá haver escorregadelas inconvenientes para o casaleco.Além do mais o "inspector g." vai corrigir e alterar.

  11. "Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspector, wants to go to Oprah’s show – which will be broadcast on the 3rd of May – to tell his version of what happened to Maddie,"

    Not interested in Gonco's "version"
    I'd rather have the truth and he doesn't know it.


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