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How The British Media Works and the Reason they Got Duped

We already knew, since the McCann Case at least, how some British journalists were lazy to verify and check their sources. In the McCann Case, and you can see that for yourself in this site - European Media Monitor - which collects and monitors all the articles runned regarding a specific issue or person; there were and still are numerous copy and pastes fed to the Brit newspapers by the McCann Media Team, under the umbrella of Murdoch's News Corporation. Once again we are able to see how those tabloidish journalists 'report' things far from the truth only to get a good scoop!

The Hoax

In the words of 'Matt Plattino'...

How I Duped The Sun

Alright, one of the main things I’m doing with this blog is playing pranks/composing hoaxes and documenting them. It’s one of my last breaths of immaturity.

Lately on the internet, a lot has been going around with Google’s addition of The UK to Google Maps Street View. Also, if you’re a frequenter of any link aggregates like Reddit or Fark, you know that the British website The Sun seems like a glorified fake tabloid. They have a bunch of stories that are ridiculous and don’t have much of source. Anyways, I thought I’d capitalize on both of the mentioned facts.

I emailed The Sun, first with the email address sashaharris289@gmail.com. I shot them a “frantic” note:

Hey Sun,

I need your help. One of my mates caught her husband cheating by using Google Street View. He’s a pig. Also, this really shows how the addition of the Street View is hurting people. I think this is a good story for you.



I picked the name Sasha Harris because Sasha sounds somewhat British and Sasha Harris is the prostitute that was involved with Sham-Wow Vince. Also, note how I used words like “mates” and “cheers”. This lulls the Brits into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, I couldn’t logically work the phrases ” ‘Ello Gov-na!” or “mind the gap” into the email.

Then, to back up the story, I emailed the sun from the email address Mr.Mark.Stephens77@gmail.com to add a source. I sent them a picture of the said offending street view.

The email was boring so I’m not going to post it, but The Sun quickly responded.

They thanked me for the information and asked me if I was Mark Stephens, the media lawyer. I shrugged (even though they couldn’t see me shrug) and basically responded “yeah, sure”.

Apparently I hit a streak of good luck. I got the name Mark Stephens from one of those internet random name generators and went with it. I guess Mark Stephens is a known media lawyer in Britain.

I also got lucky because The Sun is a bunch of fools. The picture I sent wasn’t even a street view. I don’t even know if the picture was of an apartment building. It could be a commercial building for all I know.

I just zoomed into London (because that’s the biggest city I know) and picked Victoria Street (because Victoria Beckham is a little bit attractive). Then I looked for some parked cars.

I guess The Sun didn’t include the Street View picture in their story because they knew it wasn’t a Street View Picture at all and they just wanted to write a fun juicy story.

Look out world. There’s more to come.

Duped Lazy Journalists and Papers

 The Sun's Scoop

Exclusive: Google cheat view

In frame ... Street View spots sex shop customer


A FURIOUS wife has called in divorce lawyers after spotting her husband’s car parked outside another woman’s house — on Google.

She saw the Range Rover while using the internet giant’s new Street View service to snoop on a female friend’s home.

The hubby had claimed he was away on business, but his missus recognised his motor immediately because of its blinged-up hubcaps.

The love cheat is not the only husband trapped by Google’s controversial new 360-degree photo search which covers 25 cities and towns throughout the country.

Top media lawyer Mark Stephens said: “I was talking about the Range Rover case when another divorce lawyer came up to say his firm was dealing with the same sort of thing. People are getting caught out on Google.

“I suspect the husband’s lawyers will claim it was an invasion of privacy that will cost him his marriage and Range Rover.”

Street View has triggered a stream of complaints from people caught on camera since its launch on March 20.

Google removed some images — including a man sheepishly leaving a sex shop. An office worker was also caught having a crafty cigarette by a No Smoking sign.

And yesterday The Sun told how a fleet of UFOs was spotted on Street View hovering over an East London bookies.

DO you know the cheating hubby? Call us on 0207 782 4104, email exclusive@the-sun. co.uk or text 63000.

How Low can they go?


  1. I always knew British media were crap, but now you demonstrate that they're stupid as well.

    Har har har - good laugh.

  2. jajajajaja I had a good laugh! good start of the day really....the UK needs a serious spring cleaning


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