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Sunday Express: Is this Face of Maddie?


by Mike Parker in LA

THE hair is longer, the faceless "puppy fat" chubby and the ,mouth and nose slightly wider but those innocent wide eyes are unmistakable.

This is how experts believe Madeleine McCann might look today, almost two years after she went missing. This remarkable image was created for the Sunday Express by forensic computer specialist Jovey Mae Hayes, using techniques she has employed in scores of kidnapping and missing persons cases for the FBI and police in America. Madeleine vanished on Thursday, May 3, 2007, just days before her fourth birthday, while on a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Her appearance would have altered significantly, with a two-year' growth spurt, according to Ms Hayes.

Her Michigan-based company Age Progression spent hours studying the "missing poster" of Madeleine as well as photos of her parents Kate and Gerry to create the image.

The McCanns are to appear on a one-hour television special in the US with Oprah Wmfrey, whose team is getting its own image from the , National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington DC.
Commenting on Madeleine's striking resemblance to her mother, Ms Hayes said: "That resemblance will almost certainly grow stronger as she gets older. "She has her mother's cheeks and chin. She is at an age where the structure of her face is discernibly changing. This will give it a slightly longer appearance, with less of the chubbiness of two years ago.

Her cheeks and mouth will, however, look fuller, with teeth coming through. "Her nose, also, will appear wider. The cartilage growing will possibly make her slightly 'gummier'. "Her hair, if allowed to grow naturally, would be very noticeably longer. This would make her face appear even longer and possibly contribute to the illusion hat her eyes are smaller. "There is a slight two-toner pigmentation in her right eye, which, from her photo, looks blue/brown. Sometimes this pigmentation issue can vanish with age but.some people, like singer David Bowie for example, retain it all their lives."

Many kidnappers try to alter the victims' appearance during the intensive early days of a search. In Madeleine's case, the most logical step would have been to cut short her long blonde hair and dye it dark, But after all this time the kidnapper may feel safe enough now to allow her a natural look.

Today's Sunday Express image will be followed by Oprah unveiling fresh clue during her TV special. New lead unearthed in Portuguese police files will be revealed during - the McCann interview. The new clues were found by lawyers who spent eight months sifting through volumes of legal documents.

Heart specialist Gerry, 40,and GP Kate 41, will be interviewed by Oprah in front of a studio audience. Footage of the McCanns at home in Rothley Leicestershire, with Sean and Amelie who bears a striking resemblance to her sister at the same age, will also be shown.

Kate and Gerry are not being paid for the interview.A separate reconstruction of Madeleine's disappearance will be shown on Channel4 on May 7.

Ms Hayes said she created her image of Maddie with an enigmatic hint of a smile, adding: "Even in the worst possible circumstances, it would be impossible to imagine that her life today is totally bereft of even slight happiness. This, at least, may be of some comfort to her loved ones."

Source: Sunday Express - Paper Edition Only

Many Thanks to Mary Poppins 2 for the scanned article

Who is Jovey Mae Hayes? She is the President and lead artist of "Phojoe.com - The Cure For The Common Photo!" based in Clarkston, Michigan (US).  read more here Maddie: The face of 2009 Only for $99*


  1. The world will soon learn that, on the day Kate and Gerry McCann allowed this picture to be released, Madeleine McCann had been dead for almost two years.

    Is Kate McCann now about to lie to the whole of America on coast-to-coast television?

    Time will tell.


  2. Oprah, I'm so disapointed with you.I always admired you and thought you were an intelligent woman.Now I see I was wrong.If these two can fool you,in spite of all the information you have about their suspicious behaviour, than everyone can easily fool you.

  3. No, this is the face of the lie.

  4. Never mind is this the face of Madeleine, is that a pig flying over head?
    This is seriously taking the piss now.

  5. This is now fast becoming the most unbelievable FARCE that the world has ever witnessed. How the f*** can people BELIEVE this shit???
    Good grief.

  6. Madeleine is beautiful, and she will return home and grow to be an even more beautiful woman and enjoy a long happy life with her family. Anyone who believes the contrary is just plain evil.
    Stay strong, Kate and Gerry you are an inspiration to the world!!!
    God bless Madeliene and bring her home. The Portuguese will have to apologize on their KNEES in their dirty country where nobody wants to visit anymore.

  7. Jaynelle, Portugal was a very dirty country 2 years ago during several months because the dirty Mcanns were here, with their dirty friends and their dirty sisters and brothers and with their dirty police and their dirty PR and with the dirty english mediA.A week ago, Portugal became again the most dirty country when dirty Gerry came back, with his dirty friends and his dirty lies and with a dirty tv channel crew.
    Yes, Madeleine was beautiful but she tragically died 2 years ago because she was surrounded by a bunch of negligent,irresponsable and evil people.

  8. Stay strong Gerry & Kate, there is a lot more money out there to collect and a lot of gullible people.

  9. Jaynelle, even if, just for discussion sake, one contemplates for a moment the hypotheses defended by the McCanns, that Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile ring operating in Portugal is correct, and that sooner or later she will be reunited with her family, do you honestly believe that Madeleine will ever be able to be completelly happy, after her ordeal at the hands of the kind of people paedophiles are? Will the McCanns have a "magic wand" and make everything right, erace the devastating abuse she must have suffered along the years? What will happen when/if Madeleine is able to read all the damning information available on her parent's behaviors and actions, during and after the fatal holiday in PDL, like leaving her and the twins unattended( which was the primordial fact that led to her abduction) and the refusal to cooperate with the police( but hiring shady PI agencies), the use and abuse of the media, the way they chose to spend the fund...etc., etc., etc. ...?
    And let's just hope she comes home with no damage to her eyes, remember the infamous "good marketing ploy",the disclosure of the coloboma
    even at the risk of the abductor harming her eyes! If she was indeed harmed, how do you think she will feel when she finds out it was her own parents who made a point of publicising her ONLY DISTINCTIVE FEATURE to the world, against the advise of several experts? Do you think she will thank them?...

  10. I cant believe this, you're saying it's best for little Maddie to stay with the paedophiles???
    Youre even sicker than Joana and Astro! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  11. I told you guys before in a recent post of mine: Oprah is a fully-fledged member of the very organizations that are designed to fool you. Do you expect anything else than for her full co-operation?

    Do you honestly believe the McCanns would go on her show if they were going to get questioned; the real questions you and I would ask? Simply put: You are fools to believe Oprah would be on our side never mind Tony Bennett's and Amaral's. Start wakening up and be a bit more critical in your thinking. The scientific evidence states Madeleine McCann died on that fateful night. This image was supposed to be from a professional; A 5-year-old with a free 30-day Photoshop trial could have done that. The child's pic looks like the mother and nothing like she would have looked like if she was alive. It's a con, a scam and if you don't start thinking for yourselves instead of through others then you are fucked. Simply as.

  12. Para a Janela Tapada e para as Janelas Tapadas:

    "Madeleine is beautiful, and she will not return home and not grow to be never a beautiful woman and never will enjoy a long happy life with her family.Becuase it is really and completly impossible.
    Anyone who believes the contrary is just like a Janela Tapada e Bronca da Mioleira.
    Stay strong, Bloggers and Jounalists and al so YOU,BIG MAN you are an inspiration to the world!!!

    God bless Maddie and please say to the world where is her body.

    The Broncos Uk will have to apologize on their KNEES to the Portuguese People.

    And,please,broncos avariados deixem de vir para aqui arranjar problemas.

    Só os de Uk,civilizados,com bons princípios morais e REAIS,independentemente da Sua classe social,só esses poderão ser BEM VINDOS.Só os correctos,os sãos,os honestos.

    Janela Bronca: vai ter com a Porta.


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