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Jane and Matthew Refused Reconstitution asked by the PJ

The real reconstitution, asked by the PJ, was never made. In public, the McCann couple has always showed interest in participating, however not before the authorities.

The blame ultimately fell on the friends, four of whom refused to come to Portugal.

Two of these, Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield, have now returned to Praia da Luz for the staging.

They began to require the payment of expenses for the whole family, then they blackmailed the authorities - only if Kate and Gerry would no longer be arguidos - to, in the end, prevent the reconstitution, considering it "unnecessary."

Jane is seen by the McCann as the main witness of the thesis of abduction which they [the McCanns] have always advocated.

in Jornal de Noticías, 5th April 09

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  1. Jane Tanner and her husband are every bit as guilty as the McCanns are, in some ways worse because they volanteered themselves in ot this situation, where as the McCanns felt there was no other way...If you get my meaning.

  2. I just wrote Oprah, giving her some sites'adresses that she can read, before receiving the Mccanns.

  3. Let's hope Oprah does her homework and asks a few of those awkward questions that makes Gerry wanna snatch off his microphone.


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