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'Maddie died in the apartment"

Documentary: McCann's Contradictions Highlighted by Gonçalo Amaral

"I can say with absolute certainty that Madeleine was not abducted, reaffirmed yesterday the former coordinator of the Judiciary Police of Portimão Gonçalo Amaral, stressing:" All that I know tells me that Madeleine died in the apartment on 3 May 2007."

In the documentary broadcasted by TVI and based on his book ('Maddie - The Truth of Lie'), Amaral recalls that it was the scent of blood detected by the two British dogs in the apartment and in the car rented by the McCanns which determined a new direction in the investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine.

"The reaction of the dogs was revealing, considered the former responsible for the investigation, referring that those dogs never failed in over 200 cases."

The two dogs found the scent of blood and of cadaver on a shelf of a closet in the room where the McCanns slept and behind a sofa in the living room. They also detected the smell of blood and of cadaver in a car "rented by the couple McCann 23 days later", after the disappearance of the girl.

Gonçalo Amaral was 27 years in PJ and was responsible for investigating the disappearance of Maddie until [2nd of] October 2007.

Yesterday, in the documentary, Amaral again highlighted the contradictions in the statements given by the McCann Couple and their friends; stressing three: the distance travelled by the couple and their friends from the restaurant where they dined to the apartment where the children slept (see box); the view of the window of the room where Maddie slept, given by the Tapas Group; and the same window of that room, which [according to the Tapas group statements] would be open.

Dog Reveals Cadaver Scent

The barking of dogs marking the cadaverine scent was one of the brand images of the documentary. In the apartment, Gonçalo Amaral explained the steps taken in the investigation and the contradictions he found during the process, concluding that the daughter of the couple McCann was not kidnapped but died in the apartment.

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