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‘Maddie’ is the English priest’s daughter

Praia da Luz: Portuguese priest, José Pacheco, didn’t want Gerry at his mass

by Rui Pando Gomes

The little actress who plays the role of Maddie in the reconstitution that has been recorded in Praia da Luz over the last two days, is the daughter of the English priest that became a friend of Gerry and Kate after the mysterious disappearance of the couple’s daughter on the night of the 3rd of May 2007.

As CM was able to establish, Anglican priest Haynes Hubbard has been in regular contact with the couple and showed himself available to ‘lend’ his daughter for the documentary that is being produced for British channel Channel 4. The priest’s wife is also a figurant in the reconstitution which, according to its producer, “is focused on witness statements of suspicious sightings”.

The filming was followed by Gerry and by his friends Jane Turner and Matthew Oldfield.

Contrary to Hubbard, the Portuguese priest, José Pacheco, informed Gerry that he didn’t want him to attend the mass that he celebrated at the local church yesterday, thus forcing Maddie’s father to visit the temple before 9 a.m.

The employees that were dismissed from the Ocean Club weren’t pleased by Gerry’s presence in Praia da Luz, either. “If the dismissals are to be blamed on the Maddie case, then how does the company offer Mister Gerry free entrance into the resort to film whatever he wants?”, an employee asks.

source: Correio da Manhã, 06.04.2009


  1. McCann has no shame he has accused the Portuguese people of being a nation of communists that harbours paedophiles in their communities.
    He has no morals and is acting out his own fantasy lies that he spins and spins to enable him to avoid the punishment that he so deserves and to become richer from the death of his daughter.
    What a monster truly one of the devils own

  2. “If the dismissals are to be blamed on the Maddie case, then how does the company offer Mister Gerry free entrance into the resort to film whatever he wants?”, an employee asks."

    I too feel this is a contradiction, the documentary will add further bad publicity to the resort, I can only think of a reason for it being allowed : MONEY,MONEY,MONEY...!

    Father Pacheco took a courageous stand by not wanting the "McCann circus" in his church, he protected the true faithful parishioners who went to church to enjoy the Palm Sunday celebrations with peace and dignity. If Gerry had his way the church and the mass would have become just a set for some "pulling at the heart strings" scenes. I just hope that F. Pacheco will not pay dearly for his stance, "someone" might pull the strings and ask for his head...like it happened to G. Amaral.

  3. Por onde anda a Comissão de Protecção de Menores??? A pobre criança até chorou!( de confusão e medo provavelmente)Livra! Que pais! Vejam lá se os Sr. e Sra. McCann sujeitaram a filha Amelie a esta provação?...Tá quieto! Agora, se for a filha de outrem a andar "em bolandas" ao colo do "swarthy abductor", tá tudo bem!

  4. The priest's child is Maddie, the wife also in the film - everyone wants a piece of the cake...

    Enjoy the spotlight while you can. Soon the lights will be different.

    Justice for Maddie!

    Soon enough.

  5. There are reports that the child was very distressed during the afternoon's filming but they went ahead with it after dark, on a very cold night with the barefoot child in flimsy pyjamas. (while the Tapas 3 and film crew were in sweaters, long trousers and jackets!)

    The McCanns have done what I thought was no longer possible - they've shocked me to the core, all over again!

    Where are the child protection agencies?

  6. Pobre da Menina Hubbard!
    Pobre CRIANÇA!

    Não se faz.


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