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'Maddie: The Truth of The Lie' Documentary Transcript in English

The Full Documentary with English subtitles can be watched now here Censored in the UK

«The following programme is a documentary that is based on the book by Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ inspector who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in the Algarve. His version of the events is repudiated by Maddie’s parents, who continue to defend that this is an abduction case. The criminal process that was conducted by the Portuguese authorities ended with the archiving of the inquiry, a decision that was contested by Gonçalo Amaral. More than pointing out culprits, a task that belongs to justice, the broadcast of this documentary is destined to contribute for light to be shed on a case that remains an unsolved mystery, for almost two years, and that elements are given to help the public opinion to understand it.»

Gonçalo Amaral
Former Polícia Judiciária coordinator

00.33 - My name is Gonçalo Amaral. I’ve been an investigator with the Polícia Judiciária for 27 years. I coordinated the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on the 3rd of May 2007.

00.48 - During the following 50 minutes, I will prove that the child was not abducted, and that she died in the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

00.58 - Discover the whole truth about what happened that day – a death that many people want to cover up.

VC Filmes presents

Maddie The Truth of the Lie

02.17 - On the 3rd of May 2007, a child that was sleeping with her siblings was abducted. This is the version of the crime that we got used to accepting as the only possible one. But is it the true one? Or does this version hide a crime that many want to conceal?

02.39 - There is a kind of need to stifle the case, to silence the case. I remember that several people were affected, English policemen are forbidden from speaking out, other witnesses like Martin Smith are somewhat afraid, and several persons… This is a case where some people are still afraid or they are even prevented from speaking.

03.01 – The Reconstitution

03.04 – What we are preparing has never been done before. We took the former PJ coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, to the crime scene, to show what happened to Madeleine McCann. This reconstitution is going to allow us to understand who told the truth, and who didn’t. We are going to find out what happened on the night that Maddie disappeared forever. Strangely, the judicial investigation was never able to carry out the reconstitution of what happened.

03.33 – The reconstitution wasn’t carried out because there were some who defended that would be equal to considering the family to be suspects, as well as the risk of flight. Since the beginning, the Polícia Judiciária was pressured not to investigate this case like any other case. There was media exposure, a political and diplomatic climate that made the investigation much more difficult.

03.52 – Madeleine McCann was only days away from her 4th birthday when she disappeared. The last time that she was seen in public was at 5.30 p.m. on the 3rd of May 2007. Her mother, Kate McCann, picked her up at the crèche. The exit record shows the time.

04.14 – At the same time, the father, Gerald McCann, played tennis only a few hundreds of metres away. The tenniscourt timesheet and his statement to the police confirm that Gerald only left at 7 p.m. On the same afternoon, the family’s friends had tea at the Paraíso restaurant. The cctv camera images prove that the men left the restaurant at 6.13 p.m., and the women left 15 minutes later. One of them, David Payne, met up with Gerald McCann at the tennis court. According to Payne’s statement to the Polícia Judiciária, he asked him where Kate was, and then headed for the apartment that had been rented by the McCann family, where he arrived at around 6.30 p.m.

05.00 – In later questionings, the testimonies diverge. Gerald McCann says that David Payne stayed at the McCanns’ apartment for 30 minutes. His wife, Kate, guarantees it was only 30 seconds. At that time, Kate was bathing the twins and Madeleine.

05.21 - It was shortly after 8.40 p.m. that the English nine friends went for dinner at the Tapas bar. The restaurant is approximately 50 metres away, as the crow flies, from the apartments where 8 children remained alone. In apartment 5A, Madeleine McCann and the twins, Amelie and Sean, were sleeping.

05.44 - At around 10 p.m., Kate McCann, Maddie’s mother, raised the alarm. Maddie was not in the room. At around 10.40 p.m., the GNR in Lagos received a phone call, saying that a little girl had disappeared from the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz.

06.04 – According to the testimony of the Ocean Club’s manager, when the GNR patrol arrived on location, the child’s father threw himself at the officers’ feet, like a praying Arab, completely out of control over his daughter’s disappearance. The same scene was repeated, according to the officers, in the couple’s bedroom.

06.23 – It was past midnight when the GNR warned the Polícia Judiciária. I was immediately informed and took the appropriate measures. Searches were carried out in the region, the Spanish authorities were warned, and the borders were controlled. The largest search operation ever to be carried out in Portugal was organised.

06.40 - During several days, hundreds of officers from the GNR, firemen, volunteers, and members of the Polícia Judiciária thoroughly search(ed) over 200 square kilometres. A gigantic search operation. No search in Portugal had ever included such means and so many people. Everything is checked, and checked again. The borders are watched, all sorts of vehicles are searched. The effort does not succeed. The child doesn’t appear.

Guilhermino Encarnação
Joint PJ Director

07.08 – Until we have evidence that in fact the worst may have happened to her, we continue to think that she may be – that she may be alive. As you know, under the Portuguese juridical order, it is not only abduction that gives a ransom. If someone takes a person for a sexual act, that is also an abduction. It is on that basis that we are hopeful.

07.30 – The child’s parents, Gerald McCann, aged 39, Kate Healy, 39; the couple David Payne, 41, Fiona Payne, 35, and her mother, Dianne Webster, 63; the couple Matthew Oldfield, 38, Rachel Mampilly, 37; and the couple Russell O’Brien, 37, Jane Tanner, 36, are questioned for the first time by the Polícia Judiciária.

07.57 – During the first week, we interviewed hundreds of persons. The family, the friends, the resort’s employees, and all the persons who had contact with the child. From this first batch of testimonies, we obtained an outline of what happened that night.

08.12 – It was on the back of one of Madeleine’s books that, on the night of the crime, family and friends wrote down the collective versions of that same night; the draft was used to match the depositions from the nine British friends about what happened. According to that version, which will later be confirmed during questioning, at 8.45 p.m. the McCanns enter the restaurant, and then the other couples arrive. Dinner evolves normally. Given the fact that the children are alone in the apartments, the families take turns in checking the children.

08.45 – At around 9.05 p.m., Matt checks the windows of the various apartments, and finds everything quiet and the windows closed. Between 9.05 and 9.10 p.m., Gerald McCann goes to the apartment, asserts that he entered through the front door, and enters the children’s bedroom. Everything seems well to him. At a later point in time, Gerald will say that he sensed that a stranger was inside the room.

09.10 – When he leaves, he meets English tv producer Jeremiah, who walks his child to fall asleep. He remains talking to him under the apartment’s living room window. At around 9.10 p.m., Jane Tanner goes to check her children, and to check the other apartments. On her way to 5D, she passes Gerald and Jeremiah. Jane will later tell the authorities that she saw a stranger carrying a child in his arms, on Agostinho da Silva Street.

09.39 - At 9.30, Russell and Matt check all the apartments. Matt looks through the door of the McCann children’s bedroom. From that standpoint, he can only see the twins. Russell remains to take care of his sick daughter. At 9.50 p.m., Russell returns to the Tapas.

09.58 - On the same night, on the other side of Aldeia da Luz, the Smith family – four adults and five children – have just paid for their dinner at the Dolphins restaurant. The credit card receipt was clocked at 9.27 p.m. on the 3rd of May 2007. The Smiths go out for a drink at Kelly’s bar. They don’t take long.

10.18 – It’s around 9.50 p.m. when they start walking towards the Estrela da Luz resort. When they cross 25 de Abril Street, arriving at Escola Primária Street, they have just walked 30 metres and they cross paths with a man who carries a child in his arms.

10.38 – It is just after 22 p.m. when Kate goes to her children’s bedroom using the shorter route, entering the apartment through the sliding window, and sees Madeleine is missing. She asserts that the bedroom’s window and shutters had been opened. She drops everything, leaves the twins, who continue sleeping, in a room with an open window, and heads for the Tapas bar, to raise the alarm.

11.04 – This is where part of Kate McCann’s behaviour on that night becomes incomprehensible. Instead of stopping right here, and shouting out to the people who were at the restaurant, where her husband was, what she does is climb down these stairs, and walk a distance that is certainly twice as much as the distance from here to the restaurant, which is located approximately 50 metres from here, as the crow flies.

11.33 – When she arrived there, she cried out “We let her down”, which is a medical term that is often used in medicine, “she’s gone”, and then everyone came running and everyone used the entrance on this side of the apartment again.

11.48 – There were many contradictions. The most evident one was that someone was inside that room, when Gerald went in.

11.57 – If he didn’t enter, he just peeked through the door, that also has to be taken into account with what the abductor may have thought, if there was an abductor at all. An abductor cannot be certain that a father wouldn’t enter the room, because he would be discovered. Therefore, standing behind the door was practically impossible, physically that is not possible.

12.15 – He didn’t fit behind the door, and the wardrobes were blocked by the cots.

12.20 – But given the drama that the family was living, and the climate of commotion, we preferred not to make them suspects.

12.25 – First Contradiction: The Distance

12.28 – The first contradiction is related to the distance. Everyone involved, except for Kate, stated that when they went to check on the children, they used the apartments’ front doors. That meant walking over 100 metres more than they would walk if they entered through the sliding windows. Only the McCanns confirmed that they hadn’t locked that window, justifying that they could see the window from the Tapas.

12.59 – It is incomprehensible that they would walk over 100 metres more to check on the children, when there was a shorter route. Maddie’s father said that, when he went to check on his children, he was in a hurry to use the toilet. Still, he took the longer route.

13. 14 – Let’s check the map. The yellow line is the route that is walked until the sliding window. The red line is the route that all of the parents state they took – approximately twice as long.

13.29 – This preoccupation from the nine English people only shows that they were afraid of being accused for leaving their children in a dangerous situation.

13.38 – In fact, these contradictions could be justified merely with the need of the English families to demonstrate that the children were fully safe. According to a Portuguese lawyer, who is experienced in working with several English clients, the behaviour may be justified by the fear of being accused of abandoning the children to danger, a crime that is severely punished by UK laws.

Artur Rego

14.01 – Having been left by their parents, exposed to situations of risk and danger that they, in their young age, wouldn’t be able to protect themselves from, and to confront and to resolve on their own, is considered to be a serious risk and serious and neglectful behaviour from the parents.

14.19 – Second Contradiction: The Sightings

14.29 – The second relevant contradiction is given by Jane Tanner’s deposition, who states she saw the abductor. One cannot understand how Jane Tanner passes Gerald and Jeremiah, and sees a man carrying a child, with both of them failing to see her and the abductor.

14.48 – The only possible explanation for them not seeing her is given by her husband’s deposition, who says that she saw the abductor when she was returning from the apartment, and not when she was going there. It was possible for her to see Jeremiah and Gerald without any of them seeing her, but only if she was coming from the back of the apartment, using the sliding window. In any case, the detailed identification that she gives of a possible abductor is impossible. See with your own eyes.

15.17 – Jane Tanner asserts that she clearly saw, at this distance and with this lack of light, five aspects:

First: she saw a dark-haired man, aged 35 to 40, slender, with dark hair falling down his neck.

Second: that man wore linen trousers colored between beige and golden.

Third: he wore a duffy jacket, but not as thick.

Fourth: he wore black classical shoes.

Fifth: the man walked in a hurry, with a child laying on his outstretched arms, a position that is more likely for a statue than for a person who walks carrying a child.

15.52 – Jane’s statements were the basis for the abduction theory. But for us, and later on, for the English police, they had doubtful value. How was it possible to see so much as such a distance, and under that light? How was it possible for Gerald and Jeremiah not to see Jane, or the abductor?

16.10 - This sighting has another problem: Jane saw the alleged abductor crossing Agostinho da Silva Street, and less than 30 minutes later, the Smith family also sees a man carrying a child, on Escola Primária Street, on the other side of the village, and walking into the opposite direction of the man that Jane had seen.

16.36 – We have two sightings of potential abductors. The problem is that the Smiths’ sighting doesn’t confirm Jane Tanner’s vision, in its time and its direction. The man that is seen by the Smiths is on the other side of the village. He is heading for the beach area, carrying the child against his chest and not on outstretched arms. But given his physical look, they could be referring to the same person. In a while, we’ll see to whom, and who is lying.

17.00 – Third Contradiction – The Window

17.04 – The third contradiction in the testimonies is revealed to us by the window. If at 9.20 p.m. Jane sees the abductor with the child, and Kate, upon noticing that Madeleine has disappeared, notices that the window to the children’s bedroom had been fully opened, why did Russell and Matt, who checked the apartments after 9.20, fail to see the open window? This is completely impossible.

17.29 - The window is proof of the truthfulness of the testimonies. If the little girl was abducted by the man that Jane says she saw at 9.20 p.m., then the window was open from that moment on.

17.44 – Matthew says that he was inside the apartment and didn’t see the open window. This leads us to conclude that the window was only opened after the pseudo-abduction.

17.53 - The Leads and Murat

18.10 – Over 350 leads were followed.

18.18 – The Polícia Judiciária says that the next few hours may bring new developments.

18.24 – Robert Murat is made an arguido after a long interrogation at the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão.

Olegário de Sousa
Chief PJ Inspector

18.31 – A male individual, aged 33 and a resident in the area of the events has been made an arguido. He was questioned as such, and no evidence has been collected that could justify his detention and further judicial questioning.

19.11 – The journalist suspected him, but we didn’t follow what the journalist said. We followed the analysis of the facts. The facts were analysed, what actually had happened, and we followed a testimony, a testimony that had to be weakened in order to advance the abduction theory. Jane Tanner’s testimony. Because otherwise, the abduction theory died right there. The major foundation for the abduction was what that witness had seen: a man carrying a child, walking into the direction of Robert Murat’s house.

19.45 – Maybe people don’t know, but the search at Robert Murat’s house takes place on a Monday morning, and on Sunday evening, we’re in a meeting with the Public Ministry, with the prosecutor, with the judge, me and Dr Luís Neves, we’re at the court house while diligences are being carried out in Praia da Luz. Diligences to confirm the suspicion against Robert Murat. And Mrs Jane Tanner is placed inside a police surveillance vehicle, several people walk by, policemen, people that Mrs Jane Tanner had never seen before, and Mr Robert Murat among them, and she says that from the way he walks, he is the person that was carrying the child.

20.27 – In fact, Jane Tanner’s memory progressively improves as time goes by. The first e-fit that she helps to draw is a vague sketch. She later makes a positive identification of Robert Murat as the man that she saw that night. Several months later, she participates in a new e-fit, now miraculously remembering every facial trace of a man that is very different from the Murat that she recognised earlier on.

20.55 - Another document that weighed in at incriminating Robert Murat was a psychological profile by English experts, which in very general traces stated that his voluntary attitude during the days that followed the crime, helping the investigators and the family, could be the mask of a criminal.

Eduardo Moss

21.12 – These are either theoretical pre-suppositions, or banalities. It’s obvious that they start with statistical analyses, we could call them epidemiological, out of a population, numerous types of behaviours which could prompt the suspicion, a greater or smaller suspicion, on an individual. And nothing more.

21.38 - The Global Media Phenomenon

Cristiano Ronaldo
Football Player

21.42 – We’re all very sad about what happened to Madeleine McCann. Please, if someone has any kind of information, let us know.

Luís Filipe Scolari

21.51 – Pray a special prayer, pray at least one Hail Mary all over the country, for Our Lady of Fátima to enlighten our authorities so they can find that little girl.

22.45 – Time went by. The abduction leads led into a blind alley. The family itself started considering the possibility that Maddie was dead.

22.52 - Stalemate in the Investigation

22.54 – The first signs of death come from the family. Exterior signs. We had already considered it but it’s the family that hires a former officer from the South African military, who uses a miraculous machine to find the child’s body on location.

23.16 – South African Daniel Krugel points at a location where Madeleine McCann’s body is supposed to lie. A vast area where nothing was found.

23.12 - The Turnaround in the Investigation

23.29 – The investigation uses two very special dogs that are used by the English and North American police, that have successfully solved over 200 cases. These include the murder of Attracta Harron, an Irishwoman who went missing. The police and the forensic scientists were unsuccessful in finding out what happened to her. The investigators then brought in Eddie, one of the two dogs that were in Portugal, that identified a carbonised piece in the suspect’s car. That piece contained DNA from the missing woman. The dogs that were brought in to help the investigation are great investigators. Eddie is a dog that specialises in finding dead victims and marking locations where dead people have been. Keela is able to detect human blood in such tiny amounts that they elude the investigators.

24.26 – In these police images, we can see Eddie and Keela inspecting the houses where the nine British tourists stayed, and Robert Murat’s house. The dogs only reacted (alerted) in the apartment where the McCanns stayed. Eddie marked (alerted to) cadaver odour in the wardrobe of the McCanns’ bedroom.

24.50 – That was how it was. The dog that marks (alerts to) human cadaver odour marked cadaver odour in this corner, the doors were open when the test was made, and after walking around the parents’ bedroom, he placed his nose in here and marked this area. So according to the expert, a cadaver was here, either on the shelf or on the floor.

25.20 – Eddie also detected the odour of death behind the sofa in the apartment’s living room. Keela is brought in, and she points out a small amount of blood behind that same sofa.

25.49 – At the time when the area behind the sofa was cleaned, there is a body being transported to this location, or it was kept here for a while. That is the indication that exists, there was no blood here, contrary to what was found behind the sofa, and there is the marking that a cadaver was here [indicating the wardrobe shelves].

Martin Grime
Dog Handler

26.34 – The dogs’ investigation continues. They inspect several vehicles, and they only alert to the car that was hired by the McCanns 23 days after Madeleine’s disappearance. Eddie alerts that the car key and the boot had been in contact with a dead body.

27.01 – Keela discovers organic traces for analysis in the boot.

27.23 – The dogs’ reaction is revealing. These dogs have never failed in over 200 cases. The dogs marked two spots in the house: The wardrobe in the parents’ bedroom, and behind the living room sofa.

27.40 – They also signalled the car, that had been rented by the McCanns 23 days after the facts, as well as Kate’s clothes and Madeleine’s soft toy.

27.58 – How was it possible to find a soft toy with cadaver smell in a bed that was not marked by the dogs, and with no indications of Madeleine having slept in it? The dogs’ work could hardly be more revealing.

28.31 – Two weeks ago, there was a radical change in the investigation, tiny traces of blood were found in the apartment. When you heard that the police had found blood in the apartment, how did you react?

29.23 – This is the turnaround in the investigation. The abduction theory becomes less likely than the child’s death. The parents, friends and relatives become suspects.

29.33 – The hypothesis that little Madeleine is dead has somehow gained some consistency.

29.40 – The collected samples are sent to an expert lab in the UK, the Forensic Science Service, in Birmingham. The analyses’ results start being targeted by speculation. The Times is the first newspaper to announce that some of the preliminary results of the analyses on some of the collected material didn’t match Maddie’s DNA, prompting a denial from the lab.

30.20 – Journalist Duarte Levy was one of the authors of this article. He asserts that there were other preliminary reports that identified Madeleine’s blood in the samples, and that were put aside.

Duarte Levy

30.32 – For the ‘Times’, we – I say ‘we’ because I worked with Paulo Reis and David Brown – the first article that we wrote was about the blood traces that had been found on the apartment’s wall, and we published that the blood was not Madeleine’s. It was an article that raised some problems, in terms of the FSS’s organisation, but that didn’t prevent us from accessing other preliminary and final reports. At a given time, we had access to a report that was signed by more than ten FSS professionals, which stated the existence of a correspondence of 17 out of 19 alleles in the case of Madeleine McCann. To us, there was more than enough data to state that this was Madeleine’s blood.

31.23 – In order to understand the analyses that were made, we went to the Forensics Institute in Coimbra, where presently similar analyses are carried out, using the Low Copy Number method. When the samples were collected at the Ocean Club apartment, and from the car that had been rented by the McCanns, they were sent to the lab, where the samples were then prepared. Later on, the DNA quantity that existed in the collected material was evaluated. Because the quantity was very small, the Low Copy Number method was used.

31.55 – The samples were increased, and then the DNA markers were signalled. This method has the advantage of working with very small amounts of DNA, but the results don’t always allow for a clear comparison between the victim’s DNA and the collected one. By artificially increasing the DNA quantity for analysis, we also amplify a set of data that can be confused with the markers.

32.24 – The final report that the FSS delivers to the investigation is not conclusive. It establishes that the collected samples may be from Madeleine McCann, but there is no certainty. The most significant is the material that was collected from the car that had been rented 23 days after the child’s disappearance. The preliminary reports mention a correspondence of 15 alleles out of 19, but the problem is that the analyses demonstrate that the material didn’t come from one sole donor, but from at least three.

32.58 – Professor Corte-Real, who met with the FSS experts, and saw the British scientists’ reports and work notes, explains this issue.

Dr Francisco Corte-Real
Vice President, National Forensics Institute

33.09 – When those 15 alleles are included in a mix, where beyond those 15 we can have another 30 or 40 alleles, that means that it includes biological material from several persons. And there it can be much more difficult, much more inconclusive, because we may have a mixture from several persons, including hypothetically, if that happens, we may have several persons from the same family, and that may even give us the idea, in a way, that a certain missing person may be included, and that is not conclusive.

33.46 – Despite the conclusions of the FSS reports, the investigative team’s conviction is not based exclusively on scientific evidence. A normal procedure within criminal investigations, which is explained to us by a reputed forensics medicine expert.

Dr João Pinto da Costa
Forensics Medicine Expert

34.02 – Criminal investigation is not only one aspect. The whole way of being, in terms of the suspect’s attitudes and behaviour, are fundamental, as fundamental as the biological analysis of blood, urine or any other situation. There are other elements that allow for corroboration.

34.29 – The McCanns are summoned for deposition at the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão. During that interrogation, they are made arguidos. Kate McCann refuses to answer all of the questions, and Gerald McCann repeatedly denies the investigators’ conclusions, defending his innocence, and his wife’s.

Carlos Pinto de Abreu
McCanns’ Laywer

34.47 – Today, Kate and Gerry McCann were made arguidos.

34.52 – Their behaviour was a distant behaviour. For example, when they, especially Gerald McCann, when they are shown the dogs’ movie, he didn’t even want to look at the television, saying that it had no value, and that it didn’t show proof of his daughter’s death, and that to him, his daughter was alive.

35.12 – When the McCanns leave the Polícia Judiciária, the Portuguese public opinion starts to turn against them. The Portuguese and British investigators are now convinced that the little girl was the victim of an accident. She died in the apartment and someone made the body disappear.

35.30 – That was assumed by the entire investigation team, which consisted of Portuguese and English people. In September 2007, that is the major conclusion drawn from the investigation. I remind you, concerning that issue of inconclusive tests, that there is an ongoing case in the USA, involving a mother and a missing three-year-old, where there is also cadaver odour in the car boot, and an incomplete DNA profile of the child, and the mother has been arrested for trial, or has already been tried.

36.24 – The investigation’s change of direction prompts the McCanns’ return to the UK. The family, that had always refused to abandon Portugal without clarifying their daughter’s disappearance, decides to return home. The images of the McCann family’s return go around the world. When he sees this image of Gerald McCann carrying one of the twins, Irishman Martin Smith says he recognises in the stance and the manner of holding the child, the man whom he crossed on the night that Madeleine disappeared. He goes to the local police, and gives a statement.

36.59 – It was exactly the same manner and appearance of the man that he saw on the night that Maddie disappeared.

37.04 – The McCann family’s representative, a former spokesman for English prime minister Gordon Brown, pushes all suspicions aside.

Clarence Mitchell
McCann family’s Spokesman

37.42 – Kate McCann’s diary, which was accessed by the investigation, is clear about the importance of such political support. Gordon Brown phones the couple several times, as the diary shows on the 23rd of May.

37.57 - The Disarmed Investigation

38.01 – The McCann case has always worried both countries’ political authorities, even leading Prime Minister Gordon Brown to speak about it with his counterpart, José Sócrates, during the Lisbon summit.

38.15 – The British press repeatedly attacked the Portuguese investigation. Following a reply from Gonçalo Amaral to a former British detective, in an interview to Diário de Notícias, the Polícia Judiciária’s national director dismissed the investigation’s coordinator, with the Justice Minister’s support.

Alípio Ribeiro
PJ’s National Director

38.34 – I’m not going to comment on that matter.

38.36 – But you confirm that he was replaced in the case?

38.37 – Yes. Substituted as the leader.

38.39 – Why?

38.40 – I can’t comment on that now.

38.41 – Was it because of the statements that were published today?

Alberto Costa
Justice Minister

38.44 – It’s an act that belongs to the national director of the Polícia Judiciária, that I approve.

38.48 – Did you influence this dismissal?

38.50 – I don’t want to say anything further about this matter.

38.53 – Gonçalo Amaral is sent back to the headquarters in Faro, and forced to abandon the McCann case investigation.

38.59 – Before I left, someone came to me, I’m not saying who, with a speech about investigations that don’t end, investigations that don’t end in the way that we desire, that do not succeed, and that if this investigation was archived, or if the investigation was dropped, nobody would question it much, or raise any problems about it.

39.26 – Paulo Rebelo is nominated to direct the investigation. He hurries to visit Aldeia da Luz, and to observe the locations where Madeleine McCann disappeared from, showing his intention to carry out the process until its end. A set of rogatory letters are sent to the UK for the interrogation of the witnesses in the process. There is an attempt to schedule a reconstruction. Some witnesses are never questioned again in Portugal, like the Smith family, who said they saw Gerald McCann carrying a child in his arms, towards the sea, at around 10 p.m. on the 3rd of May 2007.

40.04 – The witness who lived near the McCanns’ second home, in Aldeia da Luz, who says she witnessed an uncommon fact about the McCanns’ hire car, where the dogs detected cadaver odour and remains that may belong to Maddie, was not heard, either. This neighbour has signed a document authorising the broadcast of her deposition that identifies her, but fearing threats and pressures, she doesn’t show her face.

40.30 – This is an interesting matter, when I left the Criminal Investigation Department in Portimão, in October 2007, nothing was known about this vehicle, about this issue of the open car boot. We knew that inside the vehicle cadaver odour and bodily fluids had been found, where Madeleine McCann’s DNA profile was extracted from, with 15 alleles. Months later, there is a jurist, who lives nearby, who came to report that after the McCanns arrived at this villa, they saw the car boot open from then on.

41.09 – I drive down this street every day to turn my car around at that end, and every time that I passed the house, and I looked at the car, and the car always had an open boot door, day or night. I often passed at night, and always verified it. It was a fact, I reported it, and that was it.

41.33 – It’s important to report the following: that lady, that jurist, was never heard at the Polícia Judiciária because her deposition was not considered to be relevant, which is strange. While she was not heard, while a rogatory letter was sent to England, relatives of Gerald and Kate McCann came out to say that they had transported, inside this car boot, food from the supermarket, namely a meat package that leaked blood.

42.09 – The great question is how the family heard about the witness, despite the fact that she was not heard by the PJ, and tried to reply to the observed facts.

42.18 – Only a few months later, the investigation is closed. Gonçalo Amaral resigns from the police, writes a book about the case and accepts to return to 5A at the Ocean Club, to demonstrate his conviction that Madeleine McCann died inside this apartment on the 3rd of May 2007.

42.37 – The family’s spokesman accuses him of being an opportunist, who is merely interested in making money.

43.11 – Contrary to what Mr Clarence Mitchell says, I used my knowledge in the investigation, and thus can state with all certainty that Madeleine was not abducted. Just verify the location of the facts, like we are going to, right away.

43.25 - Final Evidence

43.28 – With the help from one of the major experts from the Scientific Police, who worked for the Polícia Judiciária, Alexandre Simas, Gonçalo Amaral intends to prove, first, that it was impossible for the child to be abducted, starting by demonstrating that the indications prove that the apartment’s window and door were not forced.

43.47 - How does one open a door like this, without the key?

Alexandre Simas
Expert (Former Polícia Judiciária)

43.51 – This type of apartment door, normally there are only three possibilities: to extract the lock’s cannon, which didn’t happen, or it would have been reported; a false key, a copy or one that was used without permission; or using a malleable material, as long as it’s not locked, it’s introduced, and it makes the lock go back inside. But when it goes in, even if it did, it would hit this screw. If it hits the screw, no matter how much I force it, it doesn’t jump to open the lock for me.

44.33 – If the door wasn’t opened without a key, the window doesn’t bear any traces of having been forced, either.

44.40 – These windows have a very good characteristic to check if they were forced or not. Being made of lacquered aluminium, any screwdriver, any instrument that is used to make the lock jump, immediately leaves a mark. What we can see here, there is no break-in, the mark that is there belongs to the lock itself as it rotates, sometimes one does this with the lock in place, and it hits there. So, to open this window, all we have to do is this. To close it, it’s impossible, because either one has a magnet on his fingers to pull the window…

45.18 – Another important fact is revealed by the fingerprints that are left on the bedroom window, which the McCanns insist they left closed, and is supposedly found open when the mother notices her daughter is missing. The only fingerprints that are found belong to Kate McCann, and reveal that they were made by opening the window.

45.42 – These three indications mean that there was no abduction, and that is proved. No abductor entered apartment 5A, through the door or through the window.

45.54 – Finally, it was impossible for anyone to leave with the child through the window on his own, without supporting himself on the bed, and leaving traces of abrasion on the window.

46.03 – If I carry a child in my arms, a package, in this case, the window is already open, I have to walk through here, and then I have to place my feet here, I can’t…

46.15 – We tried to prove this difficulty, taking a child through the window, keeping everything the way it was found: the beds, without a trace of being stepped on, and no signs of abrasion on the window sill. It seems to be practically impossible for one single abductor, like the one that Jane Tanner saw, carrying the child on the street.

46.37 – Let’s review: First, the front door and the window were not forced. Second, the window was opened by the mother. Third, it’s impossible for a lone abductor to carry out the child without leaving traces on the beds and on the window.

46.53 – Adding this to the traces that were detected by the dogs, and the sighting that was made by the Smiths, we have a completely different probable scenario. Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A, and her body was concealed.

47.12 – What do these leads tell us? What means that which the dogs detected, and what can be established about what happened on the 3rd of May 2007?

47.24 – It is behind the sofa, in front of the middle section of the window, that cadaver odour and human blood with Madeleine McCann’s profile is traced. It’s the only place inside the apartment where the findings coincide: human cadaver odour and blood. So, within a policeman’s logic, this is where death may have taken place.

47.49 – What happened to Maddie? There is an hypothesis that can explain all known clues. The child woke up at night, heard her father talking below the living room window, climbed on the sofa, fell and hit her head. The fall, and the possible use of Calpol on the children, by the parents, to keep them asleep while they dined, may have provoked Madeleine’s death.

48.40 – The habit of using Calpol on the children was confirmed by Kate’s father. Later, a man, whom the Smiths identified as Gerald McCann, carried the child towards the beach.

48.55 – What I know tells me that Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A on the 3rd of May 2007. I am certain that this truth will be established some day. The investigation was brutally interrupted, and a political and hurried archiving took place. There are some people who hide the truth, but sooner or later the varnish will crack and the revelations will appear. Only then will there be justice for Madeleine McCann.

49.25 – The mystery persists. The former inspector believes that some day, the truth will be known. For the time being, all we know is that on the 3rd of May 2007, Madeleine McCann disappeared in Praia da Luz. She was three years old, and she was a happy child.


  1. Why have you disabled copy function? Don't you want this case discussed anywhere else?

  2. This case,the case of a little girl who has gone in more than strange circumstances,makes me swing from anger to extreme sadness for her.
    I wish from the depth of my heart that justice is made to her,a little girl who has been silenced and has lost her voice for ever.
    I can only thank Gonçalo Amaral for his determination in finding the truth and being her voice.Thank you to all, the people who days after days are committed to her cause and the cause of all the other silenced children.
    Justice is for everybody,not only for some privileged people.
    This is what Madeleine teaches us from her silence.
    It is very important to carry on fighting for her as it will serve the cause of too many other unfortunate children.
    Thanks Joana and Astro for your daily work.
    Justice for Madeleine

  3. Thank you both so very much for what I'm sure was no small task.

    I have it printing as we speak, reading the transcript as I watch the film is more than I could have hoped for.

    Muitas graças, muitos beijos.

  4. Anonymous said...
    Why have you disabled copy function? Don't you want this case discussed anywhere else?

    16/04/09 09:25
    THIS is Joana"s blog and she does what she wants.
    Dont you worry! This case is discussed in many other places,everywhere in the world.
    Are you more concerned by a "copy & paste" thinggie than the REAL issue?What bitterness......

  5. How embarrassing, "on the printer as we speak" was said with a little licence as I was about to do so after I had left my comment.

    I can quite understand why the copy function is disabled, I have no problem accepting that.

    Thank you both again.

  6. Anonymous at 09:25,

    Joana and Astro had a hard time doing this transcript, I'm sure they lost many of their sleep hours, so I suggest that rather than "stealing" their work to lazyly and effortlessly publish it elsewhere, just mention the web adress for this blog on any other discussion forums and read it here!

  7. Sorry for the disable copy/paste function, it's just a temporary situation, yet comments are open in the blog and you can discuss the transcript either here or at the 3 Arguidos.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    A good day to you all.

    Astro & Joana

  8. Good grief Joana and Astro - thank you very much for all your hard work getting this transcript done!

    You both deserve a medal! xx

  9. How sad, sat here crying at the reconstruction of how she died, sickening and what is so sad is she was looking for her father whos voice she heard, while meanwhile he is more concerned with pissing it up.
    But please someone explain this or it will drive me mad, if she died when Gerry was talking to jez, when did kate become aware Madeleine was dead? why her clothes showing traces and not Gerrys? Why is kte more suspected than Kate? How the hell did Kate get over what must have been told to her in publis without showing any reaction?

  10. Bom Dia!!

    Caras Joana & Astro, será que vocês me dão autorização para usar a vossa tradução, para criar a legendagem do documentário? Nessa mesma legenda, constariam os vossos nomes. Digamos que a diferença, é que este texto passa a estar divido em linhas, aparecendo na imagem ao mesmo tempo como se tratasse de uma legendagem para um filme.


  11. Esqueci-me de esclarecer que se trata de passar a vossa tradução para um ficheiro em ".srt", sincronizando o texto com os dialógos que estamos a ver na imagem (ume legendagem portanto), visto que tenho um programa que faz isso, desde que se sincronize. No inicío e fim, colocaria o seguinte texto "Legendagem por Joana & Astro".


  12. FSoares, agradecia contacto por email. Obrigada.

  13. If Maddie died when she heard her dad's voice outside when he was talking to Jez, where did the cadaver scent come from?

  14. This documentary is pathetic and full of inconsistencies.
    Astro and Joana, thank you for making it so obvious that there is no case against the McCanns and that Amarals theory has more holes than a swiss cheese!
    For once, this blog is of some kind of use.

  15. Thank you both so much for all the time and effort that's gone into translating the documentary.

  16. Anon 11.18:
    Inconsistencies?No my friend,FACTS!!!
    That's why it bothers you so much. That's why those disgraced mccanns will never sue Amaral, he is only telling the truth and besides the word court scares them to death.
    You can't do anything to stop people from watching it.6 millions all over the world have already seen it.Several foreign tv channels intend to by it.Everyone will finally be able to see the truth about the lie.Deal with it.

  17. Anonymous said...
    "This documentary is pathetic and full of inconsistencies"

    Have you sold your sole to the devil (McCann)or are you the devil himself (McCann) or their pink devil.

    All Astro and Joana and the other people who have NOT sold their soul want is justice for Madeleine, which you do not seem to understand. it's not about Amaral or the McCanns/Pinky, its about a littel girl who either has been thrown in the sea, buried or burnt, she was just 3 years old, and her father says 'find the body and charge us'. have you not got a space in your heart for justice,so that maybe she can be layed to rest.
    Besides, why naging so much about the "case against" them if they are innocent? If the McCanns were innocent, they would request the services of the British police force which has far more resources than a lone detective or a Spanish agency. Because they have not made this request on behalf of their missing daughter, I am convinced they are seriously involved in Madeleine's demise. The McCann has failed to request the services of a missing child's country, maybe you should made this request if you are so convinced that there is " no case against them"...

  18. My happy day. I just met English neighbours here in Holland who warned their families in England an Scotland about Amaral's program
    on www.sosmaddie,of Duarte Levy's.
    Their families commented that the pictures are enough to understand what happened, specially the last video. They are warning people around in the UK.
    Thank you, dear Amaral.

  19. Astro and Joana, thank you so much for all your hard work.

  20. I would like to point out, regarding the process and the investigation which is presented in this documentary, that Madeleine's was last alive seen alive at 17:30 pm corroborated by other witness statements, the crèche workers.

    Madeleine's death after that hour and the subsequent findings of the ERVD dogs fit Amaral's theory.

  21. The Mccanns doc. is being altered in reply to some facts showed in Mr. Amaral's doc.
    Now have a look at this, I took the liberty to copy from "the 3 arguidos":

    "In case you missed it before:

    http://www.independentproducerhandbook. ... lines.html

    The opening paragraph states:

    Channel 4 has a bond of trust with its audience and a duty to ensure that viewers are not deceived or misled by our programmes. This bond must not be broken and, if it is, the most serious consequences will follow. Channel 4 will not hesitate to take appropriate action against production companies and programme-makers who deceive our viewers and/or the Channel and this may include refusing to work with them.
    Programme-makers must never stage, construct, reconstruct, re-enact or otherwise fake any scenes of actuality and pass them off to viewers or to Channel 4 as the real thing.

    That is as clear as you can get - if Mentorn are allowed to try to misrepresent facts, in order to project a pro-TM message, then someone at C4 needs their a*** booted."

    Start flooding Channel4 with emails!

  22. As a reader of the 3 arguidos forum, something I read there revived my memory to a fact:
    Madeleine is a WOC(ward of court), so it means, I suppose that any actions taken concerning her must be sanctioned by the court. Maybe I'm wrong,I don't know exactly what the status of being a WOC implies.Who is the ultimate responsible and who's in charge of any actions to be made concerning Madeleine( for instance, to make the poster campaign, did her parents had to ask the court's permission, or are the entitled to do as they please in regard to Madeleine?). It would be interesting to read some investigation on this matter, I can't recall it ever having been done. I have Mr. Levy in mind, he would be just the person to do it, he has an invaluable "nose" for finding difficult things.

  23. This documentary should be titled "Amaral: A Pack of Lies".
    Shame on you all, a little girl is being held captive somewhere, what would you do if you was her parent's? Nothing? Wait for the imbecile PJ's to do something?
    I hope God forgives you. Madeleine needs to come home to her parent's. Stop harassing her parents.

    1. PMSL. Are you for real or have you now changed your mind about the sainted McCanns? The PJ's were not imbeciles for your information either.

    2. He was wrong about the abductor not being able to escape thru the open window with maddy. All he would have needed is an accomplice outside that window and pass maddy to him.:-[

  24. Sory, forgot to add to my previous WOC post:

    If Madeleine is a ward of court, and of course she is still missing, why hasn't the court taken any action to demand an oficial investigation to be resumed by the british police?How can the judge in charge not take any actions? Does the court abide by the parents decision of using private investigations only? This and many other little details make me very curious of how this WOC "thing" works, what it means...
    Sorry for bugging you with my ignorance on this, but I'm just so confused about so many strange aspects of this "saga".

  25. Joan, if the P.J. are "imbeciles" as you (and Gerry) seem to think, then why do the parents not ask for a proper bonafide investigation from the "highly competent and professional" british police? Do you not think this is a bit strange? Are we to believe that the british police are imbecils too,useless and not to be trusted? Why in your opinion they prefer to use private investigators, of dubious character and competence(but very expensive), to "search" for their daughter? Why have they always done their best to keep any police force at bay? From their actions one can only conclude that the last thing they want is for the police, any police, to be involved in the search for Madeleine.
    How do you justify this?


  26. Joana, Astro, Universe,
    thank you for this terrible lot of work.
    This is giving us a lot of hope.
    Who knows, an american channel will buy it and broadcast it to the UK. I continue insisting on a channel in Ireland or who knows Euro News. There must be a way.

    Anonymous 11.18,
    you are worried, aren't you?
    Why don't you sue Amaral?

    Anonymous 10.53,
    Amaral is careful about estimating time of death and very careful telling us.
    He knows better than he is telling.
    For everybody it is more than obvious that the child died much before 9.05 pm.
    And it seems that the PJ suspected the mother, for some reason.
    Amaral hopes for a opening of the process, that is why he says it was an accident at 9.05pm.
    But he know it wasn't.

  27. Joan, 14.14,

    you're worried, aren't you?

  28. Joan, and gerry's "documentary" should be called "The biggest farce of all times"

    Joan, I think you're one of them but let me tell you this in case I'm wrong:
    Madeleine is not being captive, she died 2 years ago.Her parents, aided by their friends and the english government (and by some misterious reason), hid her body and staged the abduction.And since then, they have been spreading their lies and accusations all around the world,pretending to be the victims of this sordid case.Shocking, isn't it?But unfortunately it's the truth.If you know all this and still believe and defend them then I'm afraid you're the imbecile one.

  29. Excelente trabalho.Parabéns.

  30. Joana & Astro,

    THANK YOU!!!

    God bless.

  31. Thursday, 16 April 2009
    Gallery Thirty Nine
    In reply to Goncalo Amaral's documentary, Gerry McCann alters his script.

    Eis 1 das modificações: em galeria perto dos mcs.


  32. Thank you both for your invaluable work in making sure that information about this case is widespread and complete. Justice for Madeleine!

  33. This documentary should be titled "Amaral: A Pack of Lies".
    I am proud on you all, a little body is being held somewhere, and they do not say nothing about the place.
    The PJ's are a must!

    Madeleine needs to rest in peace and SHE WANT JUSTICE TO HER. SHE WISH THAT BIG MAN NOT FORGET HER.
    Stop harassing the ANGELS.
    I hope God forgives you, j+o+a+n?

    Hommer Bart Lancelot Simpson Pain.

  34. Shame on you. Shame on you for perpetuating the Lie from Gonzalo Ameral. Shame on you for giving up on Madeleiene. Shame on you for harrassing her parents. SHame on you!!!

  35. It is nice when we can copy,paste and change.

    If we can change what hapenned to unhappy Maddie....

  36. I´m proud on you. Proud on you for perpetuating the truth from Gonçalo Amaral,his point of view.
    Proud on you for not forget Maddie!.
    Proud on you for support her .

    We are proud on you!!!

    Karen and Dwight. P.

  37. We all must pray for her soul.
    It was a violent end. And her spirit ,soul,is not in peace an she not understand yet that her life was finished.

    Manc Hester

  38. I agree,we must pray for her,poor child.

    Dig Ital Spy Couk

  39. Huge thanks to dear Joana & Astro and also to Gonçalo Amaral, a man of steadfast courage and integrity.

  40. mas como podem eles " responder " a um documentário que segundo o seu ( deles ) porta voz não se dignaram ver ???

    cambada de ALDRABÕES !!!!!

    é que mentem com quantos dentes teem na boca !!! IRRA QUE É DEMAIS !!!!



  41. The mccanns changing the scenario of their documentary?
    I could not find it.

  42. Maria Lopes, mais do que aldrabões, este casal montou uma fraude à escala global.
    A quantidade de pessoas que se viram envolvidas, muitas delas por excesso de boa vontade, e tantas figuras públicas, tanto político, com tanto a perder, que vai ser muito difícil provar a extensão total deste conjunto de crimes.
    Há-de-se fazer justiça, talvez em breve, mas nem que leve anos, estaremos cá para ver esta fraude monstruosa ser desmontada, e todos os cúmplices sentados no banco dos réus.
    Haja fé.

  43. Thank you Joana, Astro and Goncalo Amaral.

  44. The UK needs to see this documentary. Its not ok not to show both sides of a story. The British people need to hear the other version. They have been fed only the McCanns side of things for almost two years. It is enough.
    Thank you Joana, Astro, Gonzalo, for your hard work, for fighting for the truth to be told, wherever the truth leads us.
    And I mean that.

  45. Gerald made a little mistake: to underestimate the Portugueses. Suddenly he got a power he was not used to and he used it wrongly.
    He went too far.
    Now he got a reply from Amaral: the truth.
    The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
    And the truth is already winning.

    We don't hear anything from Bennett right now.
    I wonder what is he doing.

  46. Anon, documentaries are the fashion now. Bennett must be making his own doc... ;)

  47. Joanna, Astro, thank you & congrats for a job bloody well done!!!

    We have to get this out into the greater British public.

  48. Could I just state the obvious?

    Great, great, great work guys!


  49. I hope Bennett is making his own documentary.
    I would like to read his comments on Amaral's film.
    Hi there, Mr. Bennett!
    Some comments?
    Thank you.
    By the way my daughter ordered for Mr. Bennetts book this week(or last week).
    From Holland.

  50. Thank you for this, and all you do on behalf of that poor let-down little girl.
    It's very much appreciated.

  51. Mccann's Team is loosing the control. JOAN ARE YOU JANE TANNER OR MITCHEL? Mccann's businness is almost over. They smell the pounds, then the euros and now they are trying the dollar. Monkey Mitchel said they are meeting Oprah without getting a little Dollar. He is true, will be a big Dollar not a little dollar, but this time he did a bad work: Portugal have one of the biggest community of emigrants in the USA and they already spreaded into all neighbours what the investigation achieved in Portugal: THE CASE WAS SHELVED WITH A STAMP SAYING THAT MADDIE IS DEAD AND SOMEBODY HIDE HER BODY. All the Americans are going to watch the Mccanns with same feeling that the portuguese and most of the british watch them - TWO BIG CLOWNS WHICH GET SO MANY VIP INVOLVED ON THEIR CIRCUS and now most of this VIP go away silently because they dont want to publicly admit that they are mocked by a pair of middle class doctors. IS a question of saving their own reputation and not a question of Mccann's real support. The same hapen with most of media in UK. Do you remember O. J. Simpson? Where he was and where he is now? Even Mitchel will go away one day and they will fall deep, deep, into misery. Joan, or Jane or Kate, if the documentary is pathetic and Goncalo Amaral Imbecil, go to your very competent British police. They have a large experience with missing childs, ask them to look for little Madeleine. I'm sure you will get again the help of PJ, europol, interpol, same as before from Praia da Luz, trough your very qualified british police. But this time you will have to run away from earth because they are going to run after you with accomplishements from Mr G. Brown and a big repport signed by FSS. Your world is feeded with hipocrisy. Shame on you!!!

  52. Bem se o Gerry vai alterar o documentario para responder a G. Amaral, entao o que foi fazer a Praia da Luz nao foi a reconstituicao da noite de 3 de Maio mas sim um filme de manipulacao da opiniao publica. Mais um crime, mais uma prova contra eles, mais uma versao feita para acomodar dados novos. As reconstituicoes nao podem ser alteradas e por estas atitudes ve-se que ele e o seu Porta-voz, sao bons actores, mentem bem mas nao percebem nada de investigacao criminal. Estao a enterrar-se com a bencao de Mitchel e a assinatura do Channel 4. Tenhamos paciencia, que o grande circo ainda esta para chegar e vai desfazer-se em directo na arena. Desempregados do Ocean Club procurem um advogado Vip e comecem a processar os Mccann porque terao o respeito de milhares de pessoas no mundo e a bencao de Madeleine.

  53. It was no indication at Madeleine having slept in her bed... so probobly Madeline died before the McCanns left the apartement (20:40) for dinner and put her body in the wardrobe (cadaver odour in the wardrobe of the McCanns’ bedroom)and Gery moved her body from the apartment before Kate raised the alarm...

  54. "and Gery moved her body from the apartment before Kate raised the alarm..." OR

    Car russel(he spend a lot of time out of dinner....)Who Knows that?
    What will be his role?

  55. Sabemos que a ficção será transmitida no início de Maio no talk show de Oprah Winfrey.

    Não parece que seja a 2 de Maio.
    Onde se juntarão eles para recordar o desaparecimento definitivo da FILHA?

    Parece que a partir de 7 Maio será retransmitido a um nível global.
    Diz-se que o mc g. já alterou o guião para defesa da tese dele.

    E,penso eu,que será capaz de alterar ainda mais, depois da comemoração/conferência a realizar a 2 de Maio.

  56. A transmissão da entervista dos McCann na Oprah é a 4 de Maio, uma segunda feira, nos USA.

    Dia 7 de Maio pelo channel 4 'a mentira da mentira' dos McCann, no UK.

  57. Boa!

    As mentiras da ignóbil mentira ou como empatar a Justiça com toda a arrogância.

  58. I hope mccanns will dig a hole for themselfs, so deep, that they can't crawl out anymore.

    Thank you, Joana, Astro and last but not least, Mr. Amaral

  59. Thank's Joana and astro for the translation and Mr. Amaral for making this.
    It needs more translation in german, french, spanish..
    And perhaps, one day,there is justice for a little british girl, who has no voice...

  60. Speaking about the cadaver scent behind the sofa and in the cup board, Madeleine must have died before the parents left to the Tapas.It takes 1.50/2.00 hours to get the cadaver scent. Decomposition of a child's body goes slowly.The body must have stayed a longer time behind the sofa and in the cup board.Even carryind the corpse for a few minutes, the dogs did not identify
    any of Gerry's clothes.Probably there was not enough time to catch the scent. But Kate must have held the corpse in her arms for a longer time, saying good-bye.That's why there was cadaver scent in her clothes.Whatever happened, guilty or not, this must have been a terrible moment for Kate.On a video I saw an ex-dog specialist telling that 20 minutes on a place would be enough to leave a cadaver scent.90 minutes before scent starts + 20 minutes behind the sofa+20 minutes in the wardrobe+20 minutes in Kate's arms. and in the most fast possibility 132 minutes and that means 2 hours and 20 minutes.She could have died at 7.40 pm. But I think she died before 7.40pm. We may not forget that they still had to find a Tapas 10, organise the hiding of the body, convince Tapas 10 about an accident, to convince England, etc. and to discuss what Tapas 9 would tell the police.This takes time specially because they had to improvise.Not possible Maddie falling down at 9.10 pm and the Smiths seeing her being carried at 10.00 pm, and the apartment with a cadaver scent.
    Besides Tapas 9 had to solve David Payne's problem.The best was to show he had a baby monitor, never left the table, had nothing to do with the case, never checked on any child.And he is Gerry's best friend! In my opinion he saw Maddie dying, he knows what happened.That is why he had a monitor.I believe the rest had also a monitor and they hid it.
    The PJ and Amaral are not stupid.
    Amaral is not telling everything in his documentary.Keeping what they know for when the process opens again.And why was the PJ suspecting Kate? They know what we don't know.

  61. But I agree with anonymous that you shouldn't disable the copy function if you want this case to be discussed and known by more people

  62. I think the unlucky girl indeed died in some sort of accident while her parents were away. The parents panicked on discovery of her body, fearing arrest and prosecution in a foreign country, they managed to hide the body and get away with it.
    thereon the story took a life of its own and momentum carried it too far for truth to emerge.The political interference messed up the investigation further.
    Very sad end to a angel child !

    Sad indeed,

  63. I think the Smith's witness statements are the most important as they are completely independent of any other influence or motive. Unfortunately, it can't have been Gerry McCann carrying the child they saw because Kate was returning to him and their friends at the tapas bar at exactly the time they reported. However, the child could have been Madeleine and although this is a police lead, it has never been publicised by the McCann's PI's in the same way many other leads have. Why is that if they only want to find Madeleine?

  64. Most interesting to read. From the start I have felt Kate caused the accident/death and Gerry covered up. Eventually someone is going to speak.
    Unfortunately here in the UK we cannot see or discuss and the book is now banned!

  65. Very interesting. The McCann's strange behaviour - 'praying at the feet of policemen' - both outside and again when the police entered the apartment.Was this a diversionary tactic while their daughter's body was hidden in the wardrobe just feet away?? Sniffer dogs later detected cadaver traces in the wardrobe.

  66. This article is essential good use of the internet because it tells me (a British Citizen) many useful facts which my government does not want me to know. It reveals just how good the local police investigation was, and I congratulate these people and this author for showing how much we here should respect their abilities. My father was a CID officer in Scotland, and this article's retired officer would be hugely respected by him. I therefore agree with this officer that one day, the truth will be revealed, and I am confident that it will tell a story of more than an abduction, because this officer's detection efforts show that there is more to the story than the media has allowed me to understand. I hope he sees the truth proved during his lifetime. He shows every sign of being a consciencious officer, and that conclusion would please him, I am sure. He has the interests of the little girl very much in mind. I wish him well. My name is Douglas Bennett. I need no anonymity.

  67. Great Article. Thanks for posting.
    I only have one question, why do the Mccanns keep trying to appear they are still looking for their daughter? I mean, if they indeed hid the body, wouldn't they stop looking for her, and just accept that she is kidnapped/death, as many other parents have done in the past when their children are abducted?

  68. I have always believed that the McCanns were either incredibly tragic or incredibly evil. Time will tell! Our fascination with this case will inevitably lead to the truth, and the fact that there is far more evidence here than some notorious convictions gives hope that the truth will out one day.

  69. Is it possible to identify the members of the Freemasons involved in this case.

    Freemasons protect one another

  70. The mystery is: what happened to the body of Maddie?

    Given the time frames discussed in the documentary, how did the McCann's manage to conceal/remove the body at/from the scene?

  71. Madeleine is dead and the truth must 'out', Gerry and Kate have guilt written all over their faces.Any mother who was missing a child would NEVER wash their beloved's cuddly toy. A mother would want to keep the child's smell alive forever- after all there may be nothing more!

  72. @ posting 60.

    Yes; I think you are close to the truth there. Something I've been considering for some time: Everybody thinks Jane Tanner is lying. Maybe she isn't? Maybe she really DID see somebody, but at a different time to what she stated. The child in the drawing looks like it was asleep. Remember, she never said she saw Madeleine: Maybe she saw somebody who was taking their own child home who was genuinely asleep? The McCanns hearing of 'what Jane Saw' then jump on this 'sighting' as 'evidence' of Madeleine's abduction? I think it quite possible that the rest of the Tapas group genuinely don't know what happened to Madeleine. I think they were all so DRUNK that they had to go to bed and thus didn't have the energy to search. I reckon they don't want a reconstruction, because this would give the police an opportunity to view their statements and actions that night, which would again, likely destroy this 'abduction' nonesense they are trying to feed to the world. Do these people think the people of Portugal and the UK are stupid? We don't believe you.

  73. Great, finally someone is speaking the truth. It has always been obvious that the McCanns were involved in Madeleine's disappearance. To Joan, first get a life and second if the McCanns are so perfect explain why they left 3 small children unsupervised in a foreign country? At the very least they are guilty of neglect. Also if there was an abductor why werent the 2 younger children taken????

  74. I have just seen the news and I realise that some people reading this will think how could you say this about the McCann's. Well the thing is that I never have believed them from the start. They were too organised too unemotional. As a mum I can't imagine anything worse but it all just feels wrong to me. There are so many inconsistancies none of it feels normal. The testimony of Martin Smith for example. The whole thing about the DNA. The fact they even left the children like that in the first place and then instantly jumped to the conclusion they had been abducted-not just wandered off. They phoned around and started all the publicity going when most people would have been paralysed by fear. I think that something isn't right here-the case should be re-opened. I don't believe either of them. Mrs McCann's interviews are very suspicious she talks about it as an onlooker its just weird. Neither of them physically went looking for their daughter-wouldn't you as a parent? They have the most expensive lawyer paid for by the find madeleine fund. This fund is not a charity its been suporting their legal defence also. I would like the case re-opened I think that they are not telling the truth-goodluck Mr Amaral I hope you help get justice for poor little Madeleine.

  75. :)]You can copy it (any video, photo, text, including sound)with SNAP 3.
    Download from here for example:

    You can try it for free (for a while)and otherwise is not expensive to buy.

    Hope this helps!

    PS Courageous stuff Joana. Braaaavoo!

  76. I have an unfortunate connection with a minor (but key) 'witness' in this sorry tale. In the course of trying to sort out a separate pile of shit involving that damaged person, I have today come across all of this.

    The result is that I've spent most of the day reading. I have to say that I'm now fully convinced that the McCann's are complicit in their daughter's death.

    No evidence whatsover for abduction vs. reliable-witness evidence (dogs who got it right 200 times) for a dead body.

    It's as simple as that. Those bare facts simply back up what most healthy people seem to have sensed through their intuition from the very beginning.

    It's awful that this little girl is gone. What's even more awful is we live in a world in which the perversion of justice proceeds at full pace. Super-injunctions, Carter-Ruck? You who tried to gag press and parliament to protect the Trafigura criminals and over-paid Premiership philanderers? Go fuck yourselves.

    In this case, the courage of a few (thanks Joana) and the wisdom of the crowd will win the day.

  77. Always believed that Maddie was abducted & was out there somewhere, got hope when 'sightings' emerged in the media... Thought Amarel was doing exactly what the McCann's accused him of- trying to make money out of their daughter... Until I read what he had to say! I cannot believe that we (the British public) are being prevented from reading this book, I think we deserve the opposing view of a Police Officer with 27 years experience yet instead he is portrayed as a money making trouble maker!! His theory makes perfect sense- the more he says the less credible the McCanns seem to be...
    There are so many questions the McCanns will not answer, they should be made to, but instead they hire the most expensive lawyers & spin doctors & are afforded to continue this media circus
    I am a mother of 2 young children- I do not think Maddie was killed intentionally & any mother could sympathise with the pain Kate is going through if this was an accident ... However, the whole media spin to protect themselves and have the world praying for the safe return of their little girl, I think they have ruined any sympathy they would have received if they came clean from the start... If the case is never re-opened (& I hope it is to give Maddie the justice she deserves) then the McCanns should have the dignity to stop posting photographs of the poor little girl everywhere & halt this frenzied search will only seems to be covering over the beliefs of Amaral and the PJ,
    God Bless her xx

  78. I knew from the time that they ignored Police advice, to go public with her description and eye defect, something was not right. Who would do that?? If they want us to believe the abduction theory, how could they possibly behave in a way that could be the cause of her death?
    The only logical reply to that is....they knew she was ALREADY DEAD!!
    My sincerest thanks for the selflesness of Joana and Astro.
    God bless Madeleine.

  79. A simple lie detector (polygrpah test) for the McCanns and the rest of the party? If they have nothing to hide, they should be offering to take one to clear their names once and for ever.
    It will all come out in the end.
    God bless you Maddie x x x

  80. Reply to 81
    A lie detector test WAS IN DEED offered to the McCanns but their spokesman declined and said that such test would prove nothing.
    The plot thickens, LOL !

  81. I always believed the McCanns but reading the other side of the story has made me seriously reconsider the 'truth'. It hurts to admit it but there's reasonable justification for a high suspicion of the mccanns in the very least. However it happened, when and by whom, either way, it seems probable that she died there in that apartment. Sat here crying at my dismay that the McCanns may have an awful secret.

  82. gerry was the mastermind of whatever happened. the way kate refused to look at or turn to him in the television appearances immediately after maddie's dissapearance is significantly telling. parents acting after the loss of a child where they are equally hoping for the child's return plead with their eyes and draw support from each other. both of these had dead eyes and might as well have been sitting ten feet apart.

  83. Just a quick question. I have read and seen the account above but something bothers me.

    Madeline ,according to the above, must have died in the apartment and then been stored there. She died between leaving the creche and approx 9:30 that night. Very tight time line.

    How was the room cleaned and the body removed before the police arrived. Didnt the police smell the bleach etc. Also how did the cadaver and blood evidence end up in a rented car 20+ days later. When did the neighbour report the hatchback door open and was this logged by the police.

    I actually find it hard to believe that all their friends could be a part of this, this is really a strange case. The whole of Portugal was looking for this girl, papers photos etc and yet not a sign of her. Very suspicious.

  84. 85@ good morning, the timeline used in the documentary is based on the ones given by the Tapas 9. Since that timeline and its discrepancies were impossible to verify due to the refusal of the Tapas 9 in general to participate in a police reconstruction of that evening as requested by the police authorities, it's no wonder that you have that question, it's a question shared by many of us until today. One that can only be answered by the Tapas 9 themselves, not on statements i.e. on paper, but physically in situ.

  85. How come when Matt and Russell went to check the apartment he saw the twins but not Maddie and never raised the alarm? Instead he went to attend to his sick daughter? Did he not wonder where she was?
    My first thoughts when I heard the story were that as they were Doctors they were probably aiding the kids sleep by sedation...perhaps too much calpol? Have seen how one small spoon effects my 3 year old, makes him sleepy quickly. Why would Kates father have raised his concerns over the use of calpol? Did they have access to stronger sedatives being doctors? Bizarre

  86. This little girl could have been a doctor or a lawyer had she been alive today. I believe that Maddie is dead given the objective evidence found on the rented apartment; the cadaver scent that was verified by the trained dogs. I believe her death was accidental, too. I hope Kate and Gerry reveal the mystery someday as I have a feeling that they know what happened to their little angel.

    I wonder how the twins are taking this. Yes, they were just toddlers when this Maddie "abduction" happened but growing up with a missing elder sister could be hard on them.


  87. How very very sad. God bless little Madeline.
    If justice is not done in this world then God seeks it in the next.

  88. I think it is very sad the whole case but who are we too Judge, lets police the case and have the case re-opened all parties should welcome this.Two forces work together we have the best police force in the world.Met police have access to all English witnesses,this should be followed through, as time passes as do the memories and possible evidence.
    Phones,texs,contacts,connections all things that need to be looked at.Hope one day the persons/person responsible will be held accountable.
    Very clever translating that.Many thanks.

  89. I just came across this Blog, I found it very interesting and personally I do believe that Something else happened to Maddie, not an abduction. The facts are very clear, And the part about the dogs only confirms it. If maddie did fall down and bump her head and sadly died then thats obviously how the dog smelt the Odour as she would of been there for a period of time, Maybe they found her and moved the body to the wardrobe which is the second place the dog sensed the odour, then the body may have been moved outside when a ''stranger'' was sighted carrying a child and then into the boot of a car some days later, the 3rd place that the dog sensed an Odour.
    What I find interesting is that Jane saw a ''stranger'' carrying a child, knowing full well that they had all left there children alone, why did she not find it strange and maybe get closer to this person? I know I would of....But then again, Id never leave 3 children alone in a foreign country - that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and yet the Mccanns have been allowed to keep there twins, Completely disgusting! Clearly irresponsible parents and To be honest murderers! The Author of ''Maddie, The truth of the lie'' and Man responsible for the documentary Is switched on and I fully respect his means for wanting to publish that book! I still cant understand how people think she was taken away after all these reports and evidence that suggest otherwise, Here we have cold facts to state that an abduction was impossible and evidence of cadaver odour and blood containing traces of maddies profile speak for themselves.
    Also, There are several body language experts that are very well known for solving alot of murder cases etc that refuse to work on this case, Apparently the reason for this is because its to well known media-ise and the involvement from polictal parties also prohibites this...This does surprise me though, I thought if it was being looked at by the secret service in portugal then they would of involved the FBI and any body language experts working with them could of studied this case. I do hope that eventuallythey do as I for one believe this should be taken over as a different case other than an abduction case. Well done for this post, It has been an interesting read and the people commenting you for being sick need to look at the bigger picture and what the evidence shows, I cant beleive that even after the dog reports they did not class this as sufficient evidence! In any other case a blood particle showing profiles of the victim would be classed as high evidence!I hope we all find out what happened to Maddie, maybe one day it will become clear, and on that day i hope Kate and Gerald mccann are burned on the stake.

  90. These acusations are heartless and ridiculous, you are nothing more than a fool if you believe anything of the abouve by this twisted man. The McCann's are a good Brittish family and If they had discovered Madeiline was lying on the floor after falling and hitting her head, they would have got her to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible, not buried her in the sea.

    I suggest everyone reads Kate McCann's recently published book, she loved her baby and I do not believe these harsh things being said against her and Gerry. Madeiline WAS abducted and losing a child is the most painful thing any parent could go through.

    Open your eyes.

  91. Anonymous 92, I advise you to pay a visit to the McCann PJ files, where you will be able to read the facts of the case and you will learn that the McCanns played a major part in Madeleine's disappearance.

    When you've read the facts of the case, go back to Kate McCann's book and read it again, but this time with your eyes wide open. Kate McCann said in a media interview, that she wrote this book for Madeleine and the twins, she said she hoped that wherever Madeleine was, she would be able to read the book. Bearing in mind that Madeleine was only 8yrs of age at the time the book was on sale.

    Read page 129 of this book and you will see that Kate McCann imagines Madeleine's perfect little genitals being violated, you will see where Kate McCann states that she and her husband had difficulty making love. If you think this is perfect reading material for a 16yr old let alone an 8yr old little girl, then it is you who is the fool.

    You state in your post, that Goncalo Amaral was making false accusations against the McCanns. Well Dr Amaral's successor has come to the same conclusion as Dr Amaral. The McCanns have taken out a lawsuit against Dr Amaral, but they haven't taken one out against his successor.

    The McCanns have already lost two cases against Dr Amaral, when they failed to have his book "The Truth of the Lie" permanently banned. The cases they lost were in the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court. Both Judges found in favour of Goncalo Amaral both times.

  92. The thing is, whilst Gerry and Kate's behaviour is suspicious, and questionable, counter arguements are full of holes, and do not make any sense.

    From one angle, this blog/article, suggests that the child hit her head and died. Yet also suggests drugging... which was it, a head injury or overdose?
    Second, the theory claims that Madeliene heard her dad talking, got up, fell, etc etc, but then there is no explanation for how the parents remained calm and didn't let it show that they had just discovered their child had died.
    Plus, if this was the case, then it would be neglect, manslaughter at most. Yet this whole page is seemingly implying the parents killed her DELIBERATELY.
    And then it keeps going back to the fact that Madeliene was last seen alive when she left the creche at 5:30pm... which again implies that she died earlier in the evening. But that then contradicts the theory of her getting up at 9:20ish and falling and banging her head. (Which is daft by the way, since if that had happened whilst Gerry was right outside, he would have heard, and actually, it's near impossible for a child to hit its head hard enough to die instantly, just from falling off a bed or a sofa... so many flaws in this theory!)

  93. The questions I have are: If it really was Gerry carrying Madeliene towards the beach at around 10pm, has this been 'verified'?... Because supposedly he was having food at the Tapas bar and Kate was checking on the children at around 10pm. So, surely the staff at the Tapas bar would be able to say 'yes he was there', or 'no, at around 9:50/10pm or when Kate raised the alarm, Gerry McCann was not there'.
    Because, if he had gone to the room, taken Madeleine, and walked away with her, he would have been absent for a substantial amount of time. If Mr Smith really DID see Gerry McCann carrying a child towards the beach at around 10pm, as he claimed, then Gerry McCann would have been missing from the Tapas bar and resort area at the time when Kate came back and told everyone that Madeliene was gone.

    Another hole, or flaw in this theory, is the insistance on bringing up the hire car, hired almost a month after Madeleine's disappearance.
    Why bring this up? The first implication or theory is that the parents either killed their daughter or else concealed her death, and that Gerry took her body to dispose of... by throwing her into the sea. Right. Overlooking the fact that Maddy's remains would most definitely end up surfacing and washing up somewhere.. if we are to believe this is how they concealed or disposed of their dead child, how does that tie in with the hire car?!
    Much more likely that the DNA found in the hire car either came from one of her siblings (their spit or blood... some reports say the DNA 'match' was as low as 40%, which could mean from a sibling, as siblings can have very similar DNA)... but say it was Madeliene's DNA in the car, it most probably came from a toy or piece of her clothing. Unless you are trying to imply that they somehow hid her rotting corpse for 25 days, in the hot Portugese sun, and then stashed her in the boot of the hire car?! It's laughable.

    That tiny traces of Maddy's blood was found in the apartment is also irrelevent. Kids scrape their knees, bust their lip, graze themself. I am sure that if forensics had gone over our holiday appartments they could have found traces of my childrens' blood. Not due to anything sinister, but because kids jump, and climb, and run. And they sometimes bleed. A grazed knee or stubbed toe barely registers, but will no doubt leave a trace of blood somewhere in the room! We always take a pack of plasters on holiday for this reason. We rarely need them, but on the other hand, I dont stick plasters over small grazes, only larger cuts.

    The dogs marking the scent of a corpse is also a dodgy one. How long does someone have to be dead for before they register as a 'corpse' or cadaver odour? What I mean is, the second someone stops breathing, does their scent become recognisable to a dog as a dead body? Or does the body take a while for the scent to change to that of a corpse? Because Madeliene was definitely alive at 5:30pm. And she was reported missing by 10pm. And the theory on here goes that she she woke, fell, and died, at around 9:20.. so if that is the case, her dead body would have been in the apartment for less than 30 minutes before Gerry alledgedly took her body off towards the beach.

    The other question is, if a person rubs against a wall, and leaves skin cells, when those cells die, do they register as 'cadaver odour'?

  94. It's the dosing them up on Calpol that gets me... I've been aware of parents who have used medicines to 'sedate' their children, and it's disgusting; I would expect Doctors to know better!
    Though having said that, one ex friend of mine is a nurse and takes a multitude of prescription & over-the-counter drugs, and her kids get fed calpol for every little thing. So I suppose it's possible the McCanns were also that way out. Maybe brainwashed by the industry into believing the 'medication' was safe. Or maybe it was ignorance or arrogance - they knew the risks but thought it wouldn't happen to them, to their children?

    I'm not entirely convinced of the McCanns innocence. But rather than it being murder or a head trauma etc, I think it's much more likely that they accidentally overdosed her on something.
    I remember reports soon after her disappearance where someone (Kate?) admitted that Madeliene had woken on previous nights, and had later asked her parents where they had been; that she'd woken up and they weren't there.
    With this in mind it is possible they gave her more medication that night to try to prevent her from waking up again whilst they were out.

    It's the potential sighting of Gerry carrying the child away from the apartment that is the biggest clue here though, in whether they are guilty or not. Either someone can vouch for his where-abouts at around 10pm time, or they can't. If he was at the Tapas bar when Kate came and said Maddy was gone, he could not have been carrying the child towards the beach at 10pm as claimed. And it would be pretty impossible to hide the body or dispose of it after alerting everyone of her disappearance, pressuming people started searching for her immediately.
    If Gerry was not seen at the Tapas bar or resort area at the time the Smith family claim they saw him, then it makes it much more credible that he was involved with her death or disappearance.

    I'd also like to know how come Kate supposedly told people Madeliene was gone shortly after 10pm, but it was a full 40 minutes before the authorities were informed.
    It is this alone which makes me doubt their innocence, because if it was me and my child, I know that first I would shout that she was gone, then I would start hunting for her, and get others to start searching the area, whilst I or someone else phoned the police! In their situation, the authorities would have been informed within minutes (less than 10 minutes) of discovering my child was not in her bed.
    I can't understand why they weren't contacted until 40 minutes after the child was discovered missing?!
    Unless of course it was to give Gerry time to take the body and hide it somewhere, and get back to the scene before police turned up. Which again goes back to the question, where was Gerry when Kate raised the alarm at 10pm? Was he there or was he also missing?

  95. They are guilty of giving the child an overdose of calpol to sedate her in order that they could go out and enjoy themselves. When they realised that if that came out it would destroy their careers they faked her abduction.

  96. What kind of parents leave young children alone just to go out and have a good time? Even worse, dosing them on sedatives. Their children seemed an imposition to their social lifestyle. The McCann's are obviously covering something up by their strange behaviour and if they are guilty, I hope it torments them forever and they never have peace of mind. I guess they can just prescribe themselves medications to cover their feelings though. One thing is certain, they don't hesitate to medicate their own children for their own benefit. How do they justify medicating healthy young children? I'm not a medical practitioner but I'm sure they would spin a health reason for doing so and have gullible, naïve people believe their many lies. I believe Goncalo Amaral's account of the events and his suspicions. I also sense that he is reluctant to disclose all the facts for fear of legal or political retribution. I respect him for speaking up. It is ridiculous to assume he is doing this for monetary purposes when he runs the risk of perhaps having his own life/welfare jeopardised. It is easy to observe that the McCann's behaviour is suspicious. Trained dogs with a history of success don't have any motivation to lie! There is enough truth and evidence to support justice being done but obviously higher sources want it buried. The reason behind that needs investigation.

  97. The behaviour of the parents in interviews from the start of this case was suspicious. Their refusal to cooperate with the Police is also peculiar. My belief is that Kate had problems dealing with a lively Maddie and she accidentally killed her. Gerry covered it up and the other Tapas group colluded in the abduction theory, because why else would they ensure their statements and timings married up, it's not normal behaviour. As to the cadaver scents, perhaps they stashed the body until they could get rid of it, I also believe the twins were drugged asleep. Cadaver smells in the car, perhaps from clothing etc used around the dead body. Horrible case, I don't know how parents live with the lie.

  98. How are the McCann's gaining so much power to hush everyone? Legal costs and suing people for alleged libel takes a lot of money. Are the McCann's using money from their search fund to pay for these legal costs? If so, the funds should be frozen and the British Police take over the investigation. Anyone who believes there is a right to free speech and opinion is kidding themselves. It appears that the McCann's are wasting time and money hushing people's opinions rather than searching for Maddie, the purpose of their campaign. Personally, I believe the Portugese police have done a thorough investigation and Goncalo Amaral's findings and hope for justice are being quashed. Perhaps one day we will learn the truth. What is it with the British, Victorian attitudes of hiding everything under the carpet (or perhaps the sofa in this instance) as if it doesn't exist. Maybe one day we will also learn the truth about beautiful Princess Diana's "accident". Hopefully, in the case of Maddie, the McCann's friends might realise they are accomplices to perhaps a crime and divulge any real facts that might progress or reopen the investigation. If they are covering up for the McCann's they are just as guilty and I hope their consciences, just like justice, eventually prevails.

  99. in days gone by , the parents and the tapas gang and their hired lawyer would be sent on transportation with dry bread and water !

  100. The dogs are the real key to this. You could put them dogs in a butchers shop and it wouldnt find anything bad.Yet the smell of a dead body was evident in the apartment!!..For me things dont add up! no lie detector test, open boot on the car, taking a kids toy into work!! a hospital with germs,washing of little girls toy, death smell on kates clothing, not running round like an absolute crazy person screaming where is my baby gone or call the police quick,Maybe im different but i would not of came home untill i had died of exhaustion or injury trying to find my child.Lets just say they gave her and the other kids drugs to knock them out so that they could have a bit of time for themselves, Ok i will admit it as a parent yes i have gave calpol for an easyer sleep all within the limits but theres no way i would leave a child or childs on there own while i had a piss up. Maybe the detective was right, kate came home to check on kids and found maddie dead after a fall so then she said goodbye to her in the form of a cuddle then put her in the wardrobe, while returning to the tapas bar gerry then went to hide the body and call the police.folloed by a big circus event which has damaged the truth of what really happened. All in all its just got question marks all over it. I just hope one day it will come out. If you have left this world then god bless you little princess.

  101. they left her alone

    she fell

    they came back

    they panicked (as anybody would)

    they moved the body

    the media took it from there

  102. Hi Everyone
    Are there any updates or a final conclusion??
    Thanks in advance.

  103. Having just read this entire blog - I felt really saddened by the many harsh criticisms that have been leveled at the McCanns. At the end of the day, none of us really know what happened on the evening of 3 May 2007. We can speculate but that's all it is - speculation. Still no charges of murder or abduction have been laid.

    I think that we would all do well to remember that regardless of any suspicions that we may have, Gerry and Kate are two human beings. They have stumbled and fallen, as we all have. Unfortunately for them, a poor decision that they made, has had tragic consequences for both them and their family, We all make bad decisions at various times in our lives, though thankfully, not with the same devastating consequences.

    Pointing the finger at them for leaving their children unattended in an apartment in foreign country and giving them Calpol (allegedly) to help them settle, is hardly what I would consider a hanging offence. I know that I have done both of those things and I am quite sure that many parents have done the same. I live on a farm and maybe we are used to our children being exposed to higher levels of risk - but we would certainly not consider regularly checking sleeping children in a highly visible apartment 50 metres away, as being grossly negligent. And how many parents could put their hands on their hearts and say they haven't used Calpol to settle their children, which I thought had almost "Mothers Little Helper" status in the UK.

    I don't think that any of us should be standing in judgement of the McCanns. They are human beings with human failings, just like the rest of us, and don't deserve the hatred and vilification that has been heaped upon them.


    There, but for the Grace of God, go I...

  104. @105 , are you really living in a real world? Or are you Pinky in disguise ? Is it acceptable for parents to leave under 4 year old children on their own while they visit friends in a pub to go on a drinking spree? The saddest thing in this case is wondering why were not the mccans asked to answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago ? Were the dogs liars when they smelt death in the car and the apartment? Dogs don't lie , I rest my case .

  105. This unsolved case may not be so complicated as it seems to be. Since the Portuguese police shelved the real investigation the McCanns, their private detectives,the British Press and S Y have done a lot to pusue the abduction theory, for which there is not one single shred of evidence. As for the possible involvement of the McCanns themselves in their daugthers disappearance, nothing, absolutely nothing has been for seven years, though there are a tidal wave of indications and evidence pointing in that direction. This is not to say that the parents are guilyt, but how can we possibly know if questions regarding such suspicions are to being asked. The untouchable McCanns ought to explain to all of us why so many questions about what happened on May 3rd have not been properly answered. Thanks Joanna for letting us comment on yr Blog.

  106. Excellent documentary by Gonçalo Amaral, but an abduction would still have been possible. The part where he showed us how it would have been impossible for an abductor to go through the bedroom window, with Maddy in his arms, puzzled me. Of course it would have been possible. The abductor would have passed Maddy to his accomplice, standing underneath the bedroom window, on the outside, and as soon he got Maddy would have run to his car, parked a few feet away. They would have had to move fast. This is the possible scenario: It would have taken three accomplices, three mobiles, one pair of gloves, a special spray sedatif, a get away car....and a key.[unless the back door was unlocked and they knew it]. Of course they would have studied, a few days prior, the Mccanns daily and evening routines. On that evening, one of them would have kept a watch on the Mccanns and friends, notifying the second accomplice when safe to go in. Once in, he put his gloves on, spray the children with the sedatif, open the window of the bedroom, then, when informed by the third accomplice, waiting outside by the bedroom window, it is safe to do so, pick up Maddy, and passes her to him... through the open window. All this done under a few minutes. This will also explained why the two little toddlers never woke up during the police search. I was vacationing at my brother's home, in Opio, near Nice around that time, and I remember him complaining about the numbers of burglaries going on. He was explaining to me how the thieves would get into people's homes during the night, while they were asleep, and spray them with a type of sedatif, sending them to a deep sleep, while doing their burglary. Now ,tell me what is impossible about this scenario.:-]


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