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Maddie : What Lies Beneath the Truth - Watch it here! *updated

update: You can now watch the full version on the top right of the blog with English subtitles.

Trailer - English

NOTICE: It looks that the documentary is no longer available on Youtube due to copyright issues with Valentim de Carvalho Filmes. It is really sad that this work cannot be freely transmitted and broadly translated, since it is of extreme validity and importance for the understanding of the facts.

As a filmmaker I understand that those people who have produced this documentary need to earn some money, and they will earn that money with the distribution rights of the film to other TV channels, nevertheless in this case there is something more important which is the free right to inform others and to be informed.

Besides, if Valentim de Carvalho has as an objective to not allow the film free disclosure for the more vast and larger audience in the internet, with the sole design of a larger economic profit benefiting from this tragedy it makes the whole purpose of the documentary less credible. In any case, there are already several people uploading the video and sharing it, the thirst for Justice is great and cannot be stopped.






Many thanks to TheLastDoor for the share.


  1. translations will follow later as well as a better definition video.

  2. Where is the popcorn being sold please?

  3. Thank you , dearest Joana.
    Now I have gotten an idea where exactly the man with the child crossed the street.

    I had hoped Amaral would show how difficult it would have been to escape through the window with the child in his arms. I'm happy Amaral showed it.
    Not much about david payne.

  4. Bravo, Sr Amaral.
    Parabéns a todos os que participaram neste documentário.
    Foi dado mais um passo em frente na busca da verdade para a pequena Madeleine Mccann
    Preparem-se para um ataque feroz e mais umas quantas manobras sujas da parte dos Mccann e dos seus colaboradores nos próximos tempos.

  5. Oh lovely, lovely lovely!!!

    Me thinks the McCanns jumping around right now and bouncing off walls with such a strength that the dogs will smell blood there for a long time to come...

    Suggest the hiring of a fashion adviser for the clothing to be worn in Court, using the rest of the Fund with some sense, at last.


  6. Well, unless this can be made into a documentary with english subtitles then I don't think the McCanns have much to worry about. Most people won't be able to understand it and won't bother to watch it all the way through and will be none the wiser - until the McCanns own version comes out and they'll believe that.

    I could see how easy it was for Maddie to fall and hit her face on that window ledge. Jesus Christ, that scene sent shivers up my spine. It still doesn't really explain the need to hide her body though unless it was to disguise the use of sedatives which, I guess, is what Amaral was saying. Couldn't really make it out too well and the lag was annoying.

    I do so hope this can be made into a foreigner-friendly documentary so the truth can be seen.

    Well done Goncalo.

    I look forward to reading opinions from Portuguese citizens.

  7. I'm still digesting what I saw, but I wish they hadn't called Jeremy Wilkins "Jeremiah" and hadn't used a blonde woman to play Tanner, it gave me an impression of amateurism and badly done "housework". This documentary had to be, needed to be absolutely flawless, and little details like those can be damaging, in my opinion, of course(who am I to point the finger, I know nothing of film-making, but...)

  8. Querida Joana,

    Obrigada por todas estas informacoes e pela luta a favor da verdade e contra o previlégio dos Mccans diante das leis que regem a Justica em Portugal.

    Desejo-te sucessos.

    Muito grata,

    Maria -Rio de Janeiro

  9. If she would have died falling of the sofa because she had heard Gerry's voice (9.05 pm), there would not have been time enough for a cadaver scent. Cadaver scent starts one and a half hour/2 hours after death. It would have started at 10.30, 11.00 pm and her corpse would have been transported to the sleeping room too.Amaral is not telling everything, that is for sure.Watch the messy courtains, the position of the sofa. In my opinion the crime scene was changed to convince Tapas 10 that it was an accident.The child fell down of the window, 3 meters. Parents were neglect and left the window open, child pushed the sofa against the wall, under the window, etc.

  10. Joana, obrigada.
    Amaral foi discreto mas firme em mostrar as partes fracas do rapto.
    A mentirada ali chegou e parou.

    Compreender o que o Amaral fala é fogo. Pronúncia difícil.
    Mas homem competente e bom.

    Ângela from Belo-Horizonte

  11. Hi Jo, I noticed Ricardo Paiva arriving in Britain (I think!) with a group of other Portuguese Officers.

    He is the officer who received the GASPAR statements concerning possible sexual abuse of Madeleine from LP on 24.10.07. The LP officer was also commenting to Insp Paiva about his concerns re Payne that he was evasive saying well I already told the Pt Police that and also stated he was not confident in Fiona, Payne's wife either.

    It seems to me there were a number of senior Inspectors working on this case. If that is right, it would seem logical that various aspects of the case would get split up with different inspectors focussing on different issues. Perhaps Paiva specifically looking at the evidence or prospect of Maddie having been sexually abused.

    I am particularly interested in Insp Paiva. Have you got any information about him and what he specialises in?

    I would be so interested to know.

    Viv xx

  12. Is this going to be translated and subtitles put on or can you give us a breakdown of what the documentary says?

  13. Why has the video disappeared? Not just form her but the other link?

  14. SYM, that was a live feed link. you can see the documentary though in Portuguese in Youtube part 1 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCMXBGEQiL8

  15. Joana, does this mean that people who don't live in Portugal will not see this documentary again?

    I feel discriminated although I understand the point of view of these film makers.

  16. Thank you for uploading this very important video here, i' m grateful!

  17. Thanks, Joana, for your effort to provide an alternative source. I look forward to watching it tonight.

    I had thought there would be sub-titles in English, but I guess I was mistaken.


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