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Maddie’s father “sad” about people’s jeering

Gerry McCann was at the church in Luz yesterday, before Sunday mass, and didn’t escape people’s jeering. The father of the missing girl was disturbed by the Algarvians’ animosity. And returned to England.

by José Manuel Oliveira

“I’m sad, but not angry.” According to what DN was able to establish, this was one of Gerry McCann’s reactions for those who accompanied him during the filming for a documentary for English television channel ‘Channel Four’, about the reconstitution, in his own version, of the disappearance of his daughter Madeleine, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, from the ‘The Ocean Club’ resort in Praia da Luz (Lagos), where the family spent their holidays, after being confronted, on Saturday, with jeering by some members of the public that gathered there, shouting “go home!”.

“After that happened, Gerry changed his posture, showing himself more silent and reserved. After all, he lost a daughter there and was jeered on top of that. Even in 2007, there were already scenes with persons who asked him and his wife, Kate, why they wouldn’t leave. Now, when he returned to the bedroom where Maddie slept with her twin siblings that night and even during other filming at the Ocean Club, he almost wept, feeling very emotional upon remembering what happened two years ago”, DN was told by one of those who followed Maddie’s father on his return to the Algarve for one of the campaigns that are part of the second anniversary of the disappearance of the British child.

As scheduled, Gerry McCann returned to England yesterday, after having been at the church in Luz, in the morning, between 8 and 8.45 a.m., in the company of Anglican priest Haynes Hubbard, his friend, thus anticipating the presence of journalists (and another possible popular contestation), that had been informed that Maddie’s father would attend mass at 9.30 a.m. “It was because of you that Gerry didn’t attend mass, as it might disturb the community’s environment. He doesn’t want any more photos or filming”, the McCann couple’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, justified. Concerning the jeering by those who consider Maddie’s parents are implicated in her disappearance, on the day before, the family’s representative said that “there are persons who think that way, but the vast majority of the Portuguese still supports the McCanns”.

At the end of mass, most of the members of the public refuse to speak to the journalists. “No, thank you. I’m celebrating Palm Sunday”, a woman replies. Another one stops and observes: “Maddie? She’s gone. It makes no sense whatsoever for her father to return to Praia da Luz now”.

Jerónimo Veiga, unable to contain his feeling of revolt, told DN that “the filming with Gerry McCann was nothing but a clown act in this village, where tourism, which is mainly English, is disappearing because of that couple, who think about nothing but the media spotlight and money. Maddie’s destiny is their secret and of their friends who were with them on the night that the child disappeared”. In this resident’s opinion, “this is the peak of shamelessness. Because of the filming, even two members of the GNR had to stand guard at the Ocean Club. And this in a village where residents and tourists have to be assured of their safety”.

source: Diário de Notícias, 06.04.2009


  1. The majority of portuguese people suport the McCans?!!!!!! If the pink clown think the majority are their attorneys and some biaised media, as Expresso and SIC...i sugest him to read newspapers comments and blogs.
    What the so called "priest" did with his own daughter is unbilieval!! it only show the lacke of respect this people has for their own children...

  2. “It was because of you that Gerry didn’t attend mass, as it might disturb the community’s environment. He doesn’t want any more photos or filming”, the McCann couple’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, justified."

    Or was it because of the very visible and inequivocal notices outside the church wall, "NO CAMERAS!! PROIBIDO FILMAR!"?
    It always has to be about Gerry!

    By the way, what is happening to Gerry's hair, it seems to be getting darker and darker...if he let's it grow for a while he will be the spitting image of "Bundleman"!


  3. He's sad, not angry.Uf, what a relief...

  4. tadinho do mc analha. Ouviu das boas e da boca do POVO.

    Não foi de Jornalistas e Blogers.

    O Padre é que deve ter apanhado cá 1 susto quando o mc entra às 08:00...
    E mesmo assim é bonzinho pois teve receio que durante a Missa ou logo a seguir o POVO se armasse com os ramos das oliveiras e desancasse no sad, not angry, mc analha.

  5. Onde li? Não sei. Mas li que afinal os mcs ficam por casa a curtir as culpas.


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