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Maddie’s father’s return disgusts Aldeia da Luz

The documentary coincides with dismissals at the Ocean Club, where the little girl disappeared from.

by Alexandra Serôdio

Gerry McCann returned to Praia da Luz, in Lagos, yesterday, in the role of a villain to the eyes of the people and the workers that the Ocean Club dismissed. Without his wife, Kate, he is carrying out a reconstitution for an English television station.

Almost two years after Maddie’s disappearance, the documentary will be centred on “leads that were undervalued by the police” and on “new data”, although nobody reveals which ones. The couple says it believes that information about the little English girl’s disappearance, almost two years ago, may still appear.

At 1.30 p.m., Madeleine’s father arrived at the resort, surrounded by television cameras. Only some Portuguese and British journalists awaited him. The population, which used to support him some time ago, was nowhere to be seen. The campaign to find Madeleine, which was launched again approximately two weeks ago, was ill received, and the posters with the little girl’s face that had been placed all over Praia da Luz were vandalised and torn off. Now, the residents are reacting even worse, because the filming coincides with a mass dismissal at the resort where the little girl disappeared from.

Besides Gerry, Jane Tanner and Mathew Oldfield, two of the friends that had been on holidays, also came. Nevertheless, none of them actively participates in the reconstitution. The roles have been attributed to 15 professional actors. In Madeleine’s place, a child from friends of the couple. Clarence Mitchell justified Kate’s absence with the fact that she is “not prepared to relive the tragic events”.

In short steps, to give the cameras time to capture him, Gerry came out of the car and entered the apartment where the couple spent their holidays. Soon after, the “characters” Madeleine and Kate walked down the street towards the Ocean Club’s reception. The scene follows a day of filming at various spots in Praia da Luz, which would end in the evening with the dinner and the moments that surrounded the disappearance. According to Clarence Mitchell, the documentary that will be broadcast on the 3rd of May will bring “no contribution” for the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund or for the family.

Steve Anderson, the documentary’s producer, asserts that “new data will be revealed”, but declined to comment any further. In the opinion of Carlos Anjos, from the Criminal Investigation Workers’ Union, the reconstitution is a “marketing manoeuvre”.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 05.04.2009


  1. The only comment that come to my mind is : DISGUSTING!! DISGUSTING!!! it make me feel sick... whatever more horrble can this people invent more???

  2. For what they still need the useless clarence??

  3. I hope and WISH the woman is consumed by guilt and shame
    I hope she has a severe nervous breakdown from which she will NEVER recover.
    This will be in "payment" for what they have done to the portuguese adn their police force.
    New leads?Madeleine"s body suddenly recovered?the TRUTH may be?
    They are seriously sick and the brits should get together to make their social services check on the twins.They are NOT in safe hands by any means

  4. "According to Clarence Mitchell, the documentary that will be broadcast on the 3rd of May will bring “no contribution” for the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund or for the family."

    Yeah, right! The tv channel is making the doc. out of the goodness of their hearts, paying for the "actors", the travel costs, accomodation and so on, and will make a bundle of royalties when they sell it to other tv channels, and we are expected to believe the McCanns or the Fund will get nothing, not a penny?! Private Tv channels are not charities, they must make a profit out of their work, and this is ok by the Mccanns!
    I remember their harsh criticism towards people whom they considered were making a profit from Madeleine's story( Amaral mostly)and now they are willing to let a tv station pocket big quid out of their "lovely daughter"? Does anyone swallow this crap? I certainly do not!


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