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Maddie's Process Might be Reopened

Ana Paula Rito substitutes Paulo Rebelo as the director of the Portimão's PJ

Woman Takes Maddie Case

Licensed in Law, Ana Paula Rito, an experienced investigator, will lead the PJ of Portimão. It is her who will follow the leads in Maddie Case.

by Luís Maneta

If Maddie's process is reopened, it will be a woman commanding the police investigation to the circumstances of the disappearance of the English girl. Investigator of the PJ at Faro, Ana Paula Rito was nominated as coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department [DIC] of Portimão, a position hold up to now by Paulo Rebelo, the man who replaced Gonçalo Amaral.

Licensed in Law, Ana Paula Rito is in the words of her colleagues, a 'determined' woman, 'competent' and one of the 'most experienced' criminal inspectors of the PJ, with a career of more of ten years at the Directorship of Faro.

Adjustments in the Direction

"If the Public Ministry [MP], decides to reopen the Maddie case, at the front of the investigation will be one person that has all the guarantees of making an excellent work. We are talking about one investigator with several years within the Police", said Carlos Anjos, the ASFIC/PJ union president.

Almeida Rodrigues, PJ's National Director on the right

A source from the Judiciary Police explains that the change in the leadership of the DIC of Portimão resulted from 'adjustments' done in the new directorship cast, appointed yesterday by the national director [Almeida Rodrigues]. In that scope the superior coordinator José Brás, who left his job as responsible for the Central Investigation Department to Drug Traffiking [DCITE]  in 2007, will now hold the command at the Judiciary Police Department in Lisbon.

José Brás, who will lead the PJ's Department in Lisbon on the left

José Brás chose as assistants Vítor Alexandre and Paulo Rebelo, who, in this way, returns to Lisbon without being able to unravel the most mediatized case in the last years.

Guilhermino Encarnação, lynched by media in 2007

Guilhermino Encarnação, a joint national director, responsible for the Directory of Faro at the moment when Madeleine McCann disappeared, may be the next confirmed casualty in this case. The man who became known in the investigation for having prevented Gonçalo Amaral from carrying out the interrogation of Kate McCann at a moment when she was, according to several inspectors who were present on location, “ready to talk”, has been on long-term leave due to health issues and is not returning to active anymore. in The Many 'casualties' of the Maddie Case

Described by Guilhermino Encarnação, up to now director of the Judiciary Police of Faro, as "someone who does not like media exposure", Ana Paula Rito saw herself involved in a case* where the MP accused her of violation of the secrecy of justice. In question where declarations made to the media (she read a statement) relative to the solution of an abandoned baby inside a shopping cart of  a shopping centre in Faro, in May 2005. The case was closed last year and Ana Paula Rito was exonerated.

The Team is all New

Paulo Rebelo shakes hands with Alípio Ribeiro

With the return of Paulo Rebelo to Lisbon all the men that lead the investigation to Maddie's disappearance are 'out of scene'. The first to go was Gonçalo Amaral, removed in October 2007. To his place was nominated the then national assistant director, Paulo Rebelo. Now, it's the turn of a woman, Ana Paula Rito, to show what she is worth. The alterations in the PJ's hierarchy include the substitution of Guilhermino Encarnação at the Directorship of Faro. To his place it will go the deputy attorney general Luís Manuel Maia Mota Carmo, up to now placed in Tavira.

Source: 24Horas

*Case of the Abandoned Baby

The case of the Inspector Ana Paula Rito resulted from a complaint of the Public Ministry (MP) for the alleged breach of the confidentiality of the investigation. It started with the release of a Judiciary Police communiqué on the arrest of the mother of a baby with few months which was abandoned. The child was found in a shopping cart in the car park of the Forum Algarve in Faro, in April 2004. Clarifications were requested from the PJ, after the case was solved, and the inspector made a statement to the press, since it was a case that raised social alarm. The MP felt that details were disclosed than those permitted, and advanced with a criminal process. The Inspector was absolved.


  1. Pois mas a grande questão é o IF.


    Que demonstrou ser uma Mulher preocupada com o abandono de crianças,talvez.Seria excelente,na verdade.

  2. if the process is reopened (please God) then the McCann's will claim they managed to get it reopened thanks to their documentary and their leaflet campaign.

    If they were truly smart they would have gone back to their ordinary lives without the big fanfare.
    It is their compulsion to convince the world of the truth of their story that will be their undoing

    ...and thanks so much, Joana, for all your hard work

  3. Quando um caso polemico, e por resolver, sofre tantas mudancas nas chefias de topo, levanta suspeitas. O unico que apresentou trabalho foi G. Amaral mas como o que descobriu nao convinha aos visados mexeram os cordelinhos da maquina para ser afastado. Depois dele teem sido so jogadas programadas para colocar a peca certa no lugar certo do enorme xadrez que e esta historia. Os advogados R. Alves e Pinto de Abreu ja trataram de salvaguardar os Mccann com mais estas nomeacoes. Estes nomeados tambem nao vao fazer nada como convem. Da trabalho e chatice mexer no lixo. Mas... se Gulhermino Encarnacao quiser prestar um servico ao pais e sobretudo a Madeleine e dignificar o seu nome, deve falar o que sabe, o que calou durante meses quando o cargo o impedia de falar. Agora sera um cidadao livre e deve explicacoes aos portugueses.

  4. Astro should be thanked too!

    Thank you Astro and Joana for all your hard work!

  5. Sadly I put no faith or hope in this or any other changes.Like the portuguese saying goes :

    "the flies have been changed, but the dung it's still the same"

    Like Gonçalo Amaral said, there is no political will to re-open the case, and unless that political will changes nothing will happen.

  6. Esperanças. esperanças. esperanças,

    só porque Dona Ana Paula vai ter este cargo.
    A PJ tem mais casos do que o da Maddie. Polícia é sempre cheia de serviço.
    Se forem achadas provas claras, acham que a Inglaterra vai entregar os crápulas?
    Dona Ana Paula deve comecar do David Payne que corre quilômetros do caso.

  7. Não, deve começar do Tapas 10, o crápula que escondeu o corpo e caiu fora de Portugal ainda em 2007.


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