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“Madeleine is in Praia da Luz!”

Gonçalo Amaral continues the searches and makes revelations

“Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A and her body was concealed.” With this certainty, Gonçalo Amaral closes the documentary ‘Maddie – The Truth of the Lie’ that was broadcast by TVI on the 13th of April.

The former coordinator of the most media exposed investigation of all times believes that the English girl, who disappeared from Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, was not abducted as her parents have always defended and further advances: “Maddie is there in the Praia da Luz area! For some reason, they’re around.”

Despite having been taken off the case in October 2007, Gonçalo Amaral continued to investigate on his own and promises to make some revelations soon: “I’ve been talking to other retired policemen, from other countries, and we’ve given the case plenty of thought. There is lots of information that has been collected, and news will be out, over the coming days. We have new clues and very serious ones.”

The production from Valentim de Carvalho Filmes, which is based on the book that was launched by Gonçalo Amaral, after he was removed from the investigation, was a success. Over two million viewers saw the documentary, which was broadcast by the Queluz station, and is now the second most viewed programme of 2009.

The former Polícia Judiciária inspector already expected the programme to be a success, but never this much. “We were expecting great impact, because it’s an issue that still touches people. They want to know the truth and they want justice. But we never expected this much”, reveals Gonçalo Amaral, who doesn’t doubt that since the 13th, the Portuguese are now better informed about Maddie’s disappearance. But according to the former inspector, it seems that not everyone watched it attentively: “The Attorney General should have realised by now that he holds a very important document that proves that there is no abduction, and all he has to do is to reopen the process.”

Ocean Club workers want to sue the McCanns

Before the little girl’s disappearance from apartment 5A at the Ocean Club, 130 people worked at the resort. During the following summer, the number fell to 60, and late last year, it was reduced to 48. Presently, only 27 people have kept their job!

The Ocean Club management was forced to “cut back on personnel” and doesn’t hesitate to point at those who are responsible over the redundancies. Te dismissal letter, which was sent to 21 workers, reads: “… This is the expected result of a sequence that has been continued over the past two years, when the company has supported the heavy costs of a reduction in its activity, as a result of the unfortunate Maddie McCann event.”

The Ocean Club staff shares the same opinion and add that “after the little girl’s disappearance, there was a break of 40 per cent in the number of tourists. We used to host entire families. There were even ‘wars’ to get a sunbed. Now, that doesn’t happen anymore”.

As a result of this decrease in the number of customers, over twenty people, aged 30 to 50, and some of them working for this company for two decades, have received a redundancy letter and promise to unite to sue the McCanns.

Residents want to forget about Maddie

The tragedy that was lived in Praia da Luz, in May 2007, did not only “cast a shadow” on that resort. A little over the entire Algarvian village, business owners complain about the lack of tourists, and once more blame the excessive media coverage of the Maddie case.

The truth is that, two years after the disappearance of the English girl, that paradise by the sea has yet to return to normalcy. “We enjoyed a quiet life, and it was bad luck that this happened here”, a resident says. The locals have not managed to forget about Maddie, and they are not even allowed to do so! Gerry’s return to Praia da Luz, earlier this month, is proof. Despite the fact that Kate remained in England, supposedly due to being physically and psychologically debilitated, the husband returned to the crime scene, but was ill received.

At the Ocean Club’s entrance, insults were thrown at the one that they used to support. “Why didn’t he come when the PJ asked him to?”, a shop owner questions. “What’s this documentary’s use? To further denigrate Praia da Luz’s image?” – another one asks.

There is no doubt that the locals’ opinion about the McCanns’ innocence has changed a lot. Apart from making it very clear that the couple is not welcome, they weren’t pleased about the most recent campaign from the English. A few weeks ago, ten thousand leaflets were distributed in mail boxes and dozens of posters with Maddie’s face were put up. Nevertheless, ‘Maria’ failed to find a single one of them! “They were all torn”, a resident confesses. We see a single outdoor upon leaving Luz, with the child’s face covered with white paint, as well as the contact number for new information. It’s a sign that the locals cannot stand the McCanns’ media circus anymore.

Chronology of a Polemical Case


3rd May Madeleine McCann disappears from the room where she slept with her twin brother and sister, at the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz. The parents were having dinner with a group of friends in the resort's restaurant, around 50 meters away from the apartment.

5th May The Judiciary Police director in Faro, Guilhermino Encarnação, advances that all the evidence points to an abduction, there was already a sketch of the suspect.

14th May Murat is heard for 14 hours at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimão and becomes the first arguido [suspect] in the case process.

31st July The PJ, elements of the British police and two dogs, trained to detect traces of blood and cadaver scent, inspect apartment 5A and find new evidence.

11th August For the first time the Judiciary Police admits that Madeleine might be dead.

6th September Kate McCann is inquired at the PJ in Portimão for 11 hours.

7th September The McCann couple is heard at the CID in Portimão and constituted as arguidos.

9th September Kate and Gerry return to England.

2nd October Gonçalo Amaral, coordinator of the ‘Maddie Case’ since the first day, is removed from the investigation.

8th October Paulo Rebelo is announced as the substitute of Gonçalo Amaral, at the head of the case.


19th March The PJ returns Robert Murat’s apprehended belongings.

13th April Robert Murat demands libel payments from various British media groups.

21st July The Attorney General's Office [PGR] announces the archiving of the process due to not obtaining evidence of the practice of any crime.

24th July Gonçalo Amaral publishes the book 'The Truth of The Lie', where he reveals his theory about Madeleine’s disappearance.


25th March Ten thousand leaflets and dozens of posters with Maddie’s face are distributed and placed in Praia da Luz, with the intention of not forgetting about the disappearance of the English girl.

4th April Gerry McCann returns to Praia da Luz to shoot a documentary about what happened on the 3rd of May 2007.

12th April Inspector Ana Paula Rito replaces Paulo Rebelo at the coordination of the Portimão’s CID.

13th April TVI broadcasts a documentary based on Gonçalo Amaral’s book, in which the former inspector sustains that Maddie is dead.

source: Maria magazine, 26.04.2009, paper edition

Photographies of Gonçalo Amaral courtesy of Patrícia de Melo Moreira/DN © All rights reserved


  1. Não posso acreditar que o Amaral tenha dito que o corpo está em Praia da Luz.

    I can't believe Amaral ever said the body is in Praia da Luz.

  2. I despice the mccanns and their discusting friends, so called Tapas 7. Last but not least, go to hell, Glarence.


  3. Kate and Gerry: you know your daughter is dead, not alive and in good health and you know there is no abductor, she died accidentally.Why do you keep lying?Why do you keep asking people to give you money?Why do you keep causing so much pain to so many people?Why do you keep damaging a country's reputation?
    You know that you will get caught, don't you? It's just a matter of time.Truth is stronger than everything and everyone.You still think you can stop it, but you can't.And when all the people you have fooled discover the truth...

  4. ..."There is lots of information that has been collected, and news will be out, over the coming days. We have new clues and very serious ones."

    Please, please, Dr. Amaral hold on tight to your discoveries, do not disclose them too soon, make 100% sure you and the other investigators have a water-tight case! I'm very concerned about letting out this sort of revelations, the hidden "dark forces" can get in motion and ruin everything for you and your hard work.
    Be extremelly cautious, please!

  5. "Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A and her body was concealed.” With this certainty, Gonçalo Amaral closes the documentary ‘Maddie – The Truth of the Lie"
    Well McCans, now that the truth has been told to the public. Why not sue, after all your cash flow depends on your continuing lie.

  6. I agree that Madeleine never left Praia da Luz alive. It sickens me that the McCanns have tried to corrupt everybody's thinking to accept the McCanns version of events. I am angry that Channel 4 intends to show a so-called Dispatches documentary, which is not investigative journalism in this case because it will only show the McCanns version of events. The McCanns had their opportunity to take part in a PJ reconstruction but refused. What the McCanns cannot get past is their child neglect and the fake break-in.

    I hope the former staff at the Mark Warner complex sue the McCanns. It is time that the public fought back against them.

  7. Lets hope the docmumnetary signifies a change in the tide of the case and that there is indeed evidence that points to her death at the hands of her hideous parents.
    The McCanns and their cronies have called the shots in this case and literally gotten away with murder...Love the audience ratings for this documentary.

  8. Esperemos para ver.

    Se G.A. o disse ou não.Ou o que pretende alcançar.
    Se o corpo da Pequenina estiver naquela área OU MAIS LONGE(Espanha)só espero que seja possível recupera-lo para um Funeral digno.

    Haverá assim tanto desprezo pelo corpo da Filha? Mesmo sendo "restos mortais" será que não os querem junto deles?

    Nem são assim uns católicos tão empenhados,pois os que o são,sentem-se em Paz por saberem que o Ente Amado foi para junto de Deus.

    Quererão reaver os restos mortais da Pequenina?


  9. Bravo Dr. Amaral, es usted un hombre honrado y un buen ciudadano.
    En España necesitamos policias como usted para encontrar a Marta del Castillo.

    lo que pasa en Sevilla es una verguenza. Gracias Dr. Amaral.

  10. Let the McScums go on Oprah, let them make fake mockumentaries and let them entice more fools into paying into their scamming fund because as history shows; the bigger the lie the more likely the public will believe it but the louder they talk and the more prominent they appear only opens up their trap door that bit wider.


  11. Se o corpo da infeliz criança não foi destruído( cremado, por exemplo) e estiver escondido no Algarve, quando e se for encontrado um dia, o que restará para analisar forensicamente? Será possível encontrar a causa da morte, e se sim, a quem acusar? Os pais poderão sempre alegar que toda e qualquer evidência de abuso ou violência foi obra do "raptor"! Seja de que maneira for eles sairão impunes de tudo isto...a não ser que o corpo esteja escondido, conservado, até hoje em casa de alguém conhecido e conivente com eles, à espera de um dia haver uma oportunidade de o levarem definitivamente para local inacessível...
    Tudo isto parece uma loucura, mas num caso como este, em que nada parece bater certo, já todos os cenários me parecem plausíveis.

    Senhores da P.J. algarvia, no activo ou não, por favor abram bem os olhos, vigiem discreta mas atentamente os passos de Gerry McCann( porque a Kate não voltará jamais, pelo menos de livre vontade)ou de quem, ligado a ele vier ao Algarve...quem sabe o que encontrarão...


  12. “Maddie is there in the Praia da Luz area! For some reason, they’re around.”

    Does this mean that Gerry used the documentary as an excuse to go back and hide or tie loose ends ?

  13. They said they would never leave PdL before they found madeleine.Ok...but they were very quick in getting their guts all over the world and looking for her everywhere she was NOT,just a month after she disappeared...werent they?
    Trying to get public opinion away from PdL....and then 2 years later,the mccann man goes back to Portugal in january....in march...and kate says "there are still many unanswered questions".
    Yes how true! are you going to answer them now,kate?now youve gained some strength in Show Land?or are you just to have one of your little fury in reply to what Mr.Amaral just announced?

  14. Concordo com o primeiro comentário acima.
    Acho também que o Amaral jamais poderá ter contado isto.
    Se ainda está investigando, teria mantido este segredo.
    E não teria batido caixa antes da hora, pois nào sabe se vai dar certo.
    Se calhar, amanhã ou depois esta história será desmentida.

  15. Really i just want to say, I dont believe maddie was abducted and never have from day 1. I believe imo that the mcanns and or some of the group are in involved in some sort of cover up. Period.

    Also i just want to say that Mr Amaral has wonderful courage in TRYING to find the TRUTH about what happened that night OR the Days before. Mr Amaral i admire you especially,for all your hard work. Be cautios please.I dont want you to get in to any trouble for anything, as i know you are trying to find the truth.

    From a true Mr Amaral fan who doesnt believe the mccanns fake stories and lies

  16. If Amaral is telling the truth, Kate and Gerry will probably not come back from the States anymore.Lol.
    Could this be true?
    He talks about Praia da Luz as being the place where the body is now.
    I say "now" because we know it was transported in their Renault Scenic and I also believe that it was hidden in a privete home, at least on the first few days.
    Tapas 10's home, in a freezer.
    We know David Payne went to Praia da Luz one week after Gerry made his film.
    Could it have to do with Amaral?
    Maybe the Mccanns know somehow what Amaral is doing or what Amaral found out.
    Was the film an excuse to go back to PdL?
    To go back to check on her grave?
    What a restless life.
    Maybe Payne knows where Maddie is burried.
    But would he attrackt the attention to himself that much?
    According to an interview of Amaral, Payne is one of the three suspects.
    He is also restless, isn't he?

  17. Será que a ida do Gerry a Luz, para o documentário, foi para despistar alguma coisa que teria que acontecer no Algarve e mesmo em Luz?
    Enquanto atraía a atenção para si, com atores e filmadores, espalhando panfletos anteriormente, alguém removeu o corpo para outro lugar?

  18. If Kate said "there are still many unanswered questions"we can reply:

    Yeah..., at least 48!

  19. Senor Amaral does himself no favours with these promises of new revelations. He is behaving like a kid in the playground who has a big secret to protect. As long as he keeps that secret he is important because he has something that others want. But once he tells that secret, (as they inevitably do,) he is no longer important as he no longer has anything of value to trade. So they come up with another bit to tease people with... "hang on... all was not revealed and there is more to come".

    Well that ploy may work for a bit but it has diminishing returns for the kid in the playground as it will for Senor Amaral.

    The Inspector had his chance to tell his "secret" in his documentary and it was a let down. He made a very convincing case, (in my opinion), that the McCanns and their friends are not telling the truth about the events of May 3rd 2007 and are conspiring to hide something: but many people, (such as myself,) had already come to that conclusion without his help.

    But despite the many theories bandied about there is no "credible" explanation as to HOW the McCanns could have achieved what Amaral accuses them of. That is what myself and others expected from the documentary; yet apart from repeating his allegations he barely even addressed this issue.

    If Senor Amaral has convincing evidence, (or even a credible theory), as to how the McCanns and accomplices could have disposed of Madeleine's body, (only for it to reappear again weeks later in the hire car), he should divulge it or admit he is as clueless as the rest of us. Otherwise he runs the risk of appearing like a man with a grudge to bear and the McCanns are a million miles away from being "proved guilty".

    Thank you Joana for the many informative articles on your blog that appear along with the dross.


  20. There is one man who can solve this case and he lives in the US. It's Mark Furhman the retired Los Angeles police officer that solved the Martha Moxley murder after 25 years ending in the conviction of Michael Skakel a KENNEDY cousin as well as other important cases that had gone cold. He currently resides in Idaho, I am sure he'd be willing to help.

  21. I sincerely hope that any new disclosures will come directly from GA.

  22. NAO SEI SE G.A. disse mesmo o que e reclamado neste artigo (o corpo de Maddie na Praia da Luz e as revelacoes sobre o caso para os proximos dias). Se disse, espero que tenha mesmo dados relevantes que obriguem o PGR a reabrir o caso porque caso contrario comecara a ser acusado de fabricar situacoes para aparecer nos media, exactamente aquilo que os Mccann fazem e pelo que sao publicamente condenados.

    Pessoalmente, acho que os dirigentes da Pj e da justica portuguesa ja sabem muito bem o que aconteceu a Maddie, onde esta e quem sao os responsaveis. Mas para nao melindrar as relacoes institucionais entre os dois paises, cedem aos interesses de Inglaterra porque a revelacao da verdade e o encerramento do caso SERIA demolidor para as autoridades inglesas e para a imagem da Inglaterra no mundo: Afinal como e que o governo ingles ficava se se soubesse que um grupo de turistas ingleses, instruidos e ocupando cargos publicos de destaque, pertencentes a classe media, viajam numas mini-ferias ao estrangeiro e se desfazem, acidentalmente ou nao de uma crianca. Depois simulam um rapto, destroem a imagem do pais e do empreendimento onde se hospedaram e enriquecem numa campanha fraudulenta a angariar fundos....

  23. oh my god i miss maddy!!

  24. Kate McCann may be Catholic but Gerry McCann is much a Catholic or even Christian as Mohamed Ali !!

  25. I was in Praia Da Luz last week, walked around the town for a couple of hours including visiting the little yellow and white church, walked along the promenade towards the beach and back, even peeped at the Roman ruins by the promenade; I observed people going about their lives, whether in work or on holidays and I find that the town has indeed gone back to normal. No signs of anything having happened there. That is a relief. Let's hope that the McCanns never set foot in our little Praia Da Luz again.


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