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Madeleine's father left Portugal without a word

Gerry McCann and two friends participated in the reconstitution of Madeleine's disappearance. The recording is for a television documentary, but nothing has been advanced concerning the results of private investigations.

source: RTP1, 05.04.2009


  1. Entrou mudo e saíu calado, mas não sem ficar com as orelhas a ferver com os insultos e apupos de alguns populares mais afoitos! Que pena GNR ter de cumprir o dever de assegurar a segurança desta trupe, aì é que o "circo" tinha pegado fogo...

  2. The good and decent people of Luz have showed the world( and the ville british media)they are not the uncaring vandals that some want to make believe they are. They stayed away from this buffoonery, gave the infamous trio and their mouthpiece Clarrie, the cold shoulder and apart the ocasional (and well deserved) insult towards Gerry McCann , it all went on peacefully.

  3. Are there sharp lights behind the wall when the abductor passes by?


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