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Mark Warner launches legal action against insurers over McCann Circus

Mark Warner has confirmed it is launching a legal action against its insurers AIG.

by Edward Robertson

The operator filed the writ in the high court seeking compensation for lost earnings following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from its Praia da Luz resort in Portugal two years ago.

The action comes following news that Madeleine’s father Gerry has returned to the resort to advise on a reconstruction for a Channel 4 documentary to mark the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance on May 3.

However, his return to the resort was reported to have been met by hostility from locals who blame the negative publicity over the case for a downturn in tourism to the resort.

National newspapers reported that he was heckled while new posters appealing for help over Madeleine’s disappearance were defaced and ripped down.


  1. I don't think the hostility was just because in the downturn of tourism to Praia da Luz - I'm sure it was because more and more people are angry at the McCanns' behaviour and the fact that they were never investigated after the sniffer dogs found evidence of blood and cadaver, and were allowed to return home to the U.K. The sheer arrogance of the McCanns sickens me. How much longer do they think they can get away with trying to fool the public with blatant manouevres such as this documentary? Do they think everyone is stupid? Oh, sorry, I already know the answer to that.... yes, of course they do.

  2. Things are SWINGING!!!!! jajajaja toma y toma!!!,mr & mrs Mccanitis! you are going to have some feed back from EVERYBODY because EVERYBODY is f....fed up with YOU 2 and your "little court" of useless "friends".You have done too much harm to too many people.Your last VICTIMS are the 21 families left in the ditch because of YOU.People are angry with you because of your PATHETIC and UGLY behaviour.Well done for setting up your last circus!!! yeah...youre going to have some feed back and certainely new leads driving YOU to the COURTS for a change.
    Beware of what going to come soon!This is ONLY the beginning of Chapter II: NO STONES UNTURNED

  3. Tenho de escrever em pt.

    O dono do ocean elit club vai colocar 1 acção contra a AIG?

    A AIG que é americana e recebeu balúrdios de dólares os quais foram distribuidos entre os administradores? Que foi 1 escândalo!

    Cheira-me mais a outro tipo de circo. AIG?
    As seguradoras são sempre esquivas e,além disso só agora põe 1 acção?
    Ou pelo menos esta notícia apenas vem à luz do dia neste momento.

    Isto se eu consegui entender com o meu mau inglês.


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