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McCann Case: Portuguese Attorney General Office Hides List of British Paedophiles

In this interview, Gonçalo Amaral describes how the PJ was warned that British paedophiles were coming to Portugal or residing here; however that was only after Madeleine's disappearance. Gonçalo Amaral says that in the process of Maddie McCann, the sex offenders' list, sent by the UK authorities, was omitted by the PGR, the Portuguese General Attorney's Office, while other witnesses' names and addresses were published.

Investigation: PGR prevents Police from gaining Access to Documentation on Sexual Offenders

An extensive file containing information regarding several British paedophiles who live in the Algarve was sent by the British authorities to Portugal, in the scope of the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann. The file is now at the Court of Portimão, closed in the office of the prosecutor who coordinated the case, Magalhães e Menezes.

More details of this news in the Sunday edition of CM. - article now update here 'Paedophile list hidden from the PJ'

(transcript & translation of the Correio da Manhã video interview)

British Police sent List of Paedophiles
Data was only sent due to the disappearance of the English child

Journalist [Tânia Laranjo] – At the time they sent an extensive document, with persons convicted for paedophilia, who would be here, in the Algarve.

Gonçalo Amaral – Indeed, we received that information, it was the first time ever that that type of information [list of UK British paedophiles] arrived. It was worked upon; everything was seen, and located. We reached the conclusion that it had nothing to do with this case. In fact, according to them [UK authorities], this little girl did not have the profile, and explains the why, due to the age reason…

Journalist – She was too young?

Gonçalo Amaral – Exactly, he focused that point, and it is a person with experience in that field. And who is here. These are people [the sex offenders] who are living here, or who have been here. It is important that the Police are able to keep that data. It’s in the office of the Prosecutor, who was in the process here in Portimão [Magalhães e Menezes]. When the process was made public, there was no care to avoid the names of the witnesses, their addresses, their phone numbers… There was more care regarding criminals, paedophiles, than with the common citizen, who had nothing to do with the case.

Journalist – In any case, the English only decided to send to the Judiciary Police that list, after a British girl went missing. That is, never before, never a priori [lat.].

Gonçalo Amaral – No, at least here in the Algarve, never. In fact, besides sending the list, two or three months later, there was a paedophile, coming from the UK convicted of paedophilia, which they informed that he was here, and we had to establish surveillance on that individual, for that time. So, they adopted then a new type of cooperation, of collaboration with the Portuguese authorities. They informed us of the coming of that man, something that they wouldn’t do before. And then they just stopped doing it. So, it was just during that period of time. [video cut] And here it seems that there is an excessive zeal, concerning one British child and it seems that the Portuguese children have fewer rights than the British children. In fact, that information only served for one child and cannot be used to prevent other cases that might happen here in Portugal.

Journalist – And this was the only file that was removed from the process? That the English were able to have removed from the process?

Gonçalo Amaral – It appears to be like that, yes. But there are also other files who went missing, so, that is a matter of consulting the process, and understand what is missing there.

Source: Correio da Manhã


  1. O Amaral está agora com muito melhor aspecto do que estava anteriormente. Parece que emagreceu e ficou mais novo.
    Muito bem! A Maddie precisa dele, ele tem que manter a própria saúde.
    Muito bem, senhor Amaral!

  2. So, paedophiles must be protected at all costs and Madeleine Mccann is more important than any portuguese child.Humm....

  3. Sim,Gonçalo Amaral melhorou imenso o Seu look.Está muito bem,muito mesmo.MAS TEM UM OLHAR MUITO TRISTE.

    BIG MAN DO NOT FORGET ME!(quem a criou fez
    bem).É linda,a frase ,bem como o seu sentido.


    Esta frase faz parte ,para mim,dos melhores elogios que lhe fizeram e tem uma ternura imensa;ternura essa que G.A. deixa transparecer.
    Tudo pelo melhor,BIG MAN!

  4. A Mãe Coragem- FILOMENA TEIXEIRA- quantas vezes não foi internada depois de ter visionado abusos de bébés,quando se quis informar acerca de tudo o que acha dizer respeito à situação do NOSSO Rui.

    E os de lá-de uk-são parvos até dizer:CHEGA! Parece que não temos jornais,rádios,Tvs,Jornalistas que nos informam.E que não aceitamos as informações.

    Camelos(animal camelo,desculpa) e grandes bestas. Todas as outras crianças não são para se proteger?

  5. "What angers you most? The animal David getting away with it, or having to share the same space with that grotesque man next to you?"
    She saw David ...................."
    copy and paste by mc.


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