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McCann Media Machine by Greenslade and Meyer - On the Other Side of the Pond

On the Other Side of the Pond - the pro McCanns Greenslade and Meyers give their views on the McCanns media machine and on the press complaints commission. If we are to remember Mirror's Tony Parsons article 'Up Yours Señor' and his subsequent xenophobic articles the PCC did work for the McCanns.

by Alison Battisby

In the latest public debate surrounding regulation of the UK press, Sir Christopher Meyer, former chairman of the UK Press Complaints Commission (PCC), today argued that the current self-regulatory system was ‘robust, quick and satisfying.’

Meyer, who has now been replaced as PCC chair by Peta Buscombe, was a guest on today’s Daily Politics show on BBC Two, and said that the process worked for many reasons - the body’s discreet handling of complaints was just one, he said.

Meyer defended the PCC’s role, using the fact that they received a record number of complaints from newspaper readers last year as evidence that the principle of self-regulation was firmly established in the industry.

He added that the number of complaints to the PCC had doubled during his tenure.

During the debate, however, Roy Greenslade, professor of journalism at City University in London, said that the body was not advertised widely enough. He said: “Most of the public aren’t aware of the PCC, and the newspapers certainly don’t publicise it.”

The show’s presenter, Andrew Neil, asked Meyer where the PCC was during the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Neil also asked why the body didn’t do more to protect Kate and Gerry McCann from the accusations made by newspapers.

Meyer said that Gerry McCann felt that the publicity and coverage of his daughter’s disappearance would aid the search for his daughter. “We told them we were there for them if they wanted help, but they were too busy,” Meyer said.

He added that the McCanns were focused on finding Madeleine at the time.

Greenslade argued that a PCC statement should have been issued at the time, warning the newspapers to adhere to the PCC code of practice.

Source: Journalism.co.uk and BBC


  1. I hope it is also possible to complain about lack of freedom of speach that the British journalists are suffering now.
    To complain of being sued in case they would comment the PJ's official rapport.
    To complain they were forced to shut up about what they found out and being forbidden to inform the generous British people that they were cheated on.
    Hiding facts is also misinformation and consequently wrong news.

  2. Martin Brunt from Sky News, has a new entry on his blog "Life of Crime" called "Missing Madeleine and a reluctance to help". He's mentioning again( he's got a new report from "his man in Luz"!?) the destruction of posters and leaflets and what he calls the anti-Madeleine feelings from the locals. Is he adding some logs to the fire or is he cunningly taking his media-man revenge on the McCanns, a pay back on the villifying of the media by the infamous couple? I'm saying this because the response to his new blog from the public is very critical of Team Mccann, and maybe it was just what Mr. Brunt was aiming at. People are commenting and asking very pertinent and hard questions, it shows that despite the silence of the british media over this case, many british people are well informed and are questioning the McCanns atitudes and their version of the story. And this was allowed in by the moderators, so far those comments were not deleted, something that doesn't happen frequently in the british media.
    Worth a read.

  3. Gerry Mccann is in Portugal!

  4. How can I reach this Life of Crime?
    Thank you.

  5. Very interesting. What begins as a rather bland discussion on the PCC, ends in robust defence of our two favourite doctors.

    Who, I wonder, instructed Neil to be so fervently pro McCann in his questioning.

    The stories concerning Mr and Mrs McCann are no longer 'speculation'.
    Their lies and attempted deception are out in the public domain for all to see.

    The slow but definite change in public opinion regarding this pair of liars, the fear of Mr Amaral's book, and Mr Tony Bennet's '60 reasons' is beginning to bite a few butts. Someone somewhere is very worried.

  6. Sorry if I'm a bit late Anonymous 22.02, here's the link:




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