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McCann New Documentary: Gerry McCann in Portugal (Updated)

 The McCanns- the media starlets on their daughter's birthday in Praia da Luz, Algarve, May 2007

First published at 01:35 am

According to Sic News Channel, Gerry McCann arrived today at Lisbon in the company of some British reporters and an ITV production team to shoot a documentary in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

Apparently the ITV documentary will comprise of a reconstitution of the events of 3rd of May, the night Madeleine McCann disappeared, sources confirm that Kate and Gerry McCann and the other members of the Tapas group will be represented by actors playing their roles.

Kate McCann and the other Tapas members were not seen in Lisbon.

The sad reality is that this 'televised' reconstitution will not help to understand what happened to Madeleine since all statements given by the McCann Couple and their friends are full of incongruences and contradictions regarding the time-lines, a clear attempt from their part to mislead the Portuguese Judiciary Police investigation.

One has to wonder why none of the persons directly involved in the night that Maddie disappeared accepted to do a criminal reconstitution as asked several times by the Portuguese authorities.

If Mr. McCann and his wife are so keen in knowing what happened to their missing daughter they should, within their rights, ask the Public Ministry to reopen the archived process. And maybe, finally answer all the questions made by the Judiciary Police.

What we see here, with this documentary, is just another attempt to make money for a bottomless fund from a little girl's tragedy.

This farce can't go on forever!

SIC News Channel

RTP Channel

TVI News Channel

Update 13:00 pm: Jane Tanner, Matthew Oldfield and Clarence Mitchell are in Praia da Luz with Gerry McCann. Apparently it's a joint ITV Channel 4 production. This team have produced some works for BBC Panorama.

Today's shooting will have Gerry McCann going in to the apartment 5A and exiting, and being interviewed.

Gerry will not take any questions from the media, Clarence will give a press statement later on.

The production team brought a 'Madeleine' to play the role of Madeleine Beth McCann.

Meanwhile 21 workers of the Ocean club were fired today, the letter mentioned the McCanns as the cause for their joint dismissal. The workers are considering to sue the McCanns.

Update 14:57pm : According to Mitchell today they'll shoot some scenes at the Millenium restaurant, next to the pool inside the ocean club, and at the church of Luz. At night time they'll shoot the reconstruction, at the exact times of the event.

Clarence Mitchell justified that the couple did not do this reconstitution earlier, as was when asked by the Portuguese authorities, because at the time the PJ did not allow the television broadcasting. He also stated that the reenactment for the documentary will be used as basis for an ongoing private investigation.

Update at 10:00 am: Gerry caught on mobile camera at Lisbon Airport

Minor update: From ITV published 27 March 2008

Coming soon: McCann documentary

McCann film to mark anniversary of Maddie's disappearance

Kate and Gerry McCann are set to take part in an ITV documentary marking the first anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

The programme will feature extended contributions from the parents and focus on the campaign to prevent others going through a similar ordeal. It is the only TV programme the McCanns have agreed to be filmed for in the run up to the anniversary.

The documentary team has followed Kate and Gerry McCann since early January and exclusive footage for the one-hour special will include the couple in their home in Rothley and travelling around the world.

They also talk about Madeleine, the night she went missing, becoming “Arguido” suspects in Portugal and the decision to return to Britain.

Kate and Gerry campaign to introduce to Europe a USA-style Amber Alert system, in which law enforcement agencies are empowered to commandeer airtime on TV and radio when a child goes missing. The system also includes alerts via email, electronic traffic signs and text message.

The McCanns hope a European-wide scheme will help reduce the chances of their experience happening to other families.

ITV’s controller of current affairs and documentaries, Jeff Anderson, said the channel will donate £10,000 to the Find Madeleine Fund. However, he added that no payment has been made to Kate and Gerry McCann for the making of the programme.

Steve Anderson, executive producer at Mentorn Media, said: “Amid all of the controversy, what should be remembered is that a little girl is still missing and her family is trying its best to find her.

“We have been with Kate and Gerry McCann as they have pushed for a better system across Europe to help stop child abduction. They are determined to do whatever they can to make sure that what happened to Madeleine doesn’t happen to another child.

“They also speak frankly and honestly about Madeleine’s disappearance which is undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of the past 12 months.”


  1. No sé qué decir. Me quedo sin nuevas palabras para comentar esta nueva visita. Esta nueva película. Este nuevo capítulo del culebrón.

    Todo "nuevo" y, sin embargo, todo con un perfume a "déjà vu".

    Gracias, Joana y Astro, por la información.

  2. Their own version of events no doubt. Let them carry on, they will only be tripped up by their own lies once again. The more they try to fool us, the more transparent they become.

  3. These people need to be seen.
    They must have had a hell of life when they still were not known by the public.
    Exibitionism manifests itself on different ways.This is one of the them.
    They are sick, both of them.

  4. How is it possible that this McCann creature can visit Portugal in general and Luz in particular, on yet another sick scheme of making money from the death of his daughter for which he was responsible, without the police, any other authority or private citizen taking action against him/
    He appears to be able to insult the Portuguese people when ever he wishes and no one does anything. He is a special kind of monster, and the British medial have become his pawns his very very sick and disturbing game

  5. Não sabemos se Kate and Jerry estão sendo tratados por psiquiatras.
    Se não estão, precisam.
    Vão agora representar uma peça de teatro e serão atores.
    Os gêmeos estão sendo criados num ambiente patológico.
    Tristíssimo para os miúdos além de ser perigoso.
    Os pais são perturbados e alguma instãncia inglesa deve ver isto antes que seja tarde demais.
    Sei ler inglês mas não consigo escrever bem.
    Joana Morais poderia traduzir este comentário meu, por favor?

  6. We know it is just an other making money operation and we KNOW it has absolutely NO legal value.
    If they want to know what has happened to Madeleine-as if they didnt know already-they can ask to the prosecutor to re open the case.
    I think this new "iniciative" is really good: they are digging their hole a bit further down.
    Now...they were CRAVING to be in the medias AGAIN,didnt they?
    Very,very sick people,very disturbed but thats okay....people are not idiots,mccFibs & Co.

  7. Luz becomes Broadway.
    Are the Smiths and Amaral invited?

  8. That picture smiling at church...says it all.

  9. I think it's about time Kate and Gerry took over as scriptwriters for Eastenders.


  10. Photo above, at Lisbon airport,
    Gerry checking on his wallet how much money he still has left.

  11. For nearly two years people have been screaming at the McCanns to do a reconstruction and now that they are, some people want it stopped.

    It's a bit late in the day, I know, but it's getting to the stage where they can't do right for doing wrong - and I'm not defending them in any way, but people can't demand one thing and then object to it when it happens, in my opinion. I think they should carry on. We know it's a farce, the police know it's a farce - but maybe it's the only way the McMafia's will eventually trip themselves up.

    Gawd knows what's going on, especially if this has been planned a long time ago as someone on the 3 arguidos mentioned.

    I feel sorry for the residents of PdL for having this circus roll back into town just as the holiday season begins. You know the saying "give them enough rope..."

  12. Anonymous at 08:11 asked me to translate her/his comment

    "We do not know if Kate and Gerry are being treated by psychiatrists. If they are not, they should be. They will now represent a play and they will be actors.

    The twins are being created in a pathological environment. Very sad for the children besides being dangerous. The parents are disturbed and some English instance should see this before being too late."

    traduzido ;)

  13. Mas isto aqui vale tudo?
    Pelos vistos,sim.Mas com que contrapartidas e poder sobre segredos de PT? Que raio de soberba,de poder ostensivo,de força que lhe permite andar assim como quer e continuar a fazer o que quer? QUE RAIO DE FORÇAS OCULTAS,DE FORÇAS NEGRAS estão ao rubro?

  14. Joana: é mesmo atenciosa e boa Pessoa.
    Puxa,eu se preciso de entender uma língua que não domino ,socorro-me das ferramentas de tradução on-line.

    Vi também 1 comentário de astro no blogue do P.R.
    Vi outro comentário,no mesmo blogue,onde 1 anónimo que acaba assim :Jackanory what a story!
    Quando Astro diz que está tudo arrumadinho....significa que V. desconfiam
    de alguma coisa.Se sim,avisem-nos por favor.

  15. Joana: traduzir,traduzo mal com as ferramentas que me estão acessíveis. Compor e desenvolver um pouco...aí já é mais complicado.

  16. Jill H. at 10:57

    A criminal reconstruction, as requested by the PJ/Public Ministry in innumerous rogatory letters and appeals via the Home Office.

    Not a farce, like this 'televised reconstruction'.

  17. Maybe hes come to buy appartment 5A at the Ocean Club. It is still for sale. Nobody wants it anyway. It contains the restless ghost of a little girl that still waits for JUSTICE to be done and her MEMORY to be respected.

  18. SO, a reconstruction made by the portuguese police was of little point or interest for those infamous 9, but a televised show, with money to be made from it, 2 years on makes every sense!
    I wonder how ITV manged to put together a script that makes any sense, if it is based on the accounts of the Tapas9. How on earth did they navigate through all the inconsistencies and contradictory versions of events of that night?

  19. Não posso acreditar que as autoridades competentes no Algarve vão deixar este circo assentar arrais na Praia da Luz para voltar a transmitir ao mundo que aquela zona é o paraíso dos pedófilos e dos polícias corruptos!Minha boa gente da Praia da Luz, se os políticos eleitos por vocês não fazem nada para vos defender e preferem antes ceder a quem vos quer tão mal então arregacem as mangas e lutem! Não deixem que esses criminosos vos mintam e insultem!Mostrem a esse gente que não os querem aí e que não vão tolerar mais humilhações e faltas de respeito!Mostrem que Portugal, ao contrátrio do que muitos pensam e querem que aconteça, ainda é dos portugueses e que somos bons mas não somod bonzinhos!!!

  20. Jill Havern, people want to see a proper reconstruction made by the police with the real people who are involved in this case, and not a mediatised mockery with actors playing the parts with a controlled and forged script, that's why people are complaining against this!I don't recall anyone ever asking for a TV reconstruction to be made.
    Do you really think that the McCanns and their "friends" are not closely and thightly controlling what is going to be shown and how it is going to be made, they aren't taking any risks, everything portrayed in the ITV doc. will be inocuous and of absolutelly no jeopardy to any of them.

  21. "They also speak frankly and honestly about Madeleine’s disappearance which is undoubtedly one of the biggest stories of the past 12 months.”

    Will Kate finally share with the world that very important detail that made her have no doubt that Madeleine was abducted? This would be of the greatest interest, because then she could once and for all shut-up any arguments against the abduction theory and prove that they were right all along! Yet, I have the sneaking suspicion this will not happen, I'd better not old my breath, I risk suffocation if I do...

  22. I just went to "life of crime" blog, as I do now and then, to read the comments and one of the "regulars", an american/portuguese lady who has an apartment in Luz, has made a very interesting comment that has left me thinking...she says that the posters were part of a movie set, not for Madeleine, but a movie set.

    She says that the posters are only in Lagos and Praia da Luz - there are no posters in the rest of Portugal. She says that she is currently in Portimao and there are no posters of Madeleine there.

    The more I think of it the more it makes sense to me, that campaign was set in place to serve other purposes, not to refresh the locals memory.


  23. As far as I'm aware it is necessary to get permits( from the local authorities/councils?) to film on streets. Did they ask for permission, and if yes and such permits were granted, once again the portuguese authorities bended to the british wishes! It must be our low self-estime, we really are door-mats, we can't shake off our tendency to behave like colonized inferior people who bends over to the masters commands! Sorry if this ofends national pride but that's how I feel!

  24. I just canNOT understand the local authorities gave the green light for them to film this crap.
    Joana,please,why? how comes they have been allowed to do it?
    On the other hand it could have been allowed like that the PJ can have a very tight watch on them....?
    I cant help but find it so arrogant and sicklish....poor poor little Madeleine!
    What do they REALLY want to achieve with this?satisfy their mental illness?their thirst for protagonism?justify the Funds expenditures?because it is obvious:this will not bring Madeleine and they bloody KNOW it.
    It makes me sick in the soul.Portugal should NOT have allowed it.They shouldnt.....

  25. Why have 21 members of staff of the Ocean Club been dismissed, do you know?

  26. And who is playing the role of the sniffer dogs, eddie and keela ?

  27. Eddie and Keela have been discredited, they won't be needed in the Carry On Up The Algarve version of the 'abduction'.

    They'll probably just make sure there's plenty of mosquitoes and pork chops laying around.

  28. In the first video, on the top, at 5.03-5.04 is the man in dark sun glasses Marcos Aragão Correia entering the car,front passenger seat? Am I having visions? It sure has some resemblance to him.

  29. Oh please! Do not tell me that they will be entitled to protection from the GNR while filming Gerry, Jane and Oldfield parading about in that fake reconstruction! That would take the cake!Good people of Luz and surroundings, have your rotten eggs and tomatoes ready and practice your target skills!

  30. It will be interesting to see if among the about 20 actors there will be ones to play Mrs. Fenn, the Smiths, Susan Moyes( who was on the balcony of her flat, immediately above Mrs.Fenn's, around the time the kidnapping was taking place and heard or saw nothing), etc...

  31. With every video I watch my blood boils and boils! M. Warner sacks staff and mentions the McCann case as a cause of loss of business, and yet they give permission for Gerry and the "circus" to access the Ocean Club and 5A for this mockery of a documentary! Are they pocketing some money from this as a sort of compensation?

  32. Anonym at 16:05

    Do you have any doubts? I don't.

  33. Anonym at 15:44

    Those images are archived footage, so anything is possible.

  34. Jill Havern at 14:56

    In the letter of dismissal the McCanns name was mentioned twice as a the main reason for the lack of tourists at the ocean club. The dismissal of 21 workers, affecting 21 families was not the firs cut back since the McCann circus.

  35. Cada vez mais horror; mais repulsa por eles estarem cá;por eles dominarem aqui,no nosso País;por mais dinheiro;por tudo.
    Puxa! Quase nem consigo acreditar como é possível tudo isto.Chantagem?

    Isto já não é o circo mau dos maus.
    É um acto generalizado de mau gosto.

  36. Darling David Payne,
    You are Gerry's best friend, you were in the resort when it happened, the McCanns stayed with you after the disaster,
    my darling,
    why did you not join Gerry?
    What is wrong with you, my
    Mattheuw Oldfield,who saw two windows, who saw the cots and did not see Maddie's bed and Jane Tanner who saw the abductor were prepared to support Gerry.
    BUT... Russel O'Brian, who was absent for a long time that evening,and you, Happyness of My Life, who visited 5A between 6.30 and 7.00 pm stayed home?
    Bad boys, bad boys!

  37. Só consigo dizer,
    Por causa dos copos entre adultos


    DENEGRIRAM a imagem de um País !

    ENXOVALHARAM um Povo !

    LEVARAM AO DESEMPREGO uma centena de pessoas !


    Amaldiçoadas sejam as horas em que puseram e POEM os pés em Portugal !!!!

  38. M.Warner has suffered a blow with this case and is sacking staff, but what about the owner of apartm. 5A, a Mrs. Ruth McCann? Why has she kept so silent? She too was affected by this, she is unable to sell and no one seems interested in renting the apart., she has had a sever loss of income, I suppose... her property is now a "white elephant" gathering dust and cobwebs. Maybe she should take legal action against M.Warner and the McCanns, one for not having a policy that forbids children left unsupervised in the apartments and the other for failing to guard their children and put her property at risk. Yes, because those children left all alone could have set up a fire that could have injured or killed them and others in nearby apartments and turn the place into a burnt wreck.
    If this cenario had happened( instead of the disappearance of a child) wouldn't the McCanns and M.Warner have been considered responsible for the damages or any lives lost?
    Is there any such thing as a safety rule or policy that states how old a child must be to be able to stay alone and unsupervised in a hotel room? If there isn't it sure should be! In my apartment block we have two lifts and they have a warning that forbids children under 10 to use the lifts on their own, why shouldn't this extend to hotel rooms? I wonder if the Ocean Club has any lifts and if they have this same warning...

  39. Hehehe! Kate stayed at home, she doesn't feel up to it yet...and Gerry seems pretty uneasy too...just look at the mobile phone footage at the airport, he kept hidding behind a column the whole time, laying low, out of sight from other passengers!

  40. Mark Warner must in some way be complicit with the McCanns. How else did they avoid a huge law suit against them, Gerry hinted at more than one time...

    BTW: Sol reports that the Madeleine substitute is one of the children of the friends of the McCanns

  41. Se eu fosse dizer tudo aquilo que me vai na alma, após saber desta visita de Gerry McCann à Praia da Luz, seria muito provavelmente o pior vernáculo da língua Portuguesa.

    Fico com vontade de ajudar através de um qualquer Fundo, todas estas famílias que estão a ser prejudicadas pelo casal McCann...


  42. There were 9 people in the group.
    Today we see

    Gerry, who also represents Kate> 2x
    M.Oldfield who also represents Rachel>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2x
    J.Tanner w. a.represents R O'Brian>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2x

    6 people in total: we miss 3 of them, The Payne Trio.
    Diana Webster,Fiona Payne,David Payne.
    None of those 3 people was prepared to come to Algarve.
    Those 3 are telling us the truth, aren't they?
    And they are scared of what Amaral published about David.
    Uptil now Amaral has not being sued.
    David, were you present at the accident? Between 6.30 and 7.00pm?
    I bet you were.

  43. Uns Pais NOJENTOS-CRIMINOSOS, que se servem de tudo para amealhar dinheiro com a morte da Filha.

  44. parece que o cheiro a podridão da renault era forte, mas tão forte, que um dos cães não se conteve e chamou os McCann de assassinos.

  45. Quando a PJ pediu a presença deles no Algarve para reconstituirem o dia do desparecimento da garota, não vieram. Recusaram! Agora que o processo foi arquivado já veio para fazer filmagens para um canal de tv inglês, sabe-se lá a troco de quanto dinheiro. Impostores! Este tipo devia ser corrido e proibido de entrar em Portugal. Não sei como é que as nossas autoridades abaixam as calças aos ingleses e não tomam posição sobre estes impostores. Pessoal da Praia de Luz manifestem-se antes que eles estraguem o resto da vossa imagem e do turismo da região!

  46. Realmente só com imensos paus de marmeleiro para os mcs e cm e 3 não sei quê,mais macs e outros do género.

    Só tive tempo para ver os vídeos aqui e começo pelo mais descarado: repararam na ligeireza e boa memória do g.? Como entrou
    tão bem;como sabe bem o que fez e o que fizeram. Reconstrução ao modo de séries soap.

    O PIOR DE TUDO ISTO: os 21 empregados que,numa altura demasiadamente oportuna,ou seja,imediatamente antes da vinda do daddy,foram despedidos. Eles que fizeram tudo por pensarem estar perante uma família em sofrimento. Claro,tinham de sair,para bem do daddy! Se algum deles viesse a recordar algum pormenor adormecido?Como seria inconveniente....

    Quanto ao ocean club que pertence aos de uk e têm a mania....pena nenhuma que estejam em crise.Os estafermos provavelmente compensarão.E o ocean club

    Quanto aos NOSSOS, que lá se empregaram e agora foram dispensados....foi apenas por conveniência de controle das situações,como insiste em fazer o cardiologista.

    Aos 21 trabalhadores dispensados(de vez) LAMENTO!MUITO! Pois é totalmente injusto
    e vem do maquiavelismo de uk.

  47. Que irá acontecer ao Padre Católico que esteve naquela altura na Praia da Luz e que como bom português se entregou "à dor daqueles progenitores"?

    Que estará a passar o pobre homem neste momento?

  48. Brits! GO HOME!
    You are a bloody INTERNATIONAL disgrace.
    Leave my portuguese friends ALONE
    Havent ruined enough lives,INCLUDING your very own daughter"s?
    Dont you have any DIGNITY,nor RESPECT for anything nor anybody?
    And you,my protuguese friends you are far too soft and gentle.Shame I am not in portugal right now:I would make a BLOODY riot

  49. OK, they have now officially 'Jumped
    the Shark'.... They are delusional,
    clueless, and insulting to anyone with a brain. YA BASTA!!!

    I.SACHS ..... USA

  50. Let's see what UK newspaper will report on the jobs that were lost at the Ocean Club - directly attributed to the McCanns, in the firing letter that the 21 workers received.
    21 families have lost part of or their entire income. Another 27 workers are left at the Ocean Club, for how long...?
    Thank you, Mr & Mrs McCann! Thank you for leaving so many families without work, without money, without hope.
    I just hope it's been worth your while.
    THANK YOU!!!

  51. Dont watch the documentary, dont watch channel 4 on that particular time, in respect of Madeleine and her human rights. DONT WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY ON ANY TV CHANNEL. SAY NO TO THE FARSE!!!STOP THE MONNEY MACHINE!! Who pay the actors? How much channel 4 pay for that circus? The game is over... we, the public, we will be out of the circus!!! We are not watching clowns...

  52. Acho que os portugueses espalhados pelo mundo inteiro deviam inundar os sites da Procuradoria geral da Republica e da Presidencia da republica com mensagens de indignacao e de repudio total pelo documentario que esta a ser feito na Praia da Luz. E bom que nao esquecamos que este grupo foi convocado pela PJ para fazer a reconstituicao da dos acontecimentos e recusou com desculpas esfarrapadas. Voltam agora para ganharem mais dinheiro e queimarem ainda mais a imagem de Portugal e da justica portuguesa. E uma vergonha ve-los chegar com a pose de estrelas da Broadway e as autoridades portuguesas nada fazerem. Espero que o publico boicote as audiencias dos canais que passarem o documentario, quer em portugal quer no estrangeiro por respeito aos direitos da crianca. So a baixa de audiencias do programa pode inverter o negocio que e Madeleine. Que o publico faca a justica que os governos nao deixaram fazer.

  53. I wonder how the film makers will go about staging the famous Jane Tanner sighting, particularly that moment where she says she saw Gerry and Jez talking, but Gerry never saw her, and neither him or Jezs saw the "abductor"!And which version will they choose regarding which side of the road they were on, because Jane places them on one place and Gerry says they were in another. Interesting to see what they will come up with to justify it.

    Regarding the little girl that will play Madeleine, newspaper "SOL" says she is the daughter of one of their friends(no wonder, which child actor's parents would allow for their daughter to pose as poor little Madeleine?), and yesterday night I watched in a tv channel(can't remember which)some footage filmed outside R.Murat's house(of all places!)that supposedly showed the girl. It seemed to me that she is a very small girl, it was not possible to see her face clearly, but it didn't look like the daughter of J.Tanner(Ella?), who I think would be the closest in age and size to Madeleine. In fact, this girl looked far too young and small, she made me think of Amelie rather than Madeleine.If this is indeeed the girl-actor it seems that the McCanns have a strange fixation for portraying to the public the image of a very young and small Madeleine, why?

  54. "biggest stories "
    That what it is, a story.
    Bad told by Tapas 9.

    Thay discust me.

  55. When is the movie coming out, I'm sure it on the agenda and will be made soon?!


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