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McCann on Oprah Show May 2009

Write to Oprah now! Link

Thank you C. for the scanned images.


  1. JOana, the link to Oprah's email is not working.

  2. thank you for the warning, all fixed now!

  3. Poor distraught and emotionally fragile Kate is not able to come to Portugal(ever), not even for a mock reconstruction, but she's ok to fly to the USA and be on the Oprah Show! I bet she's alredy wracking her brains figuring out what clothes to wear, picking up matching jewelry, make-up, hair-style, the works! Will they be taking the twins, or will they be left behind with some relatives so the "happy honeymooners" can enjoy their VIP trip to Chicago?...
    I hope Ms. Oprah will by then have got plenty of information( I'm sure she alredy has a complete file on them, she's very professional), I hope that somehow she's got a copy of the DVD files, Tony Bennett's booklet, and a link to Joana Morais blogspot and Nigel Moore's McCann Files!I hope she makes them sweat!
    -You'll have plenty of bedtime reading to do, Ms. Oprah, just hope it doesn't give you nightmares...

    I have always felt an admiration for this self-made woman, I just hope she won't disappoint me this time and make me never watch her again. Let's wait and see if this will be a true Oprah Show or another McCann controlled stage play!


  4. But they said they wouldn't be going on Oprah's show! Does this mean they were lying? Surely not!!!!


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