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The McCanns on Oprah

«The day after the show, I do hope to be one happy swimmer in the sea of GENUINE tears that the McCanns will be able to extract from the eyes of Oprah and her viewers.»

by Textusa

In international relationships one does what one is ABLE, and not what one WANTS to do. Irrelevant if whatever one wants to do is more apt or just than what is actually being done. What matters is whoever does what it wants to do it’s because it can do so.

Much like a schoolyard where bullies rule. Their legitimacy is based solely on the strength they have and threaten to use or do use. They determine, because they can, who in the school is cool and who the geeks are. This bestowing by these rulers of the yard, will, in turn, affect directly each one’s social life expectancy and capability.

In the Maddie affair, Portugal has been, many a time, reminded of how geeky it is. And also on how UK is the bully in this particular schoolyard.

Just change the players nationalities, and, miracle of miracles, you wouldn’t have a Maddie case in the first place. Or a Madalena case, to better clarify.

But, there are many others schools, and yards, many other bullies. The biggest yard of all, The World, UK was once the bully, succeeding the Spanish, and these, the Portuguese.

Nowadays, the Bully of the Bullies is unquestionably the USA. Fortunately for all, it has been a benign one at that (yes, I know this is questionable to some, opinion which I respect and do not wish to debate) although never hesitating to show or use its muscles whenever it deems necessary to do so.

This to say, once you’ve conquered the USA's complacency you’ve got it made. That’s why every business in the world aspires to, one day, succeed in the American market. Because that is where the biggest creature of all creatures lives: the American Public.

This creature, like all creatures of the sort is easily manipulated by the media. A very powerful industry where money counts, but is not its highest priority. Various names are icons in it: Larry King, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Jon Stewart among others. But the King of the Kings in this métier is a Queen: Oprah.

That’s how important she is.

The power of these people is measured by their respective ratings. And there is nothing more racist than these. No, not about the colour of the skin, but of the speech that is spoken.

Anything spoken in English, namely in American/Canadian or Queens English, the noblest versions of accents of this language, has the biggest value in this peculiar stock-market. They are followed by the accepted Australian, Scottish, Irish and Welsh. Next, any foreigner, minimally fluent, that speaks English. Specially the French and Italians. Then, the remainder of the English accents.

Only then we have the non-English languages. Firstly French and Italian. Spanish is close to these, but not quite. Brazilian Portuguese ranks somewhere around Russian. Portugal’s Portuguese is equivalent to Greek. These, have very little selling value.

So, although justice would demand that Gonçalo Amaral be present with the McCanns on Oprah, ratings, in its ruthless logic, state otherwise. And we have to accept that.

Personally, I DON’T WANT MR. AMARAL TO BE PRESENT on Oprah. So, Mr. Amaral I ask you to please, please stop your efforts to be on it.

I hope that the unholy trinity (Kate, Gerry and Clarence) do have a huge success in convincing Oprah and her viewers that Maddie was abducted by a Mediterranean monster, is still alive and, if we all make one last effort, will be able to be brought home. Safely.

I hope there will be no mention of Gonçalo Amaral or of any “Verdade da Mentira” book. Nothing to spoil the magic. Not one single thing. Perfection from beginning to end. All 9 innings.

I hope also that it will be a tearful show, emotions flying, lots of hugging and heart-breaking sobs, where that poor, poor suffering couple may finally seek some comfort after 24 months of tortured torment.

And I’m being totally sincere. Not a speck of my usual sarcasm here. I do honestly want the show to be as I just described.

Hopefully, the American Public will be emotionally touched, like we all were on May 4th. The Fund will start to receive huge amounts of money as only the Americans are capable of being generous.

And, FINALLY, the American Public will start to get a REAL interest on the subject.

From then on, we know exactly what happens. The first frown, the first raising of an eyebrow. The inconsistencies starting to pop up. And the realization of deception.

Once the friendly, trustable American Public realize that that infamous couple is scamming them using the death of their own beautiful daughter, they will be angry. Really, really angry. Ruthlessly angry. I’m not talking tar and feathers here. It will be very hard to watch. The couple will be torn to pieces.

In the “American Public” there are people much more powerful and influential than those that protect the murderous scum at the moment.

So the higher they rise on Oprah, the higher they will fall. And fall they will.

The day after the show, I do hope to be one happy swimmer in the sea of GENUINE tears that the McCanns will be able to extract from the eyes of Oprah and her viewers.

Then I’ll know that the McCanns will have woken up what, for them, will be the Beast of the Beasts.

in Textusa's blog


  1. All the Oprah show is going to achieve with this new photo is that a poor girl with a British accent who vaguely looks like Madeleine will be accosted by some well meaning American who hopes to get a spot on the Oprah show. Just watch out for the new sightings of Madeleine all across America. Who are people going to call in America if they think they spot Madeleine, Oprah?, the police? the McCanns? - hadn't they better stick around in Chicago until the show airs just in case she is found?

  2. Ai Oprah, depois de te dares conta do erro que estás a cometer ao receber esses dois mentirosos compulsivos, vais chorar mas vai ser de raiva.
    Mas não podes culpar ninguém.Foste bem avisada.

  3. What a loud noise around Oprah and the Mccanns.
    The McCanns are two of thowsends people who present themselves in the Oprah show.
    There are several issues in one single Oprah show.
    Americans are much more used to murders of children than we are in Europe, used to disappearence of children, etc.
    Why worry about the couple's presence on a american tv?
    Let them show up. No problem at all.
    After they show up, Oprah will be worried about the next show, she will prepare herself, she will read books, discuss new items.
    She has more to do than to concentrate on the Mccanns.
    For her it will be no more than again a new working day although the subject is sad: the disappearence(death) of a little girl.
    But life goes on, also for Oprah and for her assistents.

  4. I have emailed Oprah with some of the facts about the McCanns and their bunch of lying friends, maybe if enough people email, she might get the message, i shouldnt think she would like to be made to look a fool if/when the truth finally comes out.

  5. There are already many non Portuguese people in the states who have some knowledge of the case and don't believe the McCanns. Right from the get go when it seemed everyone was mocking the Portuguese police a former FBI profiler stated that Kate McCann was the type of person that would never come clean. Many in the media scoffed at their claims and predicted that there would be numerous false sightings. The McCanns used John Walsh, an American, as a model for their quest to be ambassadors of child welfare. John Walsh's son was abducted and murdered and because of his efforts Amber Alert was implemented in the States. Mr. Walsh was a strong supporter of the McCanns, he even broadcast those ridiculous programs where Metodo 3 claimed that they knew where the child was and that they would have her home by the end of the week. Months after the McCanns where named suspects, John Walsh was supposed to come on CNN to discuss among other things the Madeleine case. He came on the show but strangely he never broached the subject. It seems to me that Mr. Walsh had come to his senses. Fox, being owned by Rupert Murdoch, transmitted many programs in favour of the McCanns, CNN which initially broadcast on September 7, 2007 a show on the McCann case with racist overtones became for the most part silent on the matter. I think a lot of people in the media are aware of the strange things that have taken place in Britain, i.e. politicians accompanying the McCanns to the European parliament and promoting them as ambassadors of child welfare while they were still suspects; a judge proclaiming in a court setting the couples innocence while they were still suspects; the British media's ostrich approach to the case and their use of censorship; the British government preventing evidence from reaching the hands of police etc. If these occurrences had taken place in the States there would have been an uproar. The American media also realizes that there are powerful people behind the couple and that is why I feel that they for the most part choose to remain silent.

    In Britain there have been cases regarding Paedophilia that have reportedly been shut down because members of the British government would have been implicated. Judging from a British woman's deposition that she observed Mr. McCann and one of his friends make vulgar gestures while talking about Madeleine and Mr. McCann's connection to the British government, I believe this is one of those cases. I wonder though how much patience the British government has to indulge this couple's narcissistic need for attention.

  6. Joana: sei que não gosta de tanto texto colado.DESCULPE!

    Posted on Apr 15, 2009 9:03 AM

    Hello to all from England...


    In light of the forthcoming Oprah show would you allow me ............... ways.

    ................. Let us hope and pray the full truth of this case emerges before these events bring about more tragedy.

    Oprah, when you ..............particularly Kate McCann, you have more power in your hands than you realise. Please use it for the benefit of all those who have suffered since the events of 3rd May 2007.


    em: http://www.oprah.com/community/thread/105907

    Replies: 1,406


  7. Questions Oprah SHOULD ask given she is meant to be queen of the chatshows. I think she should see herself as David Frost interviewing Nixon when she does this show.

    eg Oprah: Can I ask you Kate as one mother to another how could you wash Madeliene's cuddle cat toy when her smell is on it? To me and other's watching that act would be like you are washing away and distancing yourself from your daughter

    eg Oprah: Gerry is it true that you used a blue tennis holdall on that holiday and it went missing ?

    eg Oprah: Kate & Gerry, It is widely reported that you both did not go out and search for Madeleine the night she apparently went missing. I find that strange. Can I ask why complete strangers felt compelled to search and you both stayed in to ring people at home?

    eg Oprah:Further to my last point did you tell your friends and family that the shutters had been broken into?

    eg Oprah: Is it true the lady upstairs asked if she should call the police and you mentioned that you had already done that even though you hadn't?

    eg Oprah: Another thing that intrigues me Gerry about you is that when you wrote your blog you barely mentioned Madeleine. ?

    eg Oprah: Also, when did you become aware that the fund monies were being used to fund your mortgage.

    eg Oprah: People would also like to know who these text messages were too on the day Madeleine went missing?

    eg Oprah: The police dogs Eddie and Keela seemed to detect odour and blood relating to Madeleine. what are your thoughts on that Gerry?

    eg Oprah: Kate, mother to mother here. Why did you not answer those police questions when your daughter was still missing? You must realsie it doesn't look good?

    eg:Oprah: Kate, as a mother I also find it odd that you ran out of the apartment and said something like 'They've taken her' What did you mean by that and why didn't you take the little ones with you at that moment?

    eg Oprah: One visual that I keep thinking about is how joyful you seemed just one week after her disappearance when you departed the church. How was it that you could walk out smiling like that?

    eg Oprah: Many find it suspicious that you did not return to carry out a reconstruction when traditionally these prove very helpful at clarifying events, Can you explain why when your daughter is still missing you did not do that?

    eg Oprah: What is your relationship with the other members of your holiday group.

    eg Kate, have you seen that the Gaspar family have given a statement that implicates a member of your group and your husband with strange sexualised gestures?

    eg Oprah: Do you remember the bath time that evening. Bathing 3 children is usually a stressful task after a long day. What can you rememeber about your last bathtime with Madeleine.

    eg Oprah: Once again can you please tell us motehr's out there why you washed Madeleine's cuddle cat and thus were unable to smell her on it anymore?

  8. Well said Tex, it makes sense to me because for the first few day I was taken in by their shit, always blamed them for leaving her alone, but never suspected, that came after the jogging and bloggijng and the sol report..

  9. Oprah will NOT do anything that will jeopardize the mccScums.Para nada.And I agree with Textusa: I do NOT want Gonçalo to be on that show with them.NO WAY! He does not deserved to be smeared by their crap over and over again.The American public is not stupid.When the americans have overcome their sentimentalism,they will react and the......wait and see.They will pick up on all the inconcistencies and the mccanns will realize that they have woken up a big BEAST like Textusa is saying.The mccanns will be torn to pieces and the case will be re opened.
    The mccanns think they are reaching the skies but their fall is going to be extremely hard.I do not doubt it anymore...if I ever did.What goes high and very high,goes down and very hard.....so not to worry.Tney are finished and done with.
    Gonçalo,por favor,no te mezclas con esa gentuza.Eres muchisimo mejor que ellos sin ninguna duda.
    Un abrazo a todos,amigos Portugueses

  10. What is the use to talk to Oprah?
    The main question is the UK and not the USA.
    Most people in the UK know or suspect the truth whatever Oprah says in her show.

    Are the Mccanns going to be interviewd in England, next May, or will they only show their reconstituition?
    No confrontation with British cameras?

  11. Madeleine is still missing ... the McCanns are still globe trotting ... they are still being protected.

  12. Powerful people don't need a tv show to keep and to show their power.

    People who use the media, including tv shows as often as the Mccanns use, are scared of the public opinion.

    The effect of this show will achieve exactly the contrary they want, among the British public.

    This might be also fear for Amarals book, documentary and Tony Bennett's publications.

    At the UK parliament, Gerry and Clarence attacked the British media too.
    They were drunk.

    The same British media that made the Mccanns rich and that gave them unconditional support.

    They got a reply, on some news paper:
    "For Kate, who looked happy and relaxed"...( last March).

    In this life we have to be careful when we make friends.

    But we have to be 1000% more careful when we make enemies.

    Not everybody is suitable to be one.

    The British media are waiting for their turn.

    And they will get it.

  13. It is true. After having saying the British media was drunk( and irresponsible) in Portugal, the Mccanns can better forget any help from them.
    They were extremely hurt.
    That is why they went to Chicago.
    And that is why they made a documentary without any direct intervention of a journalist.
    Gerald, what will be your next step?

  14. Just a clarification, Oprah Winfrey has no children, so there's no point asking her to place herself in the position of any mother, from one mother to another, if you know what I mean.

  15. The McCanns are really strange.

    Last year, they refused to do the reconstruction requested by the Portuguese police, saying it'd been a year it would not help find Madeleine.

    Now, they are doing a reconstruction for Channel 4 and flying to America to be interviewed by Oprah. Do they think that will help find their daughter?

    To me, they are still the same: Greedy and selfish parents.

  16. The people pulling the strings for the McCanns are the powerful and influential people, based on their behaviour the McCanns are pure narcissists. For narcissists public opinion means everything and they will go to great lengths to have the public see them in a favourable light. Narcissists will also try to destroy the reputation of anyone who exposes to the public who they really are, and of course they crave constant attention. The McCanns have never experienced so much attention and they don't want it to stop, that is why these public appearances will go on for many years. My theory is that the people supporting the McCanns and making all this possible would rather they now maintain a low profile, but the nature of this couple won't allow them to stop. I disagree that the media gave them unconditional support, I believe the support was planned. As for Amaral's book, I will be surprised if it is allowed to be published in Britain, such is the type of democracy that is practiced in the British Isles.

  17. Guerra,

    Missed the times I used to disagree with you...

    This is a question of profit. As long as it's profitable for them to like they are being now, this farse will be maintained. When it will be profitable to persecute them, then persecuted they shall be.

    And you only kill the chicken that lays the golden eggs, when she's croaking... not 1 minute before...



  18. Textusa, the only time I recall disagreeing with you is when you made it sound like the Portuguese police were the only police in the world that bungled an investigation. As I recall I said that the PJ were prevented from doing a proper investigation by outside forces that were beyond their control. I'll give you a recent example of police incompetence in the States. In the Casey Anthony case a meter reader phoned the police more than once indicating that he had seen a strange bag in the woods near the Anthony home, the officer who received the call went out to the woods and basically did nothing. Month's later the same meter reader went in the woods and saw the same bag and he picked it up and the skull of the missing child rolled out. The officer who attended the meter reader's call was fired. If they had found the body when the officer received the first call there would probably have been remnants of soft tissue i.e. better forensic evidence. This incident will probably provide an opportunity for the defence to argue that the body was moved by the so called actual killer while Casey Anthony was in jail.

    I don't disagree that money is a motivation for the McCanns but in my opinion public attention is even more of a driving factor.


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