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McCanns On their Way to the US

British couple Kate and Gerry McCann prepare to fly out of Heathrow Airport to the United States Wednesday April 22, 2009, to record an interview for the Oprah Winfrey Show to mark two years since their daughter Madeleine's disappearance while on vacation in Portugal. The couple will use their high-profile appearance on the program to release new images of how the missing girl may look now.
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  1. You can see from their faces what a wrench it must have been for them to leave the twins behind can't you?

  2. Yeah, it seems like she's skinned CuddleCat, the poor thing...
    Look how fresh and relaxed they seem, so carefree, like two pop stars, all smiles! It seems that Kate managed to overcome her concerns about leaving the twins behind...

  3. Poor, poor parents. How devastated, how depressed they look. It is obvious, just from looking at them, how much they suffer, every single day, how much they miss 'their Madeleine'...

  4. anon@14:47

    surely you mean:'how much they miss their marketing ploy'?

  5. Vacations are allways for the Mccanns a great pleasure!

    in this casa they get 1 milion dollars present!

    Madeleine is dead but they have to pay the big house in Rothley.

  6. Totally beyond belief...

    The longer the charade continues, and the more people that they involve/collude in their lies, the bigger their downfall

    Please let it be soon

  7. They look happy, don't they?

    Let them be happy.

    They look great.No depression, no sadness, no worries about the twins.

    A nice trip payed by the British people.

    Why not?

  8. why exactly do they look so happy????

  9. maybe they look so happy because they travell without the twins ? 8)

    Shoes are also prepared to run away if there will be uncomfortable questions ?!

  10. Oh how frail Kate looks!! Poor thing having to drag herself and her fake celeb husband all the way to Chicago, what a shame she was too frail to go to Portugal where her daughter might be.
    Hey, maybe its going to be like a Jeremy Kyle show and Oprah will produce Madleine!!!!!

  11. for someone like Gerry with a lots of complexes about his poor background ist is the Glory to be recognised in the Airport.

    he smils of course , he is a celebrity -welcome to Hollywood, my dear!

  12. "Oh my God, THEY'VE taken her".

    'We've no idea who took her'

    'We don't want to hand-back the hire car with blood in it, we want to buy it'

    'We don't want to disclose GNR records of our interviews'

    'We don't want to disclose the contents of Kate's diaries'

    'We went to the chapel, and the priest there kindly stopped the GNR from going in'

    'We went to see the Pope, instead of looking for our daughter who we claim simply disappeared'

    'We still need lots of donations to pay for us to go to the countries where there are so many sightings by all those genuine people who report to the authorities as soon as their holidays are over and they arrive back in their own countries'

  13. They look like they are throughly enjoying themselves, What the hell is going on here? When did we give celebrity status to child murdering scum? How has it turned that people who killed their daughter and concealed her body to hide God alone knows what injuries are now celebrated on chat shows?
    Fuck the McCanns and fuck Oprah.

  14. These two make me sick, how can they laugh and look so happy? Look at the mother of Yeremi, look at the mother of Rui Pedro, look at the mother of Ben... and do NOT tell me that everyone is different and reacts differently, because the ONLY ones who are different are these two!
    They smile and laugh like movie stars, this is NOT natural. NOT!

  15. Kate and Gerry are filled with hope, they know that little Maddie will be home soon, they are doing everything they can to make sure that she is found! How dare you speak like that, they are wonderful parents, they are setting a great example for other parents: never give up hope, never give up on Madeliene.
    Stop hating them, they are innocent, havent you read the files, there is nothing against them, they were cleared!
    Amaral and the portuguese people should be ashamed, but they will pay the price, nobody goes to the Algarve on holiday anymore hahaha!

  16. They are going to a party, the suitcases with clothing and accessories matching come behind :)

  17. This appearance is just more rope.

  18. Lá vão eles e o que choca é o ar sempre,sempre sorridente. Muito sorriem.
    Os seus sorrisos são sempre PROVOCAÇÃO!
    Um ultraje terrível para a FILHA QUE PERDERAM.INDECENTES!

  19. Kate and Gerry are filled with hope, they know that little Maddie will NOT be home NEVER, they are doing everything they can to make sure that THEY HAVE MORE MONEY AND HOLLYDAYS!

    How dare THEY DO that, they are neglecters parents, they are setting a BAD example for other parents: never FIGHT, neverFIGHT up on Maddie.

    Stop burros loving them, they are not innocent, havent you read the files, there is A LOT OF THINGS against them, they were cleared BY PRESSURES FROM UK GOVERNEMENT!

    Amaral and the portuguese people should be ALWAYS PROUD, but THE MCS they will pay the price, PORTUGAL DO NOT WISH SEE THE Ts here.OR OTHERS LIKE THEM!


    Não gostei nada do Santiago.De o ouvir.

  20. " Anonymous said...
    Kate and Gerry are filled with hope, they know that little Maddie will be home soon, they are doing everything they can to make sure that she is found!"

    You are a fool....unfortunately,Madeleine will never be found and they are doing everything to fool people like YOU,whoever you are behind your "anonymous" stupid post.
    Nobody "hates" them but everybody think they are bloody guilty and are NOT saying the truth: FULL STOP

  21. People, people... do calm down.

    Stupid people do stupid things. Very stupid people never cease to amaze you.

    Don't these smiles remind you of those just outside the church on Maddie's birthday? Oh what a fun day that was.

    So nice to see Kate smile again, it makes her skin glow.

    I have a date with Himself and Joana at the gallows, which i mean to keep, and I do believe that this unbelievable couple have just chosen the biggest rope there is.

    Yours truly


  22. Anonymous said...

    "Amaral and the portuguese people should be ashamed, but they will pay the price, nobody goes to the Algarve on holiday anymore hahaha!"

    Fuck YOU and THEM hahaha

  23. “Kate and Gerry are filled with hope (HAHAHAHA!), they know that little Maddie will be home soon (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!), they are doing everything they can (HAHAHAHA!) to make sure that she is found (HAHAHAHA!)! How dare you speak like that, they are wonderful parents (HAHAHAHA!) , they are setting a great example (HAHAHAHA! DO STOP, DO STOP, MY BELLY ACHES!!!) for other parents: never give up hope (HAHAHAHA!), never give up (HAHAHAHA!) on Madeliene .

    Stop hating them, they are innocent (HAHAHAHAHIHIHIHI!), havent you read the files (HAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHO), there is nothing against them (HAHAHAHA!), they were cleared (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH MY BLADDER!!!!)!”

    Thank you anon!!! Made me feel a lot better!!!


  24. Please, please give me an answer-I am a brazilian Public Prosecuter and live in a very diferent world and logic as people in Europe.

    I ask you my brothers and sister from this blog:if Gerry and Kate is meeting Oprah and tell the story to 144 countries, than they are absolutely sure thant the body from Madeleine will never be found, right?
    May we think about a perfect crime?
    They know 100 % that her body will never be discover???
    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Greetings from Brazi,


  25. 'We've no idea who took her'

    'We don't want to hand-back the hire car with blood in it, we want to buy it'

    'We still need lots of donations to pay for us to go to the countries where there are so many sightings by all those genuine people who report to the authorities as soon as their holidays are over and they arrive back in their own countries'

    Exactly, Anon.!

    I believe that the social worker lady( Yvonne Martin)says in her police interviews that she heard Kate claiming that "a couple" had taken Madeleine!
    And I never understood how the police did not ensure that the hired car( and the apartment too) would stay off-limits to anyone but the police!How was it possible for both to be returned and used by the "prime suspects" and third parties?

    I remember that the parents of that poor little angel, Mariluz Cortez, immediately said they would sell their house, probably their only substancial material possession to pay for the search or ransome of their very much loved daughter! And what did the Mccanns do? They started a fund with public money and used it to pay mortgage installments of their "mansion"!!!


  26. Para Textusa: Você eu fazemos quase o mesmo. Com aquele texto de um idiota,eu que sei puco inglês,copi,colo e modifico.
    O Text. põe o texto só com gargalhadas.Boa!

  27. Maria, cara irmã brasileira, os pensamentos que colocou na sua mensagem deram-me arrepios! Em minha opinião a única maneira de ter certeza absoluta, de ter total convicção de que o corpo nunca será encontrado, é saber que o mesmo foi destruído, totalmente, sem deixar qualquer resíduo. Pensamento horripilante, brrr...se este é o caso, pobre Madeleine, tão desrespeitada até depois de morta!
    ( Maria, our "sister" from Brasil, your thoughts on this sent chivers down my spine, it is terrible to think that only one thing would make them so sure and confident that Madeleine's body will never, ever be found, and that is the total destruction of the body, with no residue left to be found!
    What a terribly horrid thought, brrr...if this is indeed the case, poor little Madeleine, treated with so much disrespect, even in death!)

    Um abraço deste lado do Atlântico,


  28. Textusa
    I hope the rope is thick enough to hang them both at the same time.
    Gonçalo to get on a show to counter the Oprahs show.What about Nancy Grace????

    Maria From Brazil
    Yes...it looks like it is the perfect crime but you must know it would be the first ever and you must know there never is a prefect crime.
    Cops are cops and they do not like to be ridiculed.They are proud people,whoever they are cops from Brazil,France UK etc...In this case TWO police forces are being absolutely trashed and they wont give up.The case is shelved but NOT closed.Poor little Madeleine-although we know she is dead- is considered as a missing person.This is very important.Somebody soon or later will make a BIG mistake.I have hope and faith that the case will be re opened and justice made to Madeleine,dead or alive.Justice can and will done,with or without finding her body.
    Do you know the 3 Arguidos website?It is full of very bright people and informations.

  29. Anon 17.35:
    That joke was so funny.Thank you for making me laugh!

  30. Que surpresas virão deste passeio aos E.U.A.?

    Esperar para ver,quem não sabe e não consegue adivinhar.

  31. The most hated people in Britain surely.

    Just keep going McCann. If you know the history of propoganda you'll know the bigger you will fall and I - among many - will be waiting on that day with great interest.

    Your time is about to lapse so take a deep breath: you're going down.

  32. Well said Speak Your Mind. At last, a fellow critical-thinker.

  33. Mary from Brazil, I read here that you are a Public Prosecuter and that is nice.

    About the body, I think someday somebody will tell us where the body is burried. I even think Kate will tell it herself.Within some few weeks the 3rd year after the death will start and Kate's psychologic situation will deteriorate more and more.
    Feeling of guilt must be terrible for her, worse than for Gerry because it seems she was present at the moment of the accident and it even seems she caused the accident. Nobody can live with such a guilt. I think some day she will tell it.

  34. My dear Blogers,

    I thank you very much for the answers to my question.It seems to me as one of you said the corps doesn't exist anymore, right?Thats why Gerry ist flying so relaxed to Oprahs show.This case takes my sleep despite all the terribles cases I try to solve right now.
    Maybe Sean and Amelie, one day will
    try to find the truth.But my strogest hope rests with Gonçalo Amaral and all the people that fight or Justice for Madeleine.

    Thank you very much!Justice need people like you all.
    Maria -Rio de Janeiro

    *do you know something about the mental state of Kate?
    Could you tell me? I never read any words about it.Please tell me.

  35. Maria from Brazil, some time ago, Mr. Paulo Sargento, teaching at the Faculdade de Direito in Lisbon wrote an article where he tells that, one evening, he received a call from England telling him that Kate was suffering of something.
    Psychologic problems and she was nearly breaking down. She seems to have disappeared for a long time.

    He got this call not very long ago and she disappeared 3 months ago. People still see the twins but they don't see her.
    Paulo Sargento writes that these news are unconfirmed.
    I noticed that the actress who played Kate's role never met or spoke to her(Kate).
    You would expect at least a chat on the phone, to discuss details of the reconstituition.
    About the body: I believe it is burried somewhere in Algarve.

  36. When the bad faith the USA as an alibi McCann

    17 | 04 | 2009 08.44H

    The news that the workers of the hotel in Praia da Luz were preparing to sue the couple McCann, claiming they are responsible for their dismissal, is as absurd as pathological can only lead to more genuine outrage to anyone who reads.

    So it is not good to see that the couple woke in the morning and think 'now how are we to do now? ". Then the father will say to the mother, "although there kill our daughter, and stage a kidnapping. And the mother, wiping the hands of happy: "What great idea! I was tired of the beach. "

    Vai then planned everything, killed her daughter, hid her in a freezer (where, how, when, so nobody knows) called the foreign television and were entertained to the main roles of the 'soap that thrilled the world.

    It therefore follows that the more immoral than the refusal to pay the Ocean Club, Praia da Luz and the rental of the scenario of the feature, leaving the participants to their fate.

    Frankly, some people even dishonest! Moreover, the chance of Qimonda was no foreign spouses have remembered stage a kidnapping in the area, but rather to talk about economic crisis, had this alibi Machiavellian, more attractive to journalists without drip of sense.

    But if all this sounds to the most despicable evil or stupid, which it is sick, again, the attitude of the ex-cop Goncalo Amaral, from the event, which saw their 'theories' rejected by the court, and the status of defendant raised to parents.

    Well this is that you now offer to workers' control, taking an opportunity to return the spotlight and sell some books, because the McCann says' tell a lie. They know that Madeleine is dead and that there were no kidnappers.

    Amaral, who led the research more expensive in Portugal, with zero results, disguises with a "I know they know. When the truth is still not know who we are. What remains unclear are the parents, until proven otherwise (and the former inspector did not find!), Not only as innocent victims of the most terrible human tragedy, the disappearance of a child.

    Make them scapegoats is the most gross cruelty and cowardice.

    Isabel Stilwell | editorial@destak.pt


  37. Sweeps week is coming up in the States. It's the time of year where the ratings for the shows are taken for a full week, it occurs in the months of February, May, July and November. During this time television networks and programmers go all out to boost television ratings. Oprah invited them not because she is sympathetic to them or that she wants to expose to the world who they really are, psychopathic narcissists, she just wants the ratings. Oprah even invited the parents of Casey Anthony who is awaiting her trial for murdering her child. She later withdrew the invitations because the parents appeared recently on another show, having already appeared on another show the public interest would not have been as great and the ratings wouldn't be either. You can expect a well rehearsed show with the questions already known in advance and there might not even be a studio audience, if there is it will be a tame one. It's sad but true but the world revolves around money.

    This charade is going to go on for many years. Personally, I might not even watch this show its not the type of fiction I prefer. Paciência.

  38. Someone Somewhere knows allThursday, April 23, 2009 12:48:00 pm

    I can't believe these two preens making money out of their own daughter M.. These 2 are just a disgrace to Great Britain and the rest of Europe. What pose for picture... he sure does look like an executive on vacation, in the middle of a big recession

  39. What a load of rubbish on here. So the Mccanns accidentally kill Madeleine, plan an abduction, hide her body for 25 days, plan a fund fraud with lots of people and continue this for two years and the police dont manage to arrest them. Some people on here need to get a life. I hope they find their daughter.


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