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McCanns to reveal 'aged' pictures of missing Maddie on Oprah Winfrey show

«According to reports in the US newspapers, Winfrey and Walters have each pledged £1 million in an attempt to get the couple in front of the TV cameras. However, it looks like the McCanns will not be persuaded. Says the couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell: "We are not in the market for selling Kate and Gerry’s story to the highest bidder. And we are not impressed by big names. We talk to media from all over the world." - 21 July 2008»

By Rod Chaytor

PICTURES of what Madeleine McCann looks like now are to be revealed on Oprah Winfrey's talk show.

Her parents Kate and Gerry will appear on the US programme, which will be broadcast on the weekend of the second anniversary of her disappearance on May 3.

They will fly to Chicago next week to record the show.

Some recording for the one hour special has already taken place and more will follow next week at the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington.

The US charity, have produced the images of how Madeleine would look two years on from her 2007 disappearance at an Algarve holiday apartment.

The "age progression" pictures show her as they believe she looks now, aged five.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry have seen the pictures and they are extremely pleased with them.

"They would not be doing this if they didn't think these pictures genuinely showed how their missing daughter would look today.

"The Oprah show is seen by millions in the United States and worldwide and they hope these age progressed pictures will lead to the crucial sighting which will bring their daughter home."

Oprah has been asking Kate and Gerry to appear since Madeleine vanished.


They felt it inappropriate while they continued to be suspects in her disappearance.

But, Mitchell added: "There are a number of messages they now want to get out there.

"It was felt Oprah provided an appropriate platform." A separate reconstruction will be shown on Channel 4 on May 7.

in Daily Record

Kate and Gerry McCann to appear on Oprah show

By Rod Chaytor - yes it's the same hack as above

Kate and Gerry McCann will appear on Oprah Winfrey's chatshow as they bid to keep alive the search for missing Madeleine.

The couple will unveil new computergenerated images of the youngster showing what she would look like now.

The one-hour special with the American TV queen will be broadcast early next month to mark the second anniversary of her disappearance.

Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: "Kate and Gerry see the show as a very important opportunity to reach a global audience and it's a significant step in the hunt for Madeleine.

"It's seen by millions in the US and worldwide and they hope these pictures will lead to the crucial sighting that will bring their daughter home." Doctors Kate and Gerry, both, 40, of Rothley, Leics, have already shot a segment of the show in the UK. They fly to Chicago next week for further filming.

Some footage will be shot at the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in Washington DC.

The Government-backed charity has produced the new pictures of Madeleine, who would have turned six next month.

Mr Mitchell added: "Kate and Gerry have seen the pictures and they are extremely pleased with them."

He said Oprah had previously tried to quiz the couple but he explained: "It was felt, in the immediate aftermath of Madeleine's disappearance, that a celebrity-based show was not the image they wished to put forward. But life has moved on and it is now felt it will benefit the search."

On May 7, Channel 4 will also screen a reconstruction of the youngster's disappearance in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007.

in Daily Mirror


  1. I think it's a horrible injustice to the ONLY true victim in this horrible saga, which is MADELEINE BETH McCANN, to allow Kate and Gerry McCann YET ANOTHER platform to spread lies and "mistruths".

    This family has left the memory of their sweet little daughter in the dust and continue to blame everyone from innocent bystanders to the Portuguese authorities for Madeleine’s disappearance.

    They are only ones to blame for Madeleine’s disappearance!

    They have changed their story so many different times it's not hard to see where Clarence Mitchell gets his habit of chronic and habitually lying.

    If Ms. Winfrey believes she will get a HONEST interview with these people, she is SADLY mistaken.

    The McCann's couldn't tell the truth if their life depended on it.

    Please Ms. Winfrey do your research and see how many times this family has lied and changed their stories.

    Please watch all of their interviews and the newly released process with their depositions.

    They are NOT the sympathetic family but in many ways have contributed to the murder of little Madeleine, albeit indirectly.

    They are hostile and vile people who will simply ruin anyone's life if it suits their agenda.

    And appearing on Oprah will only further their agenda of trying to use their daughter to raise money.


  3. How strange that the parents of a little British girl who went missing in Europe are to appear on Oprah's show in the USA. Just how will appearing in the US of A help find Madeleine? Did they not say only a few weeks ago that they needed to go back and focus on Portugal. Now if I was a cynic I would think this was all about money, but surely not.

  4. Hope this renewed attention to Madeleine with new clues yet to be seen will make an end to where she is and what happended to her. Poor child. What a nightmare.

  5. I wonder if they will be present at Oprah's.

    It is a big risk.
    Oprah got to hear about David Payne.
    And to watch Amaral's documentary before she receives the McCanns.
    Maybe Tony Bennett can get contact with her, sending her the videos.
    Or Duarte Levy SOSmaddie.
    Or you, dear Joana, Oprah got to know it.

  6. "The Oprah show is seen by millions in the United States and worldwide and they hope these age progressed pictures will lead to the crucial sighting which will bring their daughter home."

    Oh yeah? being starlets on a SHOW will bring Madeleine back will it?
    Ah....may be I have mmissed somefink: Madeleine is in the US of course....and showing the pics of her will help....yea....its sickening.
    They carry on showing NO respect for the child,selling her once more to a vast audience who does NOT believe them.
    They are very,very SICK people

  7. If anyone on this site believes Oprah Winfrey will conduct an honest and open discussion with the McCanns then you are all dillusional.

    Winfrey is also in the "circle". Her job - as a host to a vast audience - is to create a diversion from what's happening in the real world. This is why she gets so many viewers so think again people. Do you honestly think the McCanns would dare go on Oprah if it wasn't already sewn up? Do you think those two idiots would risk more than what they have already?

    Oprah is perfect for those two gutless child neglectors and that is why they will be appearing. If any of you know how media entertainment works you will know it is all a stage; a stage to sell advert space to the corporates and sell nonsense to the already stupid-ass public.

    I rest my case.

  8. astonishing!
    " Kate and Gerry have seen the pictures and they are extremely pleased with them."

    They are extremely pleased of the whole money-making charade. Shameful.

  9. Unbelievable! Will they never just go away!

    So Oprah joins the bandwagon - I hope the US dont just sit back and allow thses liars a stage without putting forward the facts of the case!

  10. So Kate McCann couldn't go to Portugal for the recent filming of their version of events because she allegedly wasn't up to it, but she can fly to the U.S.A and appear on a major television show. Much bigger money on offer from Oprah, obviously! And the McCanns probably think they will get a sympathetic hearing from the Americans. The reaction in Portugal wasn't exactly welcoming.

  11. This show have nothing to do with Madeleine and everything to do with her parents and they ultrajous need of been in the stage all the time. They will cash in, in a show which hapens miles away from the place where she disapeared. And the circus still going on with new acts and new characters coming in: Football players, Business mans, J K Rollings, The Pope, Mrs Bush, Ophrah. Who will be next: Obama? Dalai Lama? How Pathetic are this two, believing that there still people looking for Madeleine and believing on an abducted story? Nobody is looking for Madeleine anymore. We all believe she died two years ago, but we are watching very close this two pathetic parents, just to see how far they go with that story and how deep they fall. Now they are planing to show an updated picture of Madeleine. This have a so bad taste that only fits in a ghost hunting programme. Are they planning to show us how Maddie looks like, in twenty years, on her supposedly weding, her first baby? Maybe... if they can still cashing in. In a time when must countrys and must people are facing a economic crise, this two create a new businness, a new job very well payed: Careless parents they just need to get ride of a child and start a story with lots of characters and some money to spend with this characters. Et voila a easy way to pay credit cards, houses, holidays, VIP trips. They are so sick....

  12. Já aqui estão imensos comentários,os quais ainda não li.Mas ,claro,que vou fazê-lo.

    A propósito das fotos: espero que uma delas não seja aquela,talvez made in usa,onde aparecia a Pequenina,mais 1 vez como lolita e aparentando ter 9 anos.
    9 anos nada inocentes.

  13. "PICTURES of what Madeleine McCann looks like now are to be revealed on Oprah Winfrey's talk show."

    "Offensive? Tell it to those two cunts from Rothley. This is the true world of Kate and Gerry McCann, this is the reality.
    in a "gallery near mcs"

    Só por algum pudor não completo o link. Mas quem sabe,chega lá.Sorry

  14. One million pounds each, for an interview with the McCanns?
    An interview in the USA, a country where there are more children abductions than dust in the air?
    Come on, I am tolerant and I'm always prepared for concessions but this is a bit too much.

  15. money,money ,money must be funny in the Mccanns world!

  16. Alguém devia mandar o livro do Gonçalo Amaral e uma cópia do documentário da TVI paa que a Oprah poder perspectivar este caso com maior amplitude.

  17. The MCCanns are absolutely right to go to Oprah because millions of people will be watching and seeing Madeline's photo. Madeleine needs to be found and brought home. The MCcanns are doing all they can to make sure that people all over the world remember Madeleine and help to find her.
    I'm sure that Oprah will be great with the McCanns as she is always sensible and kind.
    I'm looking forward to the show. So are millions of people who love Madeleine and support the McCanns.
    Ameral can't even get close to that kind of audience.
    The Mccanns deserve only the best. They have suffered enough. They need their Madeliene back.

  18. IMO if McCans go to the program , for sure they did a good deal with Oprah concerning money and also the way the interview will be conducted.

  19. Mais uma que se vai arrepender amargamente de ter apoiado este nojento casal.
    Ai Oprah, nem sabes no que te vais meter...


  21. Anon 19.57:
    You almost made me cry.

  22. Try to read about the hysperical personality. Both have a lot of it.
    They ask for attention all the time, they need to be the centre of the world.
    Let them be.
    Finally they became something in this life.
    I wonder what Gerry's colleagues feel for this couple.
    They must detest them.
    Even Tapas 7 must have difficulties in accepting this couple.

  23. Anon 21.54,

    nearly cried?
    Can't you see this was written by the Mccanns themselves?

  24. So these despicable threesome are using the poor little dead girl to cash in and make themselves even more money.

    Well Gerry & Kate always wanted to make it big in America, now is their big break. I hope they memorised all the answers to the questions well.

    Mind you with a bit of luck Kate may break down and spill the beans.

    It's only a matter of time.

  25. After the USA, where shall they be going to?
    These people are sick, no doubts about it.
    All the attention they need!
    Are they trying to make people forget Amaral?
    They will not, be sure.

  26. I'm absolutely sure the McCanns would not go on the Oprah show unless they were positive that they would be given a sympathetic hearing. They wouldn't put themselves in a position of being cross-examined about awkward matters, although some seemingly awkward questions may be asked just so they can spread their saccharine versions of what happened. The findings of the dogs? Easily explained. The inconsistencies? Easily explained. The lies? Easily explained. The political interference? Easily explained. If you're a McCann, that is. And don't forget, they jumped on the Amber Alert bandwagon even though it wouldn't have been relevent in Madeleine's case, so they will no doubt bring that up and expect praise for it, too.

  27. anonymous said 12/04/09 12.47

    "If anyone on this site believes Oprah Winfrey will conduct an honest and open discussion with the McCanns then you are all dillusional."

    Don't worry my friend we wasn't born yesterday.That is why we are all here.

    "Winfrey is also in the "circle". Her job - as a host to a vast audience - is to create a diversion from what's happening in the real world."

    she'll get on tremendously with the pink pratt then..

    If you have been on this blog for some time you would realise we are not as dillusional as you say

    I also rest my case....

  28. Anon 22.57
    I was being ironic...

  29. Ohhh myyyy goodddd
    the lot of you get some respect please.... Your all sat spreading your mallicious thoughts on your VERSION of events you dont no nothig have you even sat and thought you could be wrong and it isnt nothing to do with maddies parents that poor poor womrn has lost a child doesnt know if she alive dead warm or eaten or even getting used in trafficing raped and tortured to wotk in gypsy camps come on the thoughts in that womens head all because she had put her children to bed on holiday safe and sleep and went with friends for a few evening drubks im pretty sure gate knows qhat she has done wrong and doesnt mean she need low disrespectyl people like yourseld judjing her actions SORT IT OUT


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