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A mere police exercise...

“When the Policia Judiciária proposed last year for a reconstruction to be carried out, it was only police exercise, and was not part for the public to see."

Clarence Mitchell, in 'Algarve Resident', 04.05.2009


  1. Love it !
    This new episode of my favorite soap


    They care absolutely NOTHING about any investigation, anywhere!

    This is THEIR show, the police are mere intruders on a silly, pointless exercise. What matters is the PUBLIC and their contributions, their donations.


  3. What a bunch of revolting creatures!
    Justice for Maddie, now!

  4. Por favor digam-me que isto não é verdade!

    Que horror!

  5. This would actually be quite funny, if it wasnt real.
    But it is real.
    Maddie is dead and her parents are making money, swooning around Praia de Luz, laughing, enjoying the good life.
    How the people of Portugal put up with this, I fail to understand.
    The police is useless, that much is obvious, they have been reduced to their civil servants role.
    Make a fuss that the British media cant ignore!

  6. How are these people still walking free?

    They are as guilty as sin

    I'm sorry for Portugal to have to endure more of the McCann's. Why are the PJ impotent? Can they not stop the filming? Can they not insist on the 48 questions and their own PJ reconstruction to take place before any circus acts???

  7. OMG!!! please Portugal, I am so sorry for you and your beautiful country. I am English .and I assure you most of us are disgusted and so embarresed,I know not what the hell is going on with our goverment, but we must carry on to find the truth ,PLEASE WE ARE NOT ALL LIKE THEM,,,,

  8. I am utterly appalled that the friends of the parents of any missing (probably dead) child can refuse to co-operate with the police authorities of a European country in the investigation of that child's disappearance.

    It was the friends of the McCanns who actually refused to return. They are, to my mind, guilty of impeding the legal process for that reason if for nothing else.

    And the McCanns themselves should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for not making very clear demands on these friends for refusing to assist in the investigation and embarrassing them by returning themselves.

    Won't happen though, as at least two of them are still cosying up with the McCanns and one is even prepared, it seems, to make her own child cry to pursue this sham reconstruction.

    The smiling Gerry parading round PDL and the total absence of the child's own mother says everything.

  9. They spit in the face of Portugal, of its people and its institutions.
    Madeleine is now the daughter of Portugal. They spit on Madeleine.
    Justice will be done. Have patience

  10. Any police investigation, either portuguese or british is not in the McCann agenda, it does not suit their best interests...so, any diligences made under an oficial investigation have no value or use for them, a reconstruction amongst them.
    Many ask why the portuguese authorities do not stop this farse, how can this be allowed to happen, how can those people parade around, mocking themselves of the portuguese police and the people of Luz? Well, it's the price we have to pay for our democracy! Despite our fascist/comunist laws( in the enlightened and knowledgeable opinion of Mr.Gerry McCann)we are a democratic country and can't go about persecuting people left and right. As long as they don't blatantly break the law and they get the necessary permits they cannot be arassed or hindered in any way. As unfair and frustrating it might feel that's how it must be.In the name of democracy!

  11. Well, Madeleine was just a child who supposedly had been abducted by a ring of paedophiles.So a "police exercise" done by the policemen who were trying to find the little girl was something that, according to her parents, would not make a difference because it would not be filmed by a tv channel, so they decided not to do it.
    What is this???Who are these people?What kind of a mother would do such a thing???I know, the kind that knows her child is already dead!!!!!! Disgraced parents, disgraced human beings!How can you live with yourselves? I hope life gives you all the punishment you deserve!


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