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The “Niggle” and Strange Tale of Robert Murat - Paulo Reis

"One thing that is obvious from the CD of evidence released by the Portuguese authorities in July 2008, in what was an inexplicably selective disclosure, is the identification by Miss Jane Tanner of Mr Robert Murat as Madeleine McCann’s “abductor”. She picked him out in a surveillance exercise on Sunday 13th May 2007 and persisted in her allegation against him and did not withdraw it until her interviews with the Leicestershire Police in April 2008. You have to dig deep into the CD and other sources to pull everything together, but here is what happened and it is incredible."

If you're only going to read one article today, please make sure it's this one, from Paulo Reis.


  1. Who needs sniffer dogs and EVRD dogs when you've got Jane Tanner?!

  2. I need to re-read the article carefully, but I grasped that Mr. Murat was treated in a most unfair and shameless way. No matter if he's a bit weird, has funny tastes or tendencies( looking at "mild" porno sites, etc.),who doesn't have some embarassing "skeletons in the wardrobe"?...he's conducted himself with dignity through this whole matter.
    And for those rogatory interviews, I get a headache everytime I try to read those, how can anyone make head or tail of what they are saying, Jane Tanner utters and mutters, the woman seems to struggle to put a coherent sentence together!

  3. Sorry, not really related with the contents of this articele, but...in my daily stroll in the online press I came across an article on the Mail online about the Mccanns visit to Oprah, and it mentions "the Mccanns' London home". What is this all about? Bad knowledge of geography or do the Mcs really have a second home in the city? Or have they left Rothley for good...? It would be very interesting to know where this mention to London as their living place comes from.

  4. "It appears that the PJ made the translations of their interviews with the Tapas 9 in real time, while the conversations were taking place, and did not keep a record in English of what, precisely, was being said. Similarly, there is no record in the CD of the English versions of the Leicestershire Police interviews with independent witnesses. The bottom line is that the content of virtually all of the statements in the case could be denied and this may be one of the reasons why the Portuguese prosecutors decided to shelve the case. It is alternatively possible that full transcripts in English of the Tapas 9’s interviews by the PJ are available but they are not to be found in the CD."

    Here is the crunch but it is really obvious Tanner gots her brains if any in her panties....this has become too big and MUST end soon before more people are damaged by that gang of shite.They can say and do whatever they want,Madeleine is dead and will never come back.Thats finally all what there is to it and they are not even aware of this,even NOT her own progenitors.....


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