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Nobody believes that Maddie is alive

by Hernâni Carvalho

We asked some Portuguese journalists if they believe that Maddie could be alive. None of them does. Former inspector Gonçalo Amaral and psychologist Paulo Sargento don’t believe it either

Júlia Pinheiro, TVI talk show host “A domestic tragedy”

“Hardly. Looking at the facts that are known and what has been revealed, through the various reconstitutions, namely the documentary that was broadcast by TVI, the little girl can hardly be alive. I don’t know what happened, but I don’t believe that Maddie is alive. I don’t read anything into the parents’ behaviour, but I’d love to interview them. To have the opportunity to talk with them like Oprah did. The McCanns have never given a deep interview to a Portuguese television. If they would give me an interview, maybe I could understand and decode what lies in their soul. I think that there is a domestic tragedy that we’re not able to discern yet. I believe that there is a secret with them that we may find out about, some day. It’s surely a heavy secret.”

Pedro Mourinho, SIC journalist “A big fat lie”

“I don’t believe it. I can’t imagine someone fetching a child from a room where two others are, taking one and leaving the others behind. I think that Maddie’s parents’ behaviour over the past two years has the purpose of maintaining and feeding a big fat lie. I believe that they will do it until the end. Until the truth is known or until the story dies on its own. And I’m not accusing anyone. I recognise that the McCanns have been trying to prevent the story from dying. But I don’t know why the heck they do it.”

Fátima Campos Ferreira, RTP journalist “I believe that she has passed away by now”

“I don’t believe it. No matter how the disappearance happened, I don’t believe that Maddie is alive. Whether it was an accident and she died in the apartment or she was taken that night, I believe that she has passed away by now. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that she is alive. Concerning her parents and their behaviour, I’m not sure about anything.”

Paulo Sargento, forensic psychologist “I don’t believe the abduction theory”

“I don’t believe in that possibility, because I simply don’t believe the abduction theory! All the forensic evidence, according to the majority of experts in the field, point towards the little girl’s death. In fact, I believe that if the little girl was alive, we would have received a sign about it. The only sign that we have about that is a belief or a lie from the parents. Nothing else. First they put up a show to conceal what actually happened, then, in the various attempts that they made to extinguish the phenomenon, there were so many differing actions and reactions that they prevented the phenomenon itself from extinguishing. And since then, we have been watching some breaths that result from the parents’ pressure, the last of which is their appearance on Oprah’s show and a so-called reconstruction that was made to measure by the McCanns.”

Gonçalo Amaral, former PJ coordinator “The little girl died on location”

“I didn’t believe it from the outset. The little girl died on the location where she disappeared from. All the investigative evidence indicate that. The programme that was broadcast by TVI shows it to evidence. The lies that were told by the group that dined with the McCanns that night, as well. The parents themselves gave a sign, on the 21st of June 2007. They summoned a South African expert in finding corpses. Everything else are issues with the FindMadeleine fund. It can only exist as long as a living child is searched for…”

Alexandra Borges, TVI journalist “She died, murdered or not”

“I would like to believe that she is still alive. But I find that very difficult. Concerning the McCanns, I have only one explanation. It’s the fact that they are parents and refuse to believe that their daughter may be dead. Murdered or not. Believing in the abduction theory allows them to keep her alive until the contrary is proved. It sound illogical, but feelings have no logic.”

source: TVmais, 29.04.2009, paper edition


  1. All of them are very respected and credible professionals in Portugal.

    "...refuse to believe that their daughter may be dead(...) Believing in the abduction theory allows them to keep her alive until the contrary is proved."

    Alexandra, the contrary has already been proved and their bizarre behaviour indicate that they know their daughter is dead from the begining.They just don't want the world to know that.Why?I think we will all find out one day.Maybe sooner than we think

  2. "They summoned a South African expert in finding corpses. Everything else are issues with the FindMadeleine fund. It can only exist as long as a living child is searched for…”

    G.Amaral is right.What he says sums it all.

    If you read me $$kate $$$ gerry$$,please,for HER sake,let her little innocent soul rest in PEACE.

  3. So does Alexandra Borges think they are in denial and dont know she is dead, or they do know she is dead and somehow have gone in to denial?
    Interesting, I personally go with Amaral and the they have to keep denying it and its fund related.
    Greedy tight bastards..My assumption of tightness based on being to mean to pay for sitters or listening device!

  4. There is absolutely no evidence that suggests Madeleine has been seriously harmed.

    I'll get me coat.

  5. The McCanns are fools; they were only backed by political defence and I am certain even the UK government know what happened because they protected the McCanns too much, in my view. They (the gov) must be held accountable, Mitchell must be accountable; but for me - after the McCanns and their friends - the stupid fund-giving public must hold some sort of responsibility for believing in these idiots.

    Only those people have helped to prop up the scamming fund. If they didn´t have a fund they would not be able to keep the "search" alive. I personally detest these two and I have never hidden my dislike for them and I believe they will be found out for the criminals they are.

  6. Alexandra Borges
    There are, maybe between others, one reason why the parents want public to believe the child is alive... the FUND...if she died the fund has no reason anymore, and if they know it.... the fund is a fraud.
    OF COURSE IS if , but a logical reason


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