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Only 3% of public trust journalists

by Roy Greenslade

Here's a sobering, if not entirely surprising, poll finding. Journalists are among the least trusted professionals in Britain. According to a survey conducted for the Bar Standards Board, we are down there with bankers, estate agents and politicians.

The survey results, which you will find here, show that only 3% of the 2,044 adults who were polled trusted journalists. Bankers managed a 2% rating while estate agents and politicians were trusted by only 1%.

By contrast, lawyers held the trust of 24% and accountants polled 14%. The fact that the online poll was done at the behest of lawyers is probably irrelevant, since it was carried out by reputable market research companies, KRC Research/YouGov.

Perhaps the most significant finding is that 57% of those polled do not trust any of the five professions. As Ruth Deech, chairman of the Bar Standards Board, told The Times: "Lack of public trust in the professions is clearly a substantial issue. While legal professionals do not fare too badly, their net trust rating of 24% is at best underwhelming."

Not as underwhelming as the score for journalists, however. Though this is not too different from findings in similar polls, it is still depressing.

Why, I wonder, is the public so disenchanted with journalists?

source: Greenslade Blog @ The Guardian, 31.03.2009

1 comment:

  1. This is really serious.
    Journalists are the ones who are responsible for honest informations.

    The public depend no them.
    But if they are controlled by 1000s Mitchells, they are not capable to be themselves.
    I wonder if someday they will start being murdered, like in Russia.
    They must feel frustrated.
    The UK under pressure.
    Who could think of that some years ago?
    Fortunately we can read between the lines.
    "...who looked happy and relaxed..."


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