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Paedophile list hidden from the PJ

A dossier holding information about dozens of English sex predators that live in the Algarve can’t be used to protect the children

by Tânia Laranjo

An extensive dossier holding information about several dozen English paedophiles that reside in the Algarve was sent by the British authorities into Portugal within the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann. It is now in the Court of Portimão, locked in the office of the prosecutor who headed the case, Magalhães e Menezes.

The General Attorney’s Office, led by Pinto Monteiro, accepted that said documentation was removed from the inquiry, at the British’ request, and was not even handed over to the police authorities for the investigation into other cases that may involve Portuguese children.

These are hundreds of pages, with data, addresses and facts about English citizens that have been condemned over sexual acts with minors, who are living in the Algarve. There is also data about individuals who live in Southern Spain, in cities near the border, who have a criminal past due to sexual acts with minors.

The PJ in Portimão, that was confronted with this kind of information, checked out all of these men, when Maddie disappeared, in order to find out if any of them had been involved. Alibis were confirmed, and in some cases, telephone information was analysed, as well as the mobile phone locations, in order to verify where they were on the date of the disappearance. Nothing was found, and during the following months, the English continued sending information into Portugal. Whenever someone was condemned over paedophilia and decided to settle in the South of Portugal, the authorities alerted the PJ.

When the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine was closed, the English demanded that the dossier was removed from the process, alleging the need to protect those individuals, given the fact that the process would be made public.

The dossier was handed over to Magalhães e Menezes and is now locked in his office. The PJ does not own a copy and cannot use the information for other investigations.

England has also stopped sending the Portuguese authorities information about the travelling of paedophiles.

Método 3 hired a homicide suspect

His name is Amor and he is in jail for raping his 19-year-old daughter. He has recently been indicted over the strangling of a prostitute, whose cadaver was found dismembered by an animal, in Faro.

During the past year, Amor was one of the men that were hired by Método 3, the Spanish detective agency that worked for the McCann couple, to demonstrate that Maddie was alive.

At the time, the man said that João Cipriano – the uncle of Joana, the girl that was killed in the Algarve a few years ago – had assured him that his niece was alive after all, and that she had been sold to a couple. Método 3 paid Amor to find her, with the intention of proving that Madeleine was also alive, by proving that someone had been convicted over a death that had not taken place.

The result was not what was expected. Amor took the money, but he knew nothing about Joana. Last year, in the summer, he went to the PJ to file a complaint against the Spanish detectives over attempted murder. The process was then handled by the PJ in Faro, and ended up being archived.

Abduction theory defended by English

The investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, on the 3rd of May 2007, in Praia da Luz, rapidly acquired the outline of a national case to the British. They bet everything and sent a liaison officer into Portugal, supplying all the data that might sustain the theory of abduction by a paedophile network. Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesperson, continues to sustain the same theory – that this was an abduction – and remains at the McCanns’ side, after abandoning the English government, that has also supported Madeleine’s parents.

Luz rejects the couple’s return

The possibility that Kate and Gerry return to Portugal, before or after the date of the second anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance, is not seen with pleasure by the residents in Praia da Luz. In the Algarvian village, the tiredness over the case’s dimension, as well as the revolt against the parents, are evident. With major cuts in business and with the Ocean Club almost bankrupt, the residents even refuse to discuss the possibility of the couple returning to the area where the little girl was last seen. Gerry has recently been to Luz, and he was jeered at.

Documentary | Rights. The rights for the broadcast of TVI’s documentary about Madeleine McCann, that counted on the participation of Gonçalo Amaral, are being negotiated for Europe

Anniversary | Luz off the map. Kate and Gerry are not due to return to Portugal, namely to Luz, where Madeleine was seen for the last time. The village won’t mark the date of the anniversary of the disappearance.

Couple | Accepted archiving. The McCann couple has accepted the archiving of the process. Kate and Gerry could have requested the opening of the instruction, but they didn’t risk keeping their arguido status.

source: Correio da Manhã, 19.04.2009, paper edition

Note: Watch Gonçalo Amaral Interview to Correio da Manhã here: 'Portuguese Attorney General Office Hides List of British Paedophiles'


  1. "A dossier holding information about dozens of English sex predators that live in the Algarve can’t be used to protect the children"

    Bien hecho,no? Not only they help the mccanns to cover a sordid crime but also they leave portuguese children,THEIR very own WITHOUT protection......here we go! lets protect paedos and let our children running into this type of individuals.
    BOTH portuguese and english governments DISGUST me.I wont say what I think over the mccanns and their acceptance to employ M3 working with a man who has raped his daughter.This is sick.Dont tell me they didnt know!and they dare say the poor child is alive and well?They accepted the archiving of the case,maintening she is still alive?why?it is because they very well know she is not alive....
    I have only one adjective for them: SORDID

    A word for the PdL residents: do not allow them to come back to PdL.EVER.Show them physically you do not want them.
    Un abrazo a todos

  2. Another good example of how Britain deals with paedophiles and any matters related to those practices:

    Article in the Daily Mail, 18/04/2009, by Eileen Fairweather, interview with Lenny Harper, the detective formerly in charge of the investigation into the Jersey child abuse inquiry. Mr. Harper is the british Gonçalo Amaral, he also was removed from the case and his investigation discredited and mocked by who replaced him.

    "The alledged victims of the Jersey child abuse cannot expect justice, reveals the detective at the centre of the case"


    Worth a read,


  3. Kate McCann claimed the portuguese have no paedophily laws, no paedophiles register, the police did not want a "murder" in their ground, so they were "framing" them instead. What's the use of a paedos register if it has to be kept under wraps and not be of use to the police?!
    It seems that southern Europe is being used as the trash-can of northern Europe, all the "dirt" is dumped at our doorsteps and we can do nothing about it! I wish our government would have the guts to expell those creeps back to where they came from, anyone with a conviction of paedophily should not be allowed in our territory, PERIOD!!! Bloody U.E. and bloody Shengen!!!

  4. Anon 13:27

    "Kate McCann claimed the portuguese have no paedophily laws, no paedophiles register"

    That´s why they were on holiday in Portugal LOL

  5. 3.4.09
    Why United Kingdom and Portugal is a haven for uk paedophiles ?

    It is very bad to the portuguese people.

    The uk paidos come to our Country WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?

  6. 3.4.09
    Why United Kingdom and Portugal is a haven for uk paedophiles ?

    It is very bad to the portuguese people.

    The uk paidos come to our Country WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?

  7. I've just read Eileen Fairweather's interview with Lenny Harper (the police chief forced out of the Haut de la Garenne case) in the Mail On Sunday.

    I don't know, but the guy seems to be a genuine, hard-nosed copper, brought down and belittled by backstabbing, corrupt pipsqueaks and jobsworths - the plague of our times, eh? - Remind you of anyone?

    Harper's closing words are chilling:

    'How come all these bent cops were able to complain about us, and their complaints were investigated at huge cost, but our investigations were closed down? . . .I've often wondered what it was that we were really threatening.'

    Haven't we all.

    Thankyou, Eileen and Mail On Sunday. How about a similar interview with a certain Goncalo Amaral?

  8. More on the Jersey Care Home investigation:


  9. Why United Kingdom and Portugal is a haven for uk paedophiles ?

    It is very bad to the portuguese people.

    The uk paidos come to our Country and to Spain ? WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?


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