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Page 3287

"After the search, he noticed a situation that seemed atypical to him, when at a given moment, the girl’s parents kneeled down on the floor of their bedroom and placed their heads on the bed, crying.

He did not notice any comments or expression from them, just crying. He stressed that at the main reception the father also knelt down, placing his head on the floor and crying. Also no comments were produced.

He never heard them ask to see a member of the clergy. (…)

He also stated that in the apartment were two children, in the same number of cribs, placed in Madeleine’s bedroom, transversely to the beds existing there. The children never woke up, being in the ventral decubitus [belly down] position, not even moved after and before the search.

Concerning the parents, he refers that they were nervous and anxious however he did not see any tears from either of them, although they produced sounds identical to crying. He advances that he did not feel that this was a kidnapping, although this was the line indicated by the father.

He also refers a situation, at the time of the exterior search, near the pool, where someone from the Ocean Club that he couldn’t identify, gave him a cell phone because a British Consulate employee wanted to talk with the authorities. Speaking with him, the employee told him that the investigation and all the subsequent actions were in the hands of the Judiciary Police."

In the Process, page 3287

Snippets from one of the statements given by José M B R, GNR Officer, with 21 years on the force, about the events of the night of the 3rd of May 2007.

“When she arrived near the GNR officers, she verified that Gerry, Madeleine’s father, was behind her, in the company of another individual whose identity she doesn’t remember. At that moment, Gerry placed both knees on the floor, hit the floor with both hands, too, placing himself like a praying arab, and shouted out twice in rage, and it was not possible to understand what he said. Then Gerry got back on his feet and accompanied the deponent and the other individual who was in the GNR car, to apartment 5A."

In the Process, page 1975

Extract from one of the statements given by Sílvia Maria C R Batista, Ocean Club manager, about the events of the night of the 3rd of May 2007.


  1. These people are not normal.
    Or perhaps they were acting on a hysterical way to impress people around.

  2. From The Diary of Kate McCann:

    "MONDAY, MAY 14: ...Gerry again gave a great performance. ..."

    Hmmmm..."performance". Just another performance in a great string of performances. Don't you just love that choreography?!

    What's very clear from the position they assume on the bed is that their true emotions, which would have been written all over their faces in such a moment of distress, were kept completely hidden. Don't even ASSUME they were expressions of grief, of loss, given the synchronised manner of this little performance. And the message it would have sent to any bystander: we're so overcome with 'emotion', leave and let us be. But all orchestrated because they wanted to be left alone - they had 'business to take care of'.

  3. They act how they imagine others would act in their situation. None of it is genuine or heartfelt, everything they say and do is merely contrived to be percieved in the light of victims of a random crime.
    They tell us Madeliene is alive not because they want to believe they may see her again but because while abduction is the objective, murder/manslaughter/accidental death is not looked in to.
    they are a pair of machievelan tossers.

  4. Not normal, except if they were responsble then maybe they could be described as normal!

  5. A minha opinião acerca destas imagens,quer do g.,quer do casal,aproxima-se da opinião aqui expressa por anorakian.

    Culpa,desepero mas supostamente submissão e pedido de perdão.

    Penso que a imagem de g. foi a 1ª.
    A do casal,sendo a 2ª torna-se aberrante na medida em que sabem estar a ser fotografados/filmados.

    Muito desespero com tanta exposição? É muita exposição.
    Julgariam eles que estavam nas arábias?

    Mas,sinto-as como :

    culpa,desespero,pedido de perdão(á Filha,espero).

    O corpo da Filha antes de ir para o roupeiro,calculo que tivesse estado 1º naquela cama?

    e também :
    "um não nos castiguem,G.N.R.+P.J."
    " não fazemos mais nada disto aos gémeos.Não nos castiguem".


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