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Policemen interpret the McCanns’ presence in the Algarve as ‘image cleaning’ and ‘whitewashing the situation’

Gonçalo Amaral would like to see the doctor whom he says is a suspect of paedophilia, in Praia da Luz

by José Bento Amaro

Present and former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspectors are indignant about the recording of the television documentary that Gerry and Kate McCann – the parents of Madeleine, who disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz, almost two years ago – filmed in the Algarve, during the weekend. And they recall that the couple and its friends refused to participate in the reconstitution that the PJ wanted to carry out in 2007.

“We’re looking at a clear process of whitewashing of the situation”, former coordinator of the PJ’s investigations Gonçalo Amaral told ‘Público’ yesterday, further mentioning that “the theatre play” that was carried out in Praia da Luz “is not even complete, because one of the main characters is missing, doctor David Payne”.

The former senior PJ officer understands that David Payne should have been summoned by the McCanns, given the fact that it was him who, right after the child’s disappearance was communicated, on the 3rd of May 2007, prevented other persons, namely an employee of the English Social Services (who happened to be in the area) from adopting measures. “That’s right. The doctor who used to bathe the children is missing, the doctor whom an English couple complained about, in England, on the 16th of May, over something that happened with an underage daughter of theirs, in Mallorca, in 2005”, Gonçalo Amaral added.

The former investigator further recalls that last weekend’s action possesses no juridical value whatsoever, and regretted that when Madeleine went missing, “there was no courage to counter the political pressures that led to the archiving of the process” and that prevented “the execution of a reconstitution that might even have led to conclusions beyond the hypothesis of a mere accident as being the little girl’s cause of death”. For Gonçalo Amaral, the little girl’s parents, together with David Payne, remain the main suspects – “I remember well that he [Gerry McCann] said, in May 2007, that in two years, we’ll all be back here [in Praia da Luz]. And in fact, two years on, here he is…”, he added.

The reading that Amaral makes from the McCann family’s filming in the Algarve is practically the same that is made, individually, by the president of the PJ’s Criminal Investigation Workers Union (ASFIC). Carlos Anjos said that ASFIC does not adopt an official position in this case because “the English are free to do what they want”. Nevertheless, he understands that we’re looking at “an image cleaning, through a reconstitution that is worth rigorously nothing”.

“A reconstitution only has value when all the persons that intervened when the facts took place, are present, which is not the case. This is a theatre play and it doesn’t match what happened, but rather what they [the McCann family] wish had happened”, Carlos Anjos added.

The McCanns’ presence in Praia da Luz has not been well accepted by the majority of the local population. After an immense wave of solidarity that appeared as soon as the disappearance of Madeleine became known, Gerry and Kate would be looked at with suspicion when they were made arguidos in the process.

Their popularity would suffer even further when they left the Algarve, headed for England, from where they would then, surrounded by a team of lawyers and advisors, impute responsibilities to the Portuguese authorities. Two years after the child’s disappearance, business in Praia da Luz gets worse by the day.

At the resort where the couple stayed, 21 out of 48 employees have been dismissed, due to financial inviability.

Yesterday, as a kind of consolation, the English family’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, lamented the “negative impact of the case on the local economy”.

source: Público, 07.04.2009


  1. Is Mr Smith from Ireland invited to take part in the McCanns reconstruction? It would also be useful if Pamela Fenn could reiterate what she told police. I hope clips of early statements by the McCanns and their family will be added in...contradictions and all!! So strange that in the PJ interview none of the Tapas group could clearly remember any day of their holiday, such vagueness and yet such clarity in timelines on May 3rd 2007. Lets get a documentary made that clarifies what most of the world has realised, lets get it all summarised and proved with statements and film of Eddie and Keela...any offers?

  2. What has become of the couple who complained about their underage daughter being molested by Payne, have they also been silenced.??

  3. How extremely happy I am reading what Amaral said in "O Publico". The parents and DAVID PAYNE are the main suspects.
    Yeah, the innocent one who had a baby monitor and did noy leave the table the whole evening and whose wife "recognised" Murat and who still did not dare to sue Amaral and who will never do it.
    And now I will repeat what I said before: DAVID PAYNE is the one with political power, not Gerry.
    He is monster number 1.
    And I wonder if those actors are people of the British secret service.
    Those cameramen as well.
    I don't think that regular actors would take part in this reconstituition. Too risky for the McCanns and their mafia.
    This really stinks.
    I remember one of the parents having saying: "If she is dead, she is now in a better place."
    She sure is and she diserves it.

  4. Lights! Camera! Action!
    The McScams are in town.

  5. Please sign the petition to put an end to this manipulation.


  6. So Amaral is heightening the pressure on David Payne to take a stand on the allegations. I doubt he will. And Amaral seems to think that Maddie died on the 3rd during the visit by the aforementioned. I wonder if he has seen the 2nd statement by Payne that is missing from the files.

  7. Indeed Payne and Kate are absolutely essential for any reconstruction. Payne was the last person, apart from the parents, to see Madeleine awake, alive and well, before she disappeared. I would like to know how the director went about filming the scene of Payne's visit to 5A in the afternoon of the 3rd May(supposedly at the request of Gerry McCann), the very same visit that lasted from 3o seconds up to 30 minutes, depending on the versions( Kate's and Payne's). Will Kate( Lisa) be fully dressed or wrapped in a bath towel? The children all dressed in white pijamas( "like little angels") or is Maddie( the vicar's daughter) in a red t-shirt?...or will this visit not comtemplated in the script?

  8. I think that Mr. Amaral is walking some dangerous ground here...even if there seem to be many shady and unsavoury aspects to D.Payne. But,on the other hand, Mr. Amaral is no fool, he's a lawyer...maybe he's pushing someone's buttons and trying to lure the hare out of it's hole. Anyone up for a legal battle with Mr. Amaral? Just be aware that in Portugal we usually do not do "out-of-court" setlements...

  9. There was blood in the car.
    Hair was founded too.
    Was there blood on the hair?
    Or was it clean/of any blood?


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