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“The politicians are the same” - Maddie & Freeport

Former investigator launches criticism in Oporto

by Manuela Teixeira

Gonçalo Amaral, the former Judiciary Police head of the Maddie investigation, thinks that the Freeport process is being handled at the same “power pressure” level as the disappearance of the little English girl.

‘The politicians are the same. Take this at face value’, Gonçalo Amaral said in Oporto yesterday, during the ‘Desire’ congress.

Concerning political pressures, Gonçalo Amaral stated once more that they existed in the Maddie case. ‘There was pressure from London to archive that one, now it seems there is pressure from London not to archive the Freeport process in Portugal.’

The PJ investigator, who has retired in the mean time, even launched a challenge to the Freeport process investigators’ team. ‘The prosecutor could go and have tea with Kate McCann. Maybe she’d tell her the truth. And they might as well solve the manipulation of the forensics results’, said Gonçalo Amaral.

source: Correio da Manhã, 28.04.2009


  1. Acabo de ver o vídeo no Correio da Manhã.
    O Amaral está com excelente aspecto e mais novo.
    Deus que o conserve assim para continuar lutando pela justiça para a Madeleine e contando com o nosso apoio e com os teus apoios especiais, Joana e Astro.
    O Gerald não deve estar muito contente, não.
    Nem os idiotas dos Paynes.
    Que caso mais estranho o David telefonar para o próprio sogro, naquela noite, e receber conselhos.
    Receber consolo seria outra coisa, mas conselho?
    Uma criança morre em Portugal e o conselho vem de um velho na Inglaterra?
    Saberia o sogro que o genro era pedófilo?

  2. Very interesting that the Paynes got married in Italy and they are English.
    I never heard of an European going that much abroad for his own wedding.
    Getting married in your own country is already very much expensive.
    Besides the Italian bureaucracy is tough.
    And it is expensive for the friends to be present at the cerimony and reception.
    Could it be that the Paynes were the ones who arranged the meeting with the Pope?
    Maybe they have Italian connections who arranged it.
    This could have been an Italian idea, not an Aglo-Sax one.
    I live among Anglo-Sax Catholics, they never think visiting the Pope and I bet the Pope would no dream of receiving them.
    For Italians it is very important to be blessed by him.
    And Amaral gave importance to this event, showing the Mccanns with the Holy Father on his documentary.


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