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Project M New Directors Proudly Announces: Coming soon new 'Never Give up' Madeleine T Shirts

Project M new Site - Madeleine now is M not Madeleine or Maddie, just M

Money, Money Money

No mention of Jane Tanner abductor who...

was previously published there

Not A Charitable Fund...


The Negligent Parents as Fund Directors

All in the Family...

Buy M, Buy M, Buy M

Gerry's Ghost writer blog is gone as well....


  1. Officially Kate is not on the board of directors. I wonder if she knows and what that does implicate.

  2. Hi all, could the fact that they have removed all reference to Cooperman (their alleged abductor images) be as a direct result of the Millionaires challenge? Here is a link:

    It is interesting that just over 2 weeks after this challenge they remove all references to the abductor isn't it?

  3. What a sinister looking pair, particularly with matching tell tale one eye more closed up than the other! Pity they could not have spent their cash on proper babysitters given they did not want to bother with their children, day, or night.


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