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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"How does anyone dare to insinuate that our daughter's life may be in danger because of us?"

Kate McCann in her Diary June 17 2007

"Kate and I managed an early morning run before church."

Gerry McCann in his blog June 17 2007


  1. These words are a perfect illustration that the Mccanns are sociopathic, they have no remorse or concern to the pain caused to others because of their selfish actions...I actually hate them.

  2. And how dare you say that Madeleine is alive and being treated like a princess by a paedophile?How can you disrespect your daughter's memory like that?Don't you know what a paedophile is capable of doing to a child? Have you no shame?

  3. ..."an early morning run before church".

    Exercising, in case father Pacheco would find out the truth and they would have to run for their lives.

  4. the only problem is they can't run away from their own consciousness...

  5. Have they gotten a consciousness?

    Since when?

    After they became millionairs, cheating on honest people?

    Not before, for sure.


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