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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

Sol knows that Gerry McCann has regular contact with Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister. Clarence Mitchell – who was the first spokesman for the McCanns and is now in the press cabinet at Nr. 10, Downing Street – confirms those contacts. "I know there is a communication line between Gerry and Gordon Brown. I know they talk. But I don't know what they talk about, because those are informal conversations", he clarified, further adding: "The Madeleine case is treated whenever there are bilateral meetings between Portugal and the United Kingdom. Gordon Brown is sensitive to the case and wants it solved quickly".

By Felicia Cabrita and Margarida Davim, SOL, 4 August 2007


  1. It doesn't get much clearer than this, does it?
    Please put an end to this charade!

  2. and Fuck Mitchell and Socrates as well.

  3. Which is why nothing will happen until Brown is out of the way. Brown and his close media advisors were planning a false campaign against David Cameron when only a month ago his disabled child died. This shows what this man cares about. He spoke closely with Gerry Mccann and thus if evdience shows parental involvemenmt it makes his judgement look suspect.

    Every man and his dog knows Brown is an unelected odious leader of our country and is judgement is suspect but people like Brown will do anything in life to stop themselves being exposed. That is why they use 'media advisors' who smeer and who are keen on ustilising the dark arts. In short, they dress opinions up as facts in order to get us to believe what they want us to believe. Wrap this up in a bundle of ego and you have dangerous power hungry despots who don't like to be shown up. They can't admit wrong doing liek you or I.

    When Brown goes things will open up more. The secret bugging of the McCanns by the securty service will already have proved what really happened.

  4. Ruritania Rules The Waves.

  5. I once saw Mr. Duarte Levy on tv describe the talks between Sócrates and Brown during the Lisbon Treaty in the most funny but accurate way, he said something in the lines of:
    -it was like a case of two friends who bump into eachother in a brothel, and one says to the other, "well, I won't tell your wife, if you won't tell mine..."

    Apparently the portuguese side is still keeping its part of the bargain...as for the english side...they sent "evidence" of involvement of our Prime Min. in the Freeport case and asked for information on his moneys...


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