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Sacked Ocean Club employees are “hurt” at the couple

by Alexandra Serôdio

The McCann couple is not welcome at the Ocean Club, that is dealing with a mass dismissal that affects 21 employees.

In the letter that they received last Friday, two clear references are made to the main motive: the Madeleine case. The indignant workers prefer not to show their faces, fearing to be hurt in their compensation payments. They all state that they are “hurt” and believe they were “fooled” by the couple.

“We worked from 8.30 a.m. until midnight just to protect them. We did everything, we helped with the searches, we looked everywhere, we never let the journalists in and this is how we are thanked”, a former reception worker laments. She accuses Kate and Gerry of having created serious financial difficulties for the company by scaring tourists away with the media circus that they created, and of promoting a bad environment.

“Gerry didn’t want to come here when the Polícia Judiciária contacted him. Why does he come now? Does he want to push this place even lower than it already is? Hasn’t he realised yet that we live off tourism? There are 21 ruined families. It looks like he is mocking us”, she accuses. As there are no doubts that the case has weakened tourism, they consider the possibility of suing the couple. “We hurt nobody, all we want is our work, to be left alone and that the tourists return. Mr McCann should disappear from here for good. We’ve had enough of him”. In 2007, 130 persons worked at the Ocean Club. Two years later, the number was down to 48. Now, 21 have been dismissed, and the ones that remain fear a similar outcome.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 05.04.2009


  1. As I have posted before in another article, Mark Warner should have taken a lawsuit against the Tapas9 because their actions of leaving the children all alone in the apartms. had put the resort and the other guests and residents in danger. The children could have started a fire, for instance.
    The resort made it very clear that they did not have a child listening service( which in my opinion is rubbish anyway, and should not be allowed, listening to any noises from the outside only does not ensure that the children have come to no harm), that instead they offered a night creche or indoor babysitting. The Tapas9 saw fit to not use any of those facilities and left the children alone, opening the door(som to speak) to all kinds of disastrous possibilities!
    Yet, the ones who are taking the toll are the portuguese workers...as the saying goes, "quem se lixa é o mexilhão"!

  2. Coming up in SIC 1 o'clock news:
    Kate and Gerry say sorry to the people of Luz! Well, too little, too late!
    As catholics they should realize they must do some penitence and admitt that the blame for this whole sad story falls on their shoulders. THEY left the children alone! THEY left the doors unlocked! THEY hindered the investigation! THEY allowed their family, ther spokesperson, the british media to descredit and villify the police, the good people of Luz and the portuguese has a whole! THEY encouraged the rumour that Portugal and the Algarve is riddled with paedophiles and not a safe place for children!

    They sure have many things to apologize for, maybe they should pay some compensation to the people that find themselves out of their jobs because of them and their "circus". They have spent the fund money for several useless privat detective agencies for no result at all, why not now scrap the fund barrel and help those families?


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