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A strange feeling of déjà-vu


by Antonella Lazzeri

A BRITISH couple claim to have seen Madeleine McCann playing in a square in Malta just WEEKS ago.

The tourists were so sure she was the missing girl they tailed her — but lost her in a maze of streets.

Brian White, 72, said yesterday: “I can’t stop tormenting myself I didn’t do enough.”

It is the latest in a spate of reported sightings of Maddie in Malta.

The pensioner and wife Glenice noticed the girl in capital Valletta on March 14.

Brian, of Sudbury, Derbys, said: “She stood out because she was so blonde and fair skinned while the couple she was with were very dark.”

He said the pair “grabbed the girl and hurried off” when they saw they were being watched.

Brian called local cops. British officers are also investigating.

Call in info to the Find Maddie Hotline on 0845 838 4699.

source: The Sun, 23.04.2009


  1. Wtf?

    British officers are investigating but anyone with information has to call the Find Maddie helpline and not the cops?

  2. How old was that girl ? 3 or 6 years old ?

  3. All them, os do déja vu, they discover Maddie;they lost her;they do nothing and the news(old,all time old) come to the light when is the "better time".

    Very good to read again P.R. and associates but also what Text. write about the show U.S.A.

  4. So WHY are the good Drs McCann heading off to the US to sip tea with Oprah when Madeleine's making apparitions in Malta? Good grief. Don't this people put 2 and 2 together??????

  5. How predictable can these people be?
    Now I am absolutely sure that they think we are all stupid.
    Keep going Mcmafia.And you wonder why the general public don't believe you anymore...Truly ridiculous!

  6. Blimey, best we brace ourselves now for the post-Winffrey sightings of six-year old Maddies.

    Never mind, this nonsense will surely play no small part in the downfall.

  7. Why? whay does it come as a surprise or is it?nah...its just an other extremely pathetic spin,arrived just in time while the mccScums are off to the States.Perfect timming! they are not around but Madeleine has been seen in Malta.Obviously,Oprahs show is MUCH MORE important init?
    Wow...it is just SOOOOO BORING!!FFS

  8. It was predictable that there would be at least one 'sighting', reported at about the time the McCanns were off to cosy up to Oprah. They need to provide some sort of 'evidence' to back up their claim that Madeleine is still alive and justify their constant demand for money.

  9. "Thank you Brian, cheque in the post, keep up the good work, we are off to the states for a bit of fund raising, its a hard life when you are at the top. Regards Gerry "

  10. Congratulations Brian, what will you do with the cash?


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